Meal Prices


Students Reduced Adults
Breakfast $1.75 $.30 * a la carte pricing
Lunch K-3 $2.65 $.40 * a la carte pricing
Lunch 4-12 $2.75 $.40 * a la carte pricing

* Child Nutrition receives federal and state financial assistance for student meals only; no reimbursement is received for adult meals. Therefore, adult meal prices are required to cover the entire expense of a meal. Adults are served the same portion size as a student and are charged a la carte pricing.

Meal prices are established to cover the following costs:

  • Food
  • Labor and Benefits
  • Repairs and Replacement of Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Training
  • Indirect Costs to District

Franklin Township Students Love Star Express Meals!

Charge Procedure

Students may charge a full reimbursable meal (entree, up to two fruits and/or two vegetables and a milk).  Charges are not permitted for a la carte.

Students/Parents are informed of low account balances by four different methods: (1) Verbal reminders from the cashier, (2) eTrition will send low balance reminders every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 am, (3) eTrition will send negative balance reminders via text and email every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am, (4) Parents can sign up with EZSchoolPay to receive low balance reminders, free of charge. At the end of each semester, any account that is greater than (-$20.00) will be sent to RMP Credit for collections.

Parents may receive email notification of marginal balances, monitor accounts and make payments at EZSchoolPay.

Nondiscrimination Statement: This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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