Time and Attendance Guidelines

Dear Classified Staff,

As you know this fall you have used both a paper time sheet and an electronic sign in and out through Frontline Time and Attendance.  The transition period has now come to an end.  From this point moving forward, we will only use Frontline Time and Attendance for all classified positions with one exception, substitutes.  Frontline Time and Attendance Guidelines:

  • We are now only using electronic sign in and out, no paper timesheet
    • Staff must clock in and out daily
    • Pay – 100% of your pay will be based on the information in Time and Attendance  
    • Staff with a 30 minute break being auto-deducted in Time also have a 30 minute break built into their schedule in Absence
    • Staff must review and submit their timesheets weekly
    • Enter an Absence in Absence Management as soon as you know you need off
      • Mobile App, Computer, Phone
  • Absences
    • Make any necessary adjustments to absence in Absence Management within 48 hours
      • Example: went to the doctor and returned to work earlier than anticipated
    • FULL DAY – Only use “FULL DAY” for absences that are indeed a full day
    • Customize – Use Customize for anything less than full day
    • DO NOT use the Half Day option
    • Schedules are in Absence Management and Time to match the number of hours an employee should be working not necessarily actual work schedule times
  • Your Pay
    • Corrections – Needed corrections to an inaccurate Time and Attendance time sheet could take multiple pay periods to fix
    • Intersession Breaks (Fall, Winter, Spring) – For 9 month building level staff you will not be required to submit timesheets
    • Hours – All of your working hours must be accounted for in Time and Attendance and should add up to your weekly hours total
    • Accuracy – You are responsible for the accuracy of YOUR timesheet
      • All hours must add up to the scheduled number of work hours
    • Submitting – Staff must submit timesheet weekly on Friday after clocking out. (This means that you have electronically signed your timesheet)
    • Errors – If you have an error, please report it immediately to your supervisor
  • FAQs on the FTCSC.org website
  • Questions 
    • Please contact your Supervisor with any questions.