Curriculum FAQ

Will each 4-12 student be expected to have a version of the required device each day?

Yes, all students in Grades 4-12 will be given a rental device to use in their classroom.

What is the rationale for going to 1:1?

We want to ensure that all students in our district have access to the knowledge and tools of their time. Ultimately, we know our students’ success will be measured by their ability to connect with information and all learners across the world through their use of technology.

What are the goals for the 1:1 initiative?

  • Improve student engagement by making learning more relevant
  • Improve connectivity skills
  • Encourage collaboration among students and teachers
  • Increase student choices for learning
  • Teach digital citizenship

What will a digital classroom look like?

Franklin Township focuses on a blended learning environment, which values a balance between digital and non-digital resources and practices, 100% digital is not necessarily the goal.

When will students be able to “go digital”?

As soon as possible when appropriate. Lowering textbook fees, conserving paper, and using more digital resources will allow for a digital transition to occur over the next few years.

Will textbooks be eliminated?

Some texts can be replaced with lower cost or free digital versions, eBooks, electronic curriculum, etc. There may still be some courses (AP or Dual Credit Courses, for example) that require a textbook that is not available digitally.

Will the cost of textbook fees become lower? Why do we still need to rent texts?

There are efforts to reduce the costs of textbook fees to offset the cost of renting a device. At this point, there are still book contracts that must be honored, so there is an overlap in fees. Textbooks are on a 6-year adoption cycle. When each content area comes up in the adoption cycle, digital options will be considered to help reduce text fees. The goal is to reduce textbook fees by not renewing contracts and moving towards digital curriculum.

Why types of books or resources will be digitally available?

Most textbooks are available digitally at this time. There are numerous free eBooks available for student use through public-libraries, and increasingly through our school library collections.

Will textbooks be loaded on devices?

Each course will be different, but as teachers decide upon the highest quality digital resources for their subjects, there will be a variety of web-based resources, on-line texts, and other resources that may be loaded directly onto devices. Some resources will be web-based and not needed to be loaded onto devices at all.

How will the print-to-digital shift transformation happen?

The print-to-digital shift in K-12 education is happening gradually worldwide. Each year more digital resources are becoming available, often for free, to support curricular standards. FT teachers are constantly researching and working to build high quality digital resources and lessons for their students and classrooms.