Realignment 2020-2021

Dear Franklin Township Parent and Community Member,

Did you know that FTCSC has grown by over 500 students this year?  In fact, FTCSC has grown over 1,000 students in the last three years.  We currently have over 10,000 students. We anticipate growth will continue.

Kitley Elementary School and FTMS West were originally built and opened to be intermediate schools.  When FTCSC opened these buildings, FTCSC moved to an elementary school, intermediate school, junior high and high school model.  Due to a financial downturn in the economy, reduction in state funding and a decline in enrollment, FTCSC needed to close Wanamaker and Acton Elementary School and change one intermediate school into an elementary school and the other intermediate school into a middle school.  

Since that time, growth in our community has greatly increased with buildings at or above capacity.  Our buildings in their current structure cannot sustain the growth. With that said, changing the building structures back to their original intent will.  Please use the tabs on the right or below of this page to view information on the grade reconfiguration for next school year. Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, the FTCSC grade reconfiguration will be: Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Elementary Schools, 4th Grade – 6th Grade Intermediate School, 7th – 8th Grade Junior High and 9th – 12th Grade High School.

This website is intended to provide parents and community members with the information about the changes for the upcoming school year.  We will also continue to share additional information on this website and on our social media sites.


Franklin Township Community School Corporation