FTCSC Staff Shout Outs

2023-2024 FTCSC Staff Shout-Outs

FTCSC is blessed with a fantastic staff. Do you have a compliment or something nice that you would like to say about an FTCSC staff member? This is an excellent opportunity to bring a smile and be a positive difference in someone’s day! If you do, please fill out the form below. #WeAreFlashes

*Each Shout-Out must be for 1 individual staff member. We do not process a group or multiple staff members in 1 Shout-Out request. You are welcome to make multiple Shout-Out submissions, giving a Shout-Out to multiple staff members. Finally, we may make minor edits to your message. 

FTCSC Shout-Out Submission Form

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Table of Contents

Wanamaker Early Learning Center
Acton Elementary
Adams Elementary
Arlington Elementary
Bunker Hill Elementary
South Creek Elementary
Thompson Crossing Elementary
Edgewood Intermediate
Kitley Intermediate
Franklin Central Junior High
Franklin Central High School
Franklin Township Learning Center
Facilities Department
Transportation Department
Central Office

Wanamaker Early Learning Center

Acton Elementary School

Adams Elementary School

Arlington Elementary School

Bunker Hill Elementary School

South Creek Elementary School

Thompson Crossing Elementary School

Edgewood Intermediate School

Kitley Intermediate School

Franklin Central Junior High School

Franklin Central High School 

Franklin Township Learning Center

FTCSC Facilities Department

FTCSC Transportation Department

FTCSC Central Office