Immunization Requirements and Information

 – Immunization Requirements

Indiana state law requires all students to have an up to date immunization record prior to the start of school. Families that request an exemption for religious or medical needs will need to provide documentation to the school each year. A medical exemption requires the signature of a healthcare provider. Please provide a copy of the appropriate immunization forms to the school nurse prior to the student’s first day of school.

Please note, if your child is entering Kindergarten, 6th grade, or 12th grade they may require additional immunizations. Please contact your child’s healthcare provider for further information on their individual needs.

The Marion County Health Department offers appointments throughout the week. Their phone number is 317-221-5700. Other resources include Community Med Check locations and Community Clinic at Walgreens. If you do not have a primary physician, or need assistance in finding one, please contact your School Nurse for resources.

Additional Important Immunization Information

Information on HPV and Meningitis Requirements

Religious Exemption Form

Vaccine Medical Exemption Form