FTCSC: Growing to Meet the Future

Dear Franklin Township Community Schools Community Members:

We are proud of the accomplishments of our school corporation, our dedicated staff and our hardworking students. We have a state accountability grade of A and are above state averages on graduation rate and rigor. Niche Best High Schools and US News currently rank Franklin Central High School as #2 in Marion County for traditional public high schools, and US News places FCHS among the top 15% nationally. FTCSC’s 3rd grade students scored higher on 2021 IRead assessments than any other Marion County district. Franklin Central ranks among Indiana’s top 20 high schools in graduating college-ready students. Flashes truly are doing great things.

We are also seeing substantial challenges in our district.

The  population of Franklin Township is booming, growing by 40 percent from 2000 to 2010, and we’re sure to see another large increase when local 2020 Census numbers are released.

Over the last several years, Franklin Township Community School Corporation has closely monitored enrollment growth and its impact on facilities and student programs. Our enrollment has grown by almost 3,000 in the past 15 years and by 1,300 in the past four years alone. FTCSC engaged architectural consultants to determine facility needs and enrollment capacity. A look at all the new homes under construction, combined with enrollment projections from I.U.’s Kelley School of Business shows beyond doubt that continued population growth will strain our building capacities.

In addition, while it has been well maintained, Franklin Central High School is almost 50 years old. Its core infrastructure – electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling and roofing – needs the same kind of replacements and upgrades that are familiar to the owner of a 50-year-old home. Although it’s costly, this work must be done to protect this valuable community asset. 

The challenges posed by burgeoning enrollment are compounded by the fact that FTCSC is the lowest spending school district in Marion County as measured by per-pupil spending. We have striven and been successful in meeting our commitments to the community – offering nationally competitive educational opportunities for students as cost-effectively as possible, protecting class sizes and property values.

This website is intended as a resource to provide residents with information about our community-focused process to identify and address a number of challenges.

Thank you for your participation in the future of our community.


Bruce A. Hibbard, Ph.D.