School Board Votes on Capital Referendum

January 10, 2022 

FTCSC School Board Puts Capital Referendum on May 2022 Primary Ballot

Referendum considers expansion of Franklin Central High School and improvements to the District’s six elementary schools.

At its January 10 meeting, the Franklin Township Community School Corporation (FTCSC) School Board voted unanimously to place a construction referendum question on the May 3, 2022 Primary Election ballot. The question will ask voters to consider expansion of and renovations to Franklin Central High School and improvements and repairs to the District’s six elementary schools.

“There’s no denying that our community is growing and that, along with that, comes increased school enrollment,” said Board President Zachary T. Smith.  “We’ve done all we can to address enrollment increases and full buildings without increasing the District’s tax rate. Now, to address ongoing enrollment growth and aging facilities, we will seek direct support and help from our community. I encourage everyone to get facts from our website and to seek more information to make an informed decision at the ballot box.”

The ballot question would provide financing to expand Franklin Central High School to serve 4,500 students. The District arrived at this number because of rapidly increasing enrollment numbers  – up by more than 1,800 students in five years and about 500 students this year alone. New demographic projections indicate additional enrollment growth of 12.6 percent in the next five years (more than 250 students each year) and an additional 5.6 percent in the five years after that. The referendum also would finance upgrades and renovations to six elementary schools. Franklin Central High School was built in 1974 with additions in 1990 and 2003. The last significant renovation was completed almost 20 years ago.

During the past two years, District officials have made numerous accommodations for enrollment growth without tax increases: reconfiguring grade levels, completing an addition to Franklin Central Junior High, initiating the expansion of two intermediate schools, and beginning plans for a new elementary school.

FTCSC is the only Marion County school district that has not received referendum revenue. If approved, the median market home value of $185,700 would see a monthly tax increase of $15.47. The mean market home value of $211,800 would see a monthly tax increase of $18.44.

The district has completed a facilities study, conducted a community opinion survey to gauge support for various solutions, presented challenges and possible solutions through community engagement sessions, and informed all district residents of enrollment-and-facility-related issues through a series of direct mailings.

“Families are drawn to this community because of this District’s reputation for and strong record of academic excellence and preparing all students for future success,” said Superintendent Bruce Hibbard. “That’s due to many factors – including excellent staff, motivated students, and strong community support. Facilities also play an important role, and community approval of this referendum would go a long way toward providing the expanded and renovated learning spaces that our students and teachers need to keep this strong tradition going.”
The district will be providing information on the referendum in a variety of ways including via a website, social media, mailings, and opportunities for community members to tour the high school in the coming weeks. You can also read more about Growing to Meet the Future HERE. For information, contact Chief Communications and Public Relations Officer Kent Pettet, Ph.D. or 317-862-2411.