Device FAQ

I already have a device at home, will it be compatible with the school program?

System requirements are listed on the document here

I plan on purchasing a device. What should I get?

First and foremost, you should choose a device that both you and your child will be comfortable using at school on a daily basis. In regards to technical specifications, you can use the document here as a handy guide.

Where should I go to purchase a device?

Any local electronics retailer, or online merchant will have compatible devices. Optionally, a local vendor has set-up an online store where you can purchase devices and accessories that have been specifically vetted by the district IT department.

My device is being repaired, or I forgot it at home. Does the school have one I can use?

Loaner devices are available in the school’s Media Center to be checked out for the day. However, these devices must be returned by the conclusion of the school day to the school’s Media Center. If after two weeks, the personal device is still being repaired, the student will be charged a $56 rental fee and issued a rental device.

What if my personally owned device is lost or damaged while at school?

Franklin Township Community School Corporation is not responsible for damage or theft of personally owned electronic devices while on school grounds. There are third party vendors that offer theft and damage insurance for electronic devices. Here is an example.

My device is broken or is malfunctioning, can the school repair or troubleshoot my device?

The school technology department will assist with device troubleshooting and make recommendations, but will not perform any repairs on personally owned devices.

How do I connect my personally owned device to the school Wi-Fi network, and will it have the same access as a rental or district-owned device?

Personal devices, once registered, will have the same network access as a district-issued rental device. First connect your personal device to the “Guest” wifi network. Open your browser and go to Sign in with your email address, then visit and follow the instructions to register your device. Once completed, your device should connect to the FT-BYOD wifi network.

When I register my device, does the school filter internet access at home?

The school does filter internet access for all devices while on the school network, but that reach does not extend beyond the school.  Any web filtering at home is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. We encourage you to speak to your children regarding Internet safety and digital citizenship, and to reinforce positive online interactions.

What if I cannot afford, or do not wish to purchase a personally owned device?

The school does offer the opportunity to rent a take-home device for the school year.

What device is being offered as a rental?

All rental devices are an 11-inch HP branded Chromebook ranging from gen5 up to the current generation as listed here

What is the cost of a rental device?

The rental cost is $56 per year

When and where do I pick up my rental device?

You would pick up this device along with your textbooks at the school.   

Does my device have to be returned at the conclusion of each school year?

Only if the student will not be returning the following year. Otherwise, the student will keep it over summer.

Can I purchase the rental device?

No, you must purchase your own device.

Do you offer any insurance or protection plan on rental devices?

The district does not offer any insurance, However, there are opportunities to purchase insurance through a third party vendor. Here is just one example.

If my rental device stops working or gets damaged, what is the cost to repair it?

Franklin Township Community School Corporation IT Department will assess the device and will perform any warranty work free of charge. If the damage or malfunction is due to extensive wear-and-tear or abuse, the damaged components will be replaced and you may be charged fees based upon the fee schedule.

What if I forgot my rental device at home?

It is imperative that you bring your device each day. There will not be any devices available for you to use if you forget yours.

Will my rental device be new?

All rental devices are certified operational, but may not be brand new.

What if I forgot to charge my device and need to use it in class?

Each classroom and larger common places in the building such as the cafeteria and media center will be equipped with the ability to charge devices throughout the day.