Meal Prices

FYI – Until further notice, Connect Ed calls will not be going out to families alerting of low account balances.  We will make every effort to remind your student(s) if he/she is reaching a low balance.  Thank you for your patience.   – Star Express 


Students Reduced Adults
Breakfast $1.25 $.30 * a la carte pricing
Lunch K-5 $2.20 $.40 * a la carte pricing
Lunch 6-12 $2.25 $.40 * a la carte pricing

* Child Nutrition receives federal and state financial assistance for student meals only; no reimbursement is received for adult meals. Therefore, adult meal prices are required to cover the entire expense of a meal. Adults are served the same portion size as a student and are charged a la carte pricing.

Meal prices are established to cover the following costs:

  • Food
  • Labor and Benefits
  • Repairs and Replacement of Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Training
  • Indirect Costs to District

Franklin Township Students Love Star Express Meals!

Participation Rates:  

Franklin Township* National Average
 K-5  Paid 56% 54%
 Free & Reduced 88% 80%
 6-8  Paid 67% 47%
 Free & Reduced 90% 76%
 9-12  Paid 36% 33%
 Free & Reduced 71% 62%

* Artificially low %’s due to the exclusion of absences, field trips, etc.


Free and Reduced Rates

School Year Franklin Township State
13-14 37.9% 47.97%
12-13 37.3 47.25
11-12   35.7  46.45
10-11 35.4 45.49
09-10 33.6 44.54
08-09 29.4 40.7
07-08 26.9 38.34
06-07 24.1 35.99
05-06  20.77 35.68
04-05 21.0 33.99
03-04  18.44 33.05
02-03  17.08 31.57
01-02  14.62
00-01 14.56  

For more information about the Star Express Child Nutrition Department, please  see Star Express Child Nutrition Brochure

Free and Reduced Price Meals

Meals are available to students at a reduced price or free for households who qualify. The free and reduced priced meal application will be available after July 1, 2017.  To apply for free or reduced-price meals, complete an application online at You will be notified of the results via email.  You will also have the option to print the meal eligibility letter to keep for your records. Only one application per household is needed.Important: A new application must be filled out each year for meal benefits to continue. Meal benefits begin when the application is approved.Spanish applications are available online.  Applications in other languages will be provided upon request to the Child Nutrition Office.

Star Express has started using Nutrislice to provide you menus, nutritionals and some allergen information. Nutrislice also offers apps for both Apple and Android products.  Download the app today and have your students menus at the push of a button!

Star Express Menus and Nutritionals

A la Carte Nutrition Fact Information

Nutritional Requirements 

Franklin Township menus are written based on the Traditional method of menu development.

In 2010, the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act was passed by Congress. It brought changes to the way Child Nutrition Departments could menu breakfast and lunch for students.  Star Express Child Nutrition Program must now menu based on the following food components:

  • Meat/Meat Alternate
  • Whole Grain
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Milk

A breakfast consists of an entree, a fruit and milk.  Lunch consists of an entree, 2 servings of fruit or vegetables and milk.  Weekly average requirements for calories, saturated fat and sodium must also be followed.  Only nonfat and low-fat milks are offered daily at ALL Franklin Township schools.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are also offered daily at ALL Franklin Township schools.

Change Procedures

Grades K-5

  • A student may charge the equivalent value of three lunches and one breakfast. No a la carte charges permitted.
  • Beyond the fourth charge, a ham or turkey and cheese sandwich, a fruit, a vegetable and milk are offered, for the price of a school meal.

Grades 6-12

  • Charges are not permitted for meals; however, a ham or turkey and cheese sandwich, a fruit, a vegetable and milk will be provided for those who forget their lunch money, for the price of a school meal.

All Schools

  • Accommodations will be made for students with special dietary needs.  Paperwork must be on file with the Star Express Child Nutrition office.
  • If a student receiving free meal benefits brings a sack lunch but purchases milk, they must also take a sandwich and fruit so that the meal is reimbursable.

Parents may receive email notification of marginal balances, monitor accounts and make payments at

It is the mission of the Star Express Child Nutrition Department to offer healthy choices and quality food at reasonable prices, while keeping excellent customer satisfaction and educational partnerships intact.  Star Express menus are planned to provide students an opportunity to select nutritious food that they will enjoy eating and contribute to good health.  Star Express participates in the National School Breakfast Program, the National School Lunch Program and the Summer Servings program.  All of these programs must meet requirements from USDA based on the Dietary Guidelines for key nutrients and calories for growing children.  It is an honor for the staff of the Star Express Child Nutrition Department to serve the students of Franklin Township Community Schools and be a part in preparing students for life’s possibilities.


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Civil Rights Information

The documents listed below have been posted in accordance with local statutes and contain information about non-discrimination policies exercised by FTCSC Child Nutrition. If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact Betsey Willard at 317-862-2411.  All files are in .pdf format. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. You can download for free by clicking here.