FTCSC Staff Shout Outs

2022-2023 FTCSC Staff Shout-Outs

FTCSC is blessed with a fantastic staff! FTCSC would like to celebrate our excellent staff! Do you have a compliment or something nice that you would like to say about an FTCSC staff member? This is a perfect opportunity to bring a smile to someone’s day and make a positive difference! If you do, please fill click HERE to complete a form!  

**Please complete a separate form for each individual staff member you would like to give a Shout-Out. We are not able to provide group Shout-Outs. tc

Wanamaker Early Learning Center

Amanda Bidwell is always working hard to make each day easier for all of us! She is happy to jump in and help out! The kids all feel her happiness and love! Thank you, Amy!

Reda Gorske approaches her day with a positive and energetic attitude. Her love for her classes is evident in the work and attention she puts forward. She is a great support to all of us with a happy and caring heart. Thank you, Reda!

Wendy Henck is an amazing teacher. She is always sharing great ideas and resources that keep the kids engaged and excited about school. She works hard to keep a positive balance for her class and those around her. Thank you so much, Wendy!

Ms. Stephanie Farmer is so kind, loving, and patient with her students. I’m so thankful that our son has such a wonderful teacher!

Ms. Stephanie Farmer has gone above and beyond for our daughter this year! This is her first exposure to school, and it has been such a positive experience because of the time and efforts of Miss Stephanie and her team. We appreciate and notice all the little things that she does! They all really add up to a pleasant learning environment! Our daughter loves being a Firefly!

Acton Elementary School

I would like to say a big thanks to Mrs. Amanda Miller for leaving a huge impact on my daughter in her 1st grade. Mrs. Miller has been so amazing to my child that I could see my daughter exemplar academically as well as behaviorally. Mrs. Miller spent so much time with me in parent-teacher conferences discussing about my child’s efforts and behaviors in classroom, which helped us in exploring our child in a unique and different way. Words fall short and can’t describe how passionate, student focused and committed teacher she is!! Thank you for being you!!

A Shout-Out to Mrs. Courtney Venable for a great 1st-semester teaching at Acton! Grant loves your class, and we appreciate everything you do!

Adams Elementary School

Michelle LaRoche is an outstanding team member and counselor. She is very proactive in supporting both students and staff members. She works well with everyone, including parents. She is a blessing to our school and families!

Kelli Lewis is just a rock star! She is a team player and wants to make sure all students feel connected in their class as a family and has the patience of a saint! I always enjoy the time I spend observing in her classroom and love the excitement she stirs up for learning for her students!

Mrs. Mary Hoots is such a caring teacher! She does a great job of keeping her students learning. She puts a lot of time and energy into teaching. She encourages each and every one of her students to love reading.

Mrs. Coney is amazing and does an outstanding job in the Library at Adams. She is organized, patient, has wonderful ideas, and helps build a love of reading with the students at Adams.

Arlington Elementary School

Mrs. Kieper is amazing and does an outstanding job teaching in the Library at Arlington. She is extremely patient, organized, and calm. She spends time planning fun lessons that are engaging and meaningful to her students.

Bunker Hill Elementary School

Shaina Brown is dedicated, caring, and generous. You can clearly see how much she cares about the students she works with and treats all students with grace and respect.

Ms. Pickering does a great job teaching in the Library at Bunker Hill. She is always positive and happy. She truly cares for her students and takes time to build connections and relationships.

South Creek Elementary School

Miss Mei Bennett is always so attentive and interactive with all the kids. They love seeing her and giving her hugs. She makes sure to remember their names and things about them tye tell her. She definitely helps South Creek be a better school.

Ms. Brooke Collins creates such a welcoming and positive environment for her students to learn and grow in. My son loves going to school every day and is learning so much in her class. She goes above and beyond to make her students feel special. This weekend she took time out of her schedule to watch my son play his first FT basketball game. He felt so special and loved! Thanks, Ms. Collins for all that you do for your students!

Mrs. Slone has a passion for reading and teaching in the Library at South Creek. She is very creative and has wonderful ideas. She spends countless hours planning fun ideas and decorating to make the Library a special place for her students.

Thompson Crossing Elementary School

Becky Holland really cares about her students and is passionate about helping them have the BEST school experience. She is also so helpful to her team and really cares about our school!

Rickil Jaynes has been such a valuable addition to our School Family this year. She truly has a heart for people and is the ultimate team player! She is thoughtful, detailed, helpful, and we are so lucky to have her at Thompson Crossing!

Andrea Boyle works nonstop to build relationships with all students and staff! She is always positive, helpful, and finds ways to actively support the entire school!

Mrs. Emily Baker does all of the things to help all of the school. She is amazing, thoughtful, resourceful, and oh so very helpful!

A Shout-out to Nathan Fellerman! Thank you for all of your hard work with Choir students and for helping provide a positive experience for all students. AWESOME!

Mrs. Kylie Gerbofsky, you are detailed, helpful, smart, caring, and appreciated-just to name a few! Thank you for all that you do for Thompson Crossing!

Thank you, Bri Simmons, for always doing whatever it takes to help the entire school, staff, students, and families! You have a heart for people, and it truly shows!

Thank you, Mrs. Ramsey, for always doing whatever it takes to help the entire school, staff, students, and families! You have a heart for people, and it truly shows!

Mrs. Ramsey is always willing to help with small group work, individual work, or just taking a student out for a much needed break. She adds a calm, positive energy to the air. We love you and appreciate you!

Mrs. Baker is willing to help out wherever she is needed. It may be helping students with a test because the teacher is out, planning lessons, reading to a class, or just having a supportive chat with another teacher. We appreciate all you do!

Ms. Moore thank you for being supportive of teachers and students. You are a calm energy and have been a great addition to our school. We appreciate all you do!

Mrs. Wooldridge has a passion for teaching in the Library at Thompson Crossing. She does an excellent job of building a love of reading and books with her students. She has creative ideas and loves her students.

Edgewood Intermediate School

Ms. Courtney Nusbaum cares so deeply about her students and is an amazing part of the school community. She does everything she can to make sure each student is successful.

Allison Hollin is someone you can always count on, and her face is right next to the word dependable in the dictionary. She knows how to connect with students and find what makes them special individuals. We are lucky to have her at Edgewood!

Tammy Gottlieb is such a delightful part of our Edgewood Intermediate community. Thank you, Tammy, for being such an amazing support!

Thank you, Laura Winton, for being a shining light at Edgewood! We appreciate you!

Adrienne Smith had her work cut out for her as a new registrar for Edgewood this year, but she has been so positive and always wanted to learn more! She works so hard to get students into the best placements possible and continuously strives to do her best. Adrienne is so appreciated here at Edgewood!

Rachel Davis at Edgewood Intermediate has jumped in mid-year (which is hard enough!) and has done so with an incredibly positive attitude every day! She is so helpful, gives her best, and always has a smile! I don’t know where we would be without her!

Thank you, Mrs. Michelle Craft, for being such an amazing team player! We appreciate your hard work, and your students are so lucky to have you!

Ms. Elena Check, your energy and love for your students is admirable. Edgewood is so blessed to have you on our team!

Kitley Intermediate School

A Shout-Out to Dawn O’Friel. When she worked at Thompson Crossing, she was one of the first teachers to mentor me. I could come to her with any question, and she would help in any way that she could. She sacrificed a lot of time to support me as well as her students. I always knew I could loop up to her as a positive role model. We all need Dawn, and I would not have survived my first year without her. I have seen her step up in other areas as well to support other teachers. She brought fresh ideas to the school and would lead helpful discussions at PD.

This is for Elizabeth Smith! She is willing to help provide accommodations for a student and eager to make changes and strategies during a staffing! She genuinely cares for the student and setting him up for success!!

This is for Sheila Klopfenstein! She is willing to help provide accommodations for a student and eager to make changes and strategies during a staffing! She genuinely cares for the student and setting him up for success!!

This is for Tammy Beechler! She is willing to help provide accommodations for a student and eager to make changes and strategies during a staffing! She genuinely cares for the student and setting him up for success!!

Mrs. Renee Dannenbring has jumped right in to support the Resource Staff at Kitley by taking a long-term sub position. Resource is not for the faint of heart, and she continues to show up every day with a smile and a positive attitude. She is making a huge difference in the students’ lives. Mrs. D, we love you!

I would like to give a shout-out to Ms. Lane. My daughter, Dakota, loves her class! She always has a great story of how funny she is and how kind she is to her!

I would like to give a shout-out to thanks, Ms. Beach. My daughter, Dakota, is enjoying her class and all the fun activities they do!

Kaylea Dominguez is one of the most considerate people I have ever worked with, and her kindness seeps out the doorway of her classroom. She generously provides treasure box rewards for excellent student behavior, celebrates half-birthdays for those who celebrate over summer break who would otherwise be left out, has a weekly student of the week, takes pictures of our team and community to celebrate memories during holidays, and truly seeks to know each individual student. She is a phenomenal teacher who puts together a variety of advanced materials outside the curriculum for our gifted students and gives all three cores project-based learning opportunities. She stays late every night, and her dedication always pays off the next day. She is a huge part of the reason our classes feel like a family, and I cannot thank her enough for the environment she creates with her love, empathy, and excellence.

I would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Rigsby! My daughter, Dakota, loves her class! She had her Computer Science class during the first nine weeks of school, and it made her start of the school year the best! She wishes she had her all year round. She always talked about her class and how fun it was. She is such a positive role model and got my daughter excited about school!

Sydney Allman is one of the most professional, hard-working, humble, eager-to-learn teachers I have ever met. She facilitates frequent project-based learning opportunities for all her students, she provides incredible extension and acceleration and is integrating Guided Reading into the Pathways program like a veteran teacher with years of training. ELA is the toughest subject to teach, and she is absolutely thriving. I could not be more impressed with her love for this job and for her students. She was born to teach and advocates constantly for her students. What an incredible help and encouragement she is to her coworkers! Thank you, Sydney!

I would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Angela Cochran! My daughter, Dakota, comes home almost every day with a fun story and lesson she learned in class. Thank you for making school fun and educational at the same time! She’s now super passionate about the solar system and teaches me things she learned all the time!

Michelle Wolfe, Thank you for always having a smile on your face. You jump in and help wherever you are needed. You help with students that are struggling and have been an amazing friend. Thank you for reminding me that positivity is contagious and for helping me this year. I truly appreciate you!

Heather Koke, you are such an amazing person! You are supportive of staff and students. You came in this year and stepped up to the plate. You have really made Kitley into a place that we all feel supported! Thank you for being an amazing teammate.

Leslie Beck, you have stepped in and changed the counseling supports for the better at Kitley. We are so blessed to have your support! Thank you for always being there and willing to help! We appreciate you!

Jen Pryor, you are such a great addition to our staff! We value you and appreciate all of your hard work.

Amy Miller, you have been a great leader and have taken Kitley Intermediate to the next level. Our students and staff are lucky to have you! Thank you for making time for your staff and supporting us!

Lisa Guthrie has been an amazing leader and has really changed the culture at Kitley Intermediate. She is very supportive, a great mentor, and is very supportive of our staff. Thank you, Lisa, for always going above and beyond and lending a hand wherever it is needed. We do appreciate you and all of the hard work you are doing.

Kathleen Dupler is the Jane of Trades and so very helpful, personable, and dependable! Awesome lady!!

Franklin Central Junior High School

Mrs. Brianne Bartolomucci is an amazing presence at FCJH! She works so hard each day and always has a smile on her face and time for students who need her support. Thank you for always working hard to keep everyone safe and ensure a calm school day!

Shout-out to Shanna Brinegar! I’m a sub at FCJH and have to go through the office. Shanna is always there and always has such a delightful smile on her face and attitude in her words. She makes it a pleasant place to come to sub.

Mr. Hamm’s smile and laugh can put anyone in a good mood. He brings great energy to the school and to the students. He’s always quick to cover classes when team members are absent – which makes my job easier too. But my favorite thing about Mr. Hamm is when he reminds us all…..”Happy Fri-Yay”!

Mrs. Laurie Irwin has a special ability with her teaching that students carry with them for life. I had one child that was blessed to have her as a science teacher. She is a cheerleader, a mentor, a mediator, and an amazing person. Her eyeball lessons are still talked about in our household 5 years later.

Ms. Jennifer O’Connor is an amazing person! She treats all kids with such care and respect. Her positive energy and humor brighten up the building, and she knows how to make everyone feel welcome. She is an invaluable member of the FCJH family!

Franklin Central High School 

Madame Leslie Bradshaw goes above and beyond in creating a fun and welcoming classroom culture. She is always asking the class about our weekends and is always thrilled to see any pictures we share with her. Her go-with-the-flow personality never fails to make class fun and engaging. She is a truly gifted and amazing educator.

Mrs. Cassidy Corbin is kind and compassionate toward every student she comes across. She leads her class with zeal and excitement each and every day. Her energy can’t be matched. Her smile brings joy into the lives of her students. She is a walking example of a positive influence in so many students’ lives.

I can NOT thank Ms. Hough enough! My daughter struggles in ELA. Ms. Hough takes the time to make sure she understands and helps her when needed. Ms. Hough is my daughter’s favorite class of the day and teacher. Her stress level goes down when she is with Ms. Hough. Thank you, Ms. Hough, for investing in the kids. It is worth more than you know!

In a building full of excellent educators, Jessica Rittmeyer, in our FA Special Education Department, stands out to me as an MVP. She is one of the hardest-working teachers I’ve ever worked with. She takes on many of our biggest challenges in the Freshman Academy. She gives up her prep; she gives up her lunch; she covers classes; she works tirelessly to take care of every single one of her kids every day. There is always a smile on her face, and she radiates positivity. She has an enormous heart and genuinely cares for her school kids and co-workers. She inspires me to be a better teacher and a better person, and I’m sure she does the same for our students.

Payton Oberting is the most wonderful IA in the world! She is filled with great ideas, and she is wonderful to the students. She is very patient and kind to all. I’m so grateful to have her in my classroom!

Ms. Brooklyn Armstrong is giving her time and talents to develop young poets and spoken word performers in the Poetry Out Loud competition. The English Department appreciates her willingness to carry on the tradition of this important program and give our students the chance to shine on stage!

Kelly Miller is an incredibly hard worker. The last two years have been very challenging, but she continues to show up for her staff and students so that they can have a wonderful experience in the lunch lines. Her “can do” attitude shines daily, and through it all she keeps her humor. She is an asset to both the Child Nutrition Department and the Franklin Central High School community!

It has been such a blessing to have Mrs. Hough as my son’s English teacher this year. My son has always struggled a bit in ELA, but it is now his favorite class as well as his best grade this school year. Mrs. Hough takes the time to make sure he understands his assignment and keeps me up to date with what is going on in class. Thank you, Mrs. Hough!

Mrs. Hough has been a great help to my daughter. My daughter struggles when it comes to ELA. Mrs. Hough has made this year so enjoyable for her. Mrs. Hough takes the time to check in on her, make sure she understands, and explains when she doesn’t. She truly cares about her students and wants them all to succeed.

Thank you to Franklin Central High School Receptionist Mrs. Kellie Ruley for her consistent professionalism and kindness to our students, parents, and community visitors. The front office is a daily bustle of excitement and challenges, and she handles each situation with grace. We appreciate you, Kellie!

Franklin Township Learning Center

Erica Quinn is always smiling and upbeat – no matter what is going on! She is such a pleasure to work with – and truly a compassionate advocate for her students.

Becca Smilie’s past work as an ABA Behavior Therapist has made her an awesome resource in our Essential Skills Classroom. She handles the challenging moments of our day calmly and confidently. Our students are so lucky to have her!

Joy Ramsey from the Essential Skills Classroom has gone above and beyond to assist with making sure all students can participate in craft and classroom activities. We are so grateful she is with us!

Jess Manfield has been helping students complete independent living skills every morning this week! She assists students with laundry, hygiene, and self-regulation strategies. Thank you, Jess!

FTCSC Facilities Department

Wayne Denton comes to the rescue with a smile every single time! He really is a “jack of all trades” kind of guy who gets stuff done. He seems to enjoy his job and is really good at it. He’s professional yet witty, which makes working with him extra enjoyable.

FTCSC Transportation Department

Tina Adams always comes to work with a wonderful smile and is amazing with her students. We are so lucky to have her a part of our team!

Steve Shaw wears lots of hats and does it very well. We are so thankful for all his hard work each and every week.

FTCSC Central Office

Dawn McCrory is always in a cheery mood and is the first to help when needed. We can’t thank her enough!

Officer Nathan Anderson is my daily dose of sunshine, and I look forward to my conversations with him. He is funny, caring, and honest. I have never met someone that can make me laugh and appreciate life like he can. I feel blessed to have him as a co-worker and friend! Thanks for your service to our students and staff; you are so appreciated!

Cathy Kremer is such an upbeat, positive person. No matter what is going on in her life, she seems to find humor and is able to see the good in every situation. Cathy always makes my day a little brighter simply by being in it.