Device Enrollment

In order to use your device on the school network, it must first be enrolled using our Cloudpath Enrollment System. Simply enter the enrollment URL ( and complete the enrollment wizard. The enrollment wizard will check your device for proper anti-virus and security patches, register the device in our database, generate a secure certificate, and configure the FT-BYOD Wi-Fi network.  You can complete this process at home, or at any location with internet access.

Note: You will not be able to connect to the FT-BYOD Wi-Fi network until you bring the device to school.

For your convenience, detailed instructions have been created for the various supported platforms. Please refer to the instructions below for your platform.


Enrollment FAQ

How do I know if my device enrolled? You will know if the device is enrolled if it connects to the Wi-Fi network “FT-BYOD” when you get to school.

I get the error “Error: 403”, what do I do? This error appears when you are signed in with a personal account instead of a school account. Sign out and log back in with your email.

What do I do if I forgot my school email and password? You can call your school and ask to be transferred to the IT Department, where you can request the information you need. You can also email the school through the school’s website contact page.

My ONC file is not uploading on my Chromebook, how can I upload it? Unfortunately, Google does not confirm when the ONC file is deployed. The enrollment will generally go through, but you can call us to confirm.

What happens if I can’t enroll by July 1st? Enroll your device as soon as you can. Then contact your school to let them know you will be bringing your own device and not renting.

I can’t connect to the FT-BYOD network, how do I connect? The FT-BYOD network is a wireless network only available at the schools. You will be able to connect when the device reaches the building.

Who can I contact if I need additional assistance? You can reach the IT Department by using the contact page on the district website, or by calling your child’s school.