Advanced Placement (AP)

593 FC students are taking at least one AP course in 2017-18.

We currently have more students than ever accepting the challenge of the AP courses.  In May of 2017,   FC students took almost 1100 AP exams!

A relatively new state law dictates that students who participate in Advanced Placement (AP) exams and score a 3 or higher earn college credit in respective courses at state colleges and universities in Indiana. If we take a modest estimate of $400 average cost per credit hour, our students saved their parents and themselves over $800,000 in college costs last year!

More and more FCHS students graduate with college credits. For students, the question to ask is not “Should I?” but “How many AP classes should I take next year?”

If you have any questions, please contact Amy McCabe, Assistant Principal and AP Coordinator at 803-5527 or via email:


AP Parent Night Presentation

AP Exam Agreement 2017-18

AP Payment Letter

AP Syllabi

AP Testing Schedule