Ella DesJean – Sportsmanship Moment of the Year

Congratulations to FCHS Sophomore Girls Cross County Runner Ella DesJean on being named MileSplit Indiana’s “Sportsmanship Moment of the Year” award. During the 2021 Girl’s Cross Country Sectional Championship, Ella DesJean made her last turn to the finish line to see that the lead runner had fallen. Instead of running past the runner, Ella stopped and tried to help the runner finish the race! Rick Sluder from MileSplit Indiana writes, “It happens much more frequently than we often think- a student-athlete does something selfless and amazing. We tend to forget in our world, which keeps constantly moving along to the next meet, the next test, and the next practice that the athletes we coach and the students we teach are great human beings. Our minds tend to move as rapidly as the news cycle or social media.” Thank you, Ella, for reminding us all of true Sportsmanship! 

Read the full article on Ella DesJean’s unforgettable sportsmanship moment at the end of the Sectional Championship race HERE.