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Assessment Resources

Resource Type Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Item Specifications ILEARN Data Base
Released Items ILEARN Data Base
Math Math Math Math Math Math
Science Science
Social Stu.
ISTEP: High School
Resource Type English Mathematics ILEARN – Biology
Item Specifications English 10 Algebra I ILEARN Data Base
Released Items English 10 Released
Practice Set 1
Practice Set 2
Practice Set 3
Algebra I Released
Practice Set 1
Practice Set 2
Practice Set 3
ILEARN Data Base
Blue Prints English 10 Algebra I Biology
    • Item Specifications: Serve to identify which standards will be assessed and to what degree the assessment will cover those standards. Information in the specification includes.
        • Which reporting category the standards fall under
        • Evidence Statements – Descriptions of what the students should be able to do.
        • Target DOK Level
        • Item Types
        • Sample Questions
    • Blueprint: Outlines the test as a whole. Identifies the weight of each reporting category, which standards fall under that category, and to what extent they are expected to show on the assessment.
        • Starting range 0 or 1: Supporting Standards
        • Starting range 2 or higher: Priority Standards


Statewide Summative Assessment Information

Grades Subject/Test Test Type Window
3rd Grade IREAD Fixed Form Single Window
Opens March 11th**
3rd-8th ILEARN – ELA & Math Computer Adaptive Single Window
Opens Apr. 22nd
4th & 6th ILEARN – Science Fixed Form*
5th Grade ILEARN – Soc. Studies
High School ILEARN – Biology
10th Grade ISTEP+10 – ELA & Math Fixed Form Multi – Window
Part 1 Opens – Feb 25th
Part 2 Opens – Apr. 8th
11th – 12th ISTEP Retest Fixed Form Two Single Windows
Winter Opens  – Nov 12th
Spring Opens – Feb 11th
*ILEARN science tests will move to computer adaptive in 19-20.
**Modified window due to spring break.