1:1 Program

This is an exciting time in your child’s educational journey and we are excited to share it with them. Among the many great things happening in our classrooms, we are making major advances in the use of technology to help engage our students and provide opportunities otherwise not possible. The district has created an intentional and sustainable plan to provide both the training for our teachers and building staff as well as the hardware and software to support these initiatives and propel our students forward. We are dedicated to ensuring each of our students succeed in the classroom and have the tools available to them to remain successful. To that end, we are providing every student in our district a device. Students in grade K-3 will have a dedicated device for use in the classroom. Students in grades 4-12 will be issued a take-home device. 
Grades K-3: Students will have a dedicated device available for use while at school.
Grades 4-12: Students will be issued a rental device through FTCSC.

Rental Devices

Per Indiana Code IC 20-26-12-1, curricular materials (of which rental devices are classified) are provided to students at no cost. You do not need to reserve or apply to receive a rental device, as they are automatically issued along with textbooks. Students are responsible for the proper care and use of rental devices. Device damage may be assessed and students may be charged for any damage incurred. See our Fee Schedule in Device FAQ for potential repair costs.

See our Device FAQ if you have questions


Getting help with these devices is easy. Student tech teams in each building will be available to assist in device troubleshooting, application support, and facilitating repair and replacement of rental devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve created handy documents with answers to commonly asked questions regarding the 1:1 Program.

Curriculum FAQ – For answers relating to the purpose and goals of the program

Device FAQ – For answers relating to the device aspect of the program