2022-2023 FTCSC Staff Outs

Table of Contents

Wanamaker Early Learning Center
Acton Elementary
Adams Elementary
Arlington Elementary
Bunker Hill Elementary
South Creek Elementary
Thompson Crossing Elementary
Edgewood Intermediate
Kitley Intermediate
Franklin Central Junior High
Franklin Central High School
Franklin Township Learning Center
Facilities Department
Transportation Department
Central Office

Wanamaker Early Learning Center

Sarah Dozier is amazing!! She is always wearing a smile anytime she is at work! She loves her kids, and is such a treasure to have here at WELC!

Rachel Trbovic is always very helpful and attentive to others!

Sarah Eland is truly one of the most amazing educators I know. She pours her heart into each student that walks into her class. The growth I have seen in my daughter this year is truly incredible. Eland has helped my daughter blossom socially, and emotionally. We are forever grateful for all of her hard work!

Miss Nicole Bass in the Otters classroom is AMAZING. She is so joyful, and positive anytime I see her. Nicole truly has a gift for working with our developmental preschool kiddos! Her calmness in the midst of challenging behaviors is amazing to watch. She is a blessing to her here at WELC!

We are so thankful for Joelene Sweetman! Every day my son comes home talking about all the fun he has with her. I love how she has taken the kid’s personal interest and created educational activities, all the sharks! My son used to be so nervous about being dropped off at school, and she has made drop-offs in the morning so easy and comfortable. Thank you for everything you do!

Megan Davis is so loving towards her students and works so hard to build strong relationships with them. She is dedicated to helping prepare them for their transition to Kindergarten!

Taylor Carter, your love for your students does not go unnoticed. You take relationship building to another level, and it’s obvious that your students feel it and love you too. As a parent, it’s important to me to know that my children are in good hands. I have no doubt in the world that you do everything possible for each and every child in your classroom. We see you. We appreciate you!

Nicole Bass is amazing. She shares so much of her heart with her students, and you can tell her students feel it. She is always smiling during the car rider line, which helps students feel safe and excited to be at school. Thank you, Nicole, for all that you do! You are appreciated!

Ms. Dianna Huse is an amazing assistant in the Hedgehogs. She has a heart of gold and always goes above and beyond for the kids and colleagues. I’m so grateful for her to be a part of the Trailblazers!

Thank you, Ms. Stephanie Farmer, for all you have done this year! Our son has grown so much both academically and socially in your room. He absolutely loves going to school each day! We appreciate you and all of the staff in the Fireflies Room.

Thank you, Ms. Karly Burgett, for providing a warm, caring environment for our daughter each day. She is learning and growing so much. We appreciate you and all of the staff in the Bunnies Room.

Shayna Hicks is such a light to WELC. She is always upbeat and does whatever she can to make sure the babies are happy and laughing. The Tadpoles are lucky to have you. 🙂

Erin Worman has been instrumental in helping my son to come out of his shell. I can not express how grateful our family has been to you for navigating my son’s shyness and reluctance to participate. The moment I knew this was the best thing I’d ever done is when my son was sick, and I walked into get him and saw Ms. Worman holding my baby boy rocking him, and rubbing his head. The compassion and gentleness I saw truly meant the world to me. Thank you all so much!

Nurse Kristen Maxey is the absolute best. She is always doing what is needed to help our kids stay safe and healthy. Her hard work and dedication are very much appreciated by all of the families and staff at WELC!

While Ms. Debra Reid works with the infants, she also works with the older children during breaks. My son came home every day he was with her talking about all of the things she taught him, allowed him to explore, and her hugs! It was so much fun seeing all of the things he got to do at camp and the excitement he had each day at seeing Ms. Debra.

I am so grateful for Sarah Eland in the 3’s preschool. I don’t know how one manages a class of 3-year-olds, for starters, but my son is thriving in her room! She has taught my son how to manage his emotions, social skills, and has given him a love for school. But what I love the most about Sarah is her desire to do what is best for the kids. She has been an advocate of what a 3-year-old kiddo really needs and, on her own, has done research to better help her kids and will fight for their well-being. We love her for the amazing teacher she is, but I love her as a fellow educator that is in it for the good fight, all done with love and respect for everyone around her. A wonderful teacher and a wonderful person; we love you, Mrs. Sarah!

Taylor Carter is a ray of sunshine! She is always full of smiles and kind words. She loves her students with her entire heart, and truly wants the best for them, always! Her team is such a joy to watch in action! So thankful to know such an amazing educator!

Ms. Dianna Huse cares so much for each child. Always there for a reassuring hug and kind words. My daughter is always saying that Ms. Dianna loves us, all of us.

Ms. Laura Wesbur is amazing! She is so wonderful with the 3-year-olds. She works hard every day to make sure that every child feels valued.

Even though our son has moved on from Ms. Deb Miller’s class, she continues to make him feel like the most important kid in the school. We are so grateful for the relationship he has built with her, and the confidence she has helped him build. Thanks for everything you do!!

Our family is so grateful for Ms. Amy Morrical! Our son has learned and grown so much this school year in her class. She has really helped foster a love of learning! Thanks for all you do!!

Kelli Bennett always greets my child with a smile on her face. She exhibits positive energy. She seems to be as glad to see the kids as they are hers. Thank you, Kelli, for your beautiful smile and warm heart.

I had a sick student at Riley for a few days. Nichole Webb donated two book pillows for my student and his brother! She knew the family from previous years at WELC. The family was touched by her graciousness.

Mrs. Erin Worman is a genuine ray of sunshine every morning when I drop my son off for school. She really is the most kind, generous, loving, and sweetest teacher we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We truly love Mrs. Worman, and her love for each and every child is out of this world. Thank you, Mrs. Worman, for being you and loving our kids!!

Dysheka Graves has such a special connection with the children in her class! The children love her for the love and attention she gives each of them! She always has a positive attitude and a beautiful smile for everyone! It is a pleasure to work with her!

As our first child attended his first year of school, Mrs. Eugenia Catanoiu has made the transition for us and Jameson easy, and we appreciate all the hard work she does not only for our son but the entire class. I love the peekaboo games they do walking across the lot as he’s being dropped off; he looks for your car as we pull into school! He adores you, as do we! We love seeing the updates through Procare; we appreciate you and all your hard work as one of the main class assistants!

I want to give Ms. Genny Hartley a shout-out! Genny is an amazing Special Education teacher who puts everything she has into helping her students become independent and successful. She never gives up and is always trying to find new ways to work if one way isn’t working. She never fails to recognize and appreciate her staff. She always does everything in her power to make sure they have what they need, as well as going out of her way to help out anywhere in the building. She does incredible things for her students and more than deserves recognition for everything she does for so many!

Dysheka Graves has been such a wonderful addition to our room, and I am so thankful for her! The babies love her, and I appreciate all of the hard work she puts in and the laughs she brings to our room.

I love being able to work with Shayna Hicks. The Tadpoles (WELC in general:)) is so lucky to have her! Grateful for all of the hard work she puts in and all of the laughs we have.

Mrs. Eugenia Catanoiu is one of the best! My son Jameson LOVES to wait to watch her cross the lot before pick-up, and do their daily peekaboo. She’s kind, caring, and passionate toward him and all his classmates. Her smile is genuine, and my son adores her. We thank you, Mrs. C, for being who you are!

Debra Reid works so hard to create the best possible environment for infants. We love her lesson plans and all of the activities she does with them. They learn so much in the Tadpoles. You can tell each baby absolutely loves and adores her. She doesn’t just care for the babies but for the parents as well. She is beyond helpful and makes this parenting journey so much easier! No judgment, just love and plenty of helpful advice from Ms. Debra. We have been so lucky to have her!

Nichole Webb does so much for our students and staff. She keeps our school running smoothly and organized. We know if there are any bumps in our day, Nichole is there to fix them, and she does all this with a wonderful attitude and smile!

Heather Luke is a kind soul and very knowledgeable. Always a smile on her face! Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Reda Gorske is my son’s Pre-K teacher, and he talks every day about how he wishes he could have her next year for Kindergarten, too. From Carson: Ms. Reda is nice and makes me smile. She is the best teacher.

Ms. Emma Forde is truly an amazing person/educator inside and out. She works with kiddos who challenge her daily. She is always so incredibly kind and celebrates the smallest victories with us as parents. Ms. Emma is quick to address anything that may be of concern, accommodate challenges that may arise, or comfort a kiddo that is having a really hard day. As a parent of a special needs child, we want people like Ms. Emma in our corner. It is hard to find people who will love your child unconditionally when you are not around. I know that my child is learning, is safe, and is loved when they are in Ms. Emma’s care. We are grateful for everything Ms. Emma has done for our child!

Where do I begin with this loving soul? Cierra Sumner, you have no idea the impact you have made not only on Jameson but our family. 💙 Since his 1st day of preschool, you’ve been by his side not only as an aid, but as a friend which became extended family. The bond and love you 2 have makes me smile. You don’t get enough recognition for all you do. Even when you’re off the clock, you send a quick message to check in on Jameson if he’s sick or to send a funny update, a candid photo, or simply say hello! You look over him in special ways; one example making it a daily thing to do safari animals with him because you know it’s his favorite. There are not enough people like you. Daily you love, protect, and take care of not only my kiddo but many others. My family personally wants to thank you for going beyond the limits. We appreciate you, adore you, and are grateful/thankful for you and proud we’re now an extended family! #Mrs. Cierra & Jameson

Charlotte Baker is such a light at WELC. I know I can always count on her. Charlotte is always willing to jump in and help wherever needed. We are so thankful to have her as part of our village!

Erin Worman does so much for our students, staff, and school community. Not only did she kick off our first-ever PTC, but she also works with students all over the building. She is a pivotal person in the hearts of many. Erin’s genuine love for children is apparent in all she does!

All of the kids love Miss Paige Ramsay. She is positive, loving, and, most of all, fun! She connects with every student, and they clearly enjoy her. Paige is always ready to do whatever she can to help the kids and staff at WELC!

I am so thankful to have Deb Miller in my son’s life. He has grown and learned so much this year from her. Every day he has a smile on his face because of the fun and safe learning environment she creates. Thank you for being an amazing teacher!

Mrs. Sarah Eland is the best! Our daughter is in her Grasshoppers class at Wanamaker Early Learning Center, and she absolutely adores her! Seeing our three-year-old so excited to go to school every day is one of the best feelings in the world. Mrs. Eland is kind, empathetic, patient, diligent, and nurturing. We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done, and continues to do, for our daughter and all of her students. Thank you!

Amanda Bidwell is always working hard to make each day easier for all of us! She is happy to jump in and help out! The kids all feel her happiness and love! Thank you, Amy!

Reda Gorske approaches her day with a positive and energetic attitude. Her love for her classes is evident in the work and attention she puts forward. She is a great support to all of us with a happy and caring heart. Thank you, Reda!

Wendy Henck is an amazing teacher. She is always sharing great ideas and resources that keep the kids engaged and excited about school. She works hard to keep a positive balance for her class and those around her. Thank you so much, Wendy!

Ms. Stephanie Farmer is so kind, loving, and patient with her students. I’m so thankful that our son has such a wonderful teacher!

Ms. Stephanie Farmer has gone above and beyond for our daughter this year! This is her first exposure to school, and it has been such a positive experience because of the time and efforts of Miss Stephanie and her team. We appreciate and notice all the little things that she does! They all really add up to a pleasant learning environment! Our daughter loves being a Firefly!

Acton Elementary School

Mrs. Amber Foddrill has been such an asset to Acton Elementary. She started about a month late in the school year because she moved from another district, but that didn’t stop her. My daughter has grown so much as a reader this year; I can’t believe how far her reading has come. She’s also challenged and pushed my daughter to excel all year long. She’s been great to work with throughout the year – great communication, organization, and on top of it – she’s such a great teacher in so many ways!

Allison Milholland has been an amazing teacher for my daughter this year. She makes everyday fun, and my daughter and her classmates have grown tremendously as readers this year. Truth be told, my daughter is already bemoaning the end of the school year and would probably go to school every weekend and all summer if she was allowed to – this says something about how awesome Miss M is. We are so grateful to her and Acton Elementary!

Mrs. Brook Wessel-Burke is the most caring leader. She truly cares about all of her staff and goes out of her way to let them know it. Even people that no longer work at Acton! She is wonderful at making everyone feel like a team. She is amazing!

Mrs. Kaila Doan is an amazing support staff member. She works with students who have many challenging behaviors with calm and grace. Her ability to connect with students and find special ways to make their day meaningful is wonderful. We are very lucky to have her at Acton Elementary!

Vicky Ramey plays a critical role in keeping Acton clean and safe for our students. She is quick to respond to needs and keeps us on time by fixing or bringing replacement clocks and addressing issues with a smile and effectiveness that no one else can match. Thanks so much, Vicky!

Dear Mrs. Amanda Miller, I loved having you as my teacher. You helped me so much with my reading, and now I am above grade level. I will miss you and your kindness in Fourth Grade. With kindness, Aria C.

A Shout-Out to Mitzi Parsons! You were the best Second Grade teacher ever.

Thank you, Mitzi Parsons, for everything you are the best. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart. You are always fun. You might get upset, but you are always fun. I will never forget you. Ashlyn M.

Amy Cannon, I love you! You say hi to me every morning and on Thursdays. I will miss you so so so so much. I wish you well. From your favorite, Ope C. 🙂

Thank you, Stephanie Simmons, for teaching clueless me a bunch of stuff. You are very fun, kind, and cool to me. You’re the best teacher EVER. Thank you for teaching me. I will miss you. Aldo P.

Dear Ms. Allison Milholland, You are a great teacher! We will miss you! Love, Belen Appel

Sami Carmer, I’ve been thinking about you a lot. You have not been in Mrs. Bardy’s room, but I will be missing you a lot when I am in Fourth Grade. You feel like a mom to me when I see you. You are a good teacher. I love you. Isabelle M.

Dear Mrs. Sonia Olmos, Thank you for being such a great teacher, saying welcome, or hi to me every morning, and being so nice! Your Favorite Student, Lilian Munoz 🙂

Thank you, Amy Jewell, for helping me when I need help. I will miss you.

Thank you, Allison Miholland, for your morning greetings!

Thank you, Sarah French, for teaching clueless me a bunch of stuff. You are very fun, kind, and cool to me. You’re the best teacher EVER. Thank you for teaching me. I will miss you. ~Aldo P.

Thank you, Marlene Gilkerson, so much for teaching me how to add and subtract, and also to read. I wouldn’t have been where I am now without you. You are the best 1st Grade teacher anyone could have. Maxwell K.

Thank you, Lindsey Elliot, for teaching me. Thank you for saying good morning to me every day. Thank you for helping me when I need it. I will miss you. Maximus M.

A Shout-Out to Leon Howland! I wish I was back in your class because you taught me how to read and to do math better. LOVE, Myles

Mrs. Annie Keller is such a joy and a light to the students and staff at Acton! I am so lucky to have shared this school year at Acton working beside her! She is a rockstar!

Sarah French always has a smile on her face. She loves her job and the kids very much. She works hard with her ENL students and shows them so much love. She rewards their hard work with stickers and many compliments! She is one-of-a-kind!

I got to witness Mrs. Gwen Rabourn greeting the new incoming Kindergarten kids today while I visited my son for lunch. You can see the joy and love she has for teaching young kids. I’m very fortunate that my daughter has had the best Kindergarten year with Mrs. Rabourn, next’s year’s group – get ready, she is the best!!

Mr. Leon Howland is just amazing!!! Today while I was visiting my son at lunch, he saw another parent waiting on their child for lunch, knowing he only has a little bit of time for lunch himself…he still went and found the child that had made their way into the lunch room forgot that they had a parent waiting on them. Mr. Howland took time away from his personal time to still tend to the kids at Acton. Truly a gift that Mr. Howland is!!!! We will miss him next year when we move up to 3rd grade.

Thank you, Becky Conners, for helping us in the Cafeteria every morning and getting the students to Level Zero so we can get them in and out quickly. Also, for your work with our students in the Resource Department, you are amazing.

Thank you, Devon Overton, for helping us at breakfast every morning. You are amazing.

Thank you, Rebecca Houston, for not only helping us with breakfast every morning but helping out in the Cafeteria at lunchtime. You are great with the kids, and your patience is amazing. We couldn’t have made it through the school year without you.

Thank you, Amanda Stevenson, for helping us in the Cafeteria to make things run more smoothly and getting the students in and out quickly. You are amazing, and we are grateful for you. The children would love to just stand there and talk to you all day.

Thank you, Katyln Seniour, for helping us in the Cafeteria in the mornings and making things run smoothly to get the kids in and to class before the bell rings. And for the amazing work, you do within the Resource Department. You are a silent superhero.

Cassandra Dimino is amazing with the students while in the Cafeteria, helping them open things that are still a bit too hard for them to do themselves. She calms them when they are having big feelings and need just that extra hug or extra moment to calm down. She is also an amazing co-worker to work with. She has a smile on her face even when she’s having a bad day. We love you, Cassandra!

Heather Jackson is the glue that keeps the kitchen running smoothly every day. She tries to make sure every student has a well-rounded meal at breakfast and lunchtime. She is patient with all the students, and the students just love her.

Cindy Colvin is an amazing Cafeteria staff member. She makes sure the students have an assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables to choose from. She talks to all the students as they go through the serving line. She is a wonderful co-worker and friend.

Jourdan Criswell is a very crucial part of our Speech and Language Pathologist team. I admire each of the individual relationships that she creates with her students. Jourdan is caring, positive and hardworking! Acton is so thankful to have Jourdan Criswell as a team member!

Gwen Rabourn works amazing with my daughter and the other kids as well. I was so worried about it being Grace’s first year that, Grace could have problems because she is so shy. Grace fell in love with her, and Gwen Rabourn definitely brightens Grace’s day. She is an amazing person inside and out and a wonderful teacher. Words can’t explain how grateful I am.

Sonia Olmos has been a fantastic teacher for our daughter, Maisie. She has helped her develop a love for school and learning. Every day our daughter comes home and talks about all the great and amazing things they do in class. As far as Maisie is concerned, she is the best teacher in the district. Thank you for a great year.

Danielle Bardy is one of the most amazing people that I have had the ability to work so closely with. Her patience, compassion, and empathy drive her to be one of the best Special Education teachers. She continually gives 110% in order to assist both students and teachers.

A Shout-Out to Lindsey Elliott! Thanks for always being there for your staff. It’s nice to have someone we can come to when we have problems. You address our issues and listen to us. You also give us guidance or direction when we are looking for guidance on how to handle a situation we might be experiencing! Thanks for being the best!

Ashley Heath is an amazing educator who goes above and beyond for her students each and every day. I am blessed to work and learn from her at Acton.

A Shout-Out to Amanda Miller! She always challenges my son to do his best!

A Shout-Out to Cassandra Dimino! She is so kind and patient!

Ashley Heath’s dedication and patients with her students are amazing! She is always doing everything she can to help her students. Thank you for everything you do!

Kim Houston has been a huge blessing to my daughter academically and getting her where she needs to be, as my daughter has struggled quite a bit this year. She has gone above and beyond to make sure she needs to be where she should be for 4th grade, and my family couldn’t appreciate her more!

Mrs. Danielle Bardy is so incredibly patient and kind to her students. She provides support in every way she can. She is so appreciated, and our students are lucky to have her!

Ashley Heath has been such a positive addition to Acton this year! She is kind and caring towards our students, and she works hard to help each student meet their individual goals. She is a valued member of the Special Services Team, and we are so lucky to have her here!

Mrs. Christine Minnick’s efforts to bond with her students should be celebrated! Every student needs the unconditional support of a teacher. You strive to build these relationships that mean so much to our kiddos. Thank you for your efforts!

Mrs. Danielle Bardy is kind, patient, and loving with students and supports students with grace when they are having a rough moment. She is very knowledgeable about Special Education and has creative ways to support students. We are blessed to have her at Acton Elementary!

Nicole Murphy is a very hard-working individual that cares about the students she works with. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Mrs. Amy Cannon came into a class midway through the year and has done an amazing job meeting her class where they are. She is loving and kind to her students. My kiddo raves about her constantly and has learned so much from her. We are so blessed to have her!

A Shout-Out to Teresa Waskom! She is always going above and beyond to make sure the students in the cafeteria have a fun and safe lunch. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Sami Carmer has taken over the classroom with such grace, kindness, and love in her heart! She is truly a blessing to me and all these kiddos while I’ve been on maternity leave this year. Keep up the amazing work; you’ve got this!

Mrs. Amber Foddrill is an amazing teacher. My daughter has grown in leaps and bounds this year. Mrs. Foddrill is kind, attentive, and immensely responsive whenever I have questions. She is truly an asset to Acton.

Shout-out to Gabe Jones! He helps Acton look amazing and is a really nice person to work with!

We absolutely love Mrs. Gienne Dunn. My daughter has been lucky enough to have her 2 years in a row. She genuinely cares for her students and goes above and beyond so they succeed.

Shout-out to Ms. Sonia Olmos for being a great teacher. She has challenged our son academically, and he has grown immensely this year. Thank you for being great!

Mrs. Tammy McMaster has been an amazing teacher. Our son is reading in Kindergarten! He loves her so much. Thank you for being great!

Lindi Newhard goes above and beyond to help students. She is responsible and effective in her teaching. She loves her students, and it shows! Thank you, Lindi, for all you do to help the students and teachers!

Melani Ryan is an AMAZING teacher! She has such a passion for Art, and her students love all of her creative lessons. She is kind and supportive to everyone around her, and she lights up Acton Elementary School!

A Shout-Out to Ashley Heath! I am so glad I have had the chance to work on a team with you and get to know you! I appreciate everything you do!

A Shout-Out to Danielle Bardy! You are the most kind and most patient teacher. I am so blessed to work on a team with you!

Mrs. Lindsey Elliott is great with my son, very thankful to have her in the township!

My husband and I appreciate all Mrs. Amber Foddrill has done this year to support our daughter. Her reading has really taken off, and she is excited to go to school each day. She loves Mrs. Foddrill and is always telling us how funny she is! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your students!

Shout-out to Mr. Leon Howland! He loves his job and leads with that focus each day. His positive outlook, calm presence in any situation, and his love for his students are just a few of the many things that make him a special part of the Acton team. You will find him eating lunch with students and enjoying recess with them each day, as well as helping students before and after school in a variety of ways. Acton is blessed to have a teacher that cares so much!

Sending a shout-out to Mrs. Lindsey Elliott. She always has a smile and kind words to whomever she sees. She is busy each day supporting students and staff, but she makes it look effortless. You will see her supporting students in need, and offering tools to help teachers be the best they can be for Acton students. We are lucky to have her in the Acton family!

Who doesn’t love Ms. Melani Ryan?! She is the epitome of ART, and she makes it fun for all her kiddos. She’s sweet, kind, loving, giving, and she has a big heart…I could go on and on! If you know Ms. Ryan, you have joy in your life.

I can’t say enough about Kelly McConaha! She truly is a wonderful person (friend), and all the kiddos at Acton love her. I know MY world is a better place just by her being in it. #fighter #loveyougirl

Kelly McConaha does an outstanding job teaching the Library lessons each day. She is so positive and has a great attitude. The students think the world of her. Acton is so lucky to have Kelly!

Ms. Rachelle Steele is the epitome of a school counselor. She has helped our son so much with his transition to 1st grade, among other things. She even took time to come see him play basketball. Our family is eternally grateful to her.

Mrs. Giennie Dunn has been a major blessing for our son this year. He had some issues with transitioning to 1st grade, and she was and continues to be an amazing support for him. We are so grateful he is in her class this year.

Mrs. Amanda Miller is amazing, and her efforts do not go unnoticed. She is always working hard to prepare and present creative lessons to help all of her first graders become successful learners. Additionally, she supports teachers in the building by taking time to plan with them, lending a listening ear, and offering support and encouragement. Acton is blessed to have a teacher that truly cares for the students and staff.

Mrs. Gwen Rabourn has been such a positive influence on our daughter. This is her first year in public school, kindergarten, and we couldn’t ask for a better “first teacher” experience. We appreciate all of her hard work! It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed!

Holly Sutton is one of the first people you meet when entering the doors of Acton Elementary. She is incredibly knowledgeable and probably knows each student by name. She is always smiling and helpful. Even when there are tons of volunteers walking in at the same time, she remains calm and checks each visitor for safety.

Mrs. Brook Wessel-Burke is an amazing hands-on administrator. She is always visible and accessible to families. She has created a safe environment for students, staff, and families. The car rider line is highly efficient, organized, and SAFE! Way to Go! She is actively involved with PTO and other school events.

Mrs. Jayne Adams is full of energy and passion for wellness. She works beyond the school day to support Acton with fundraising efforts for the rock wall and the Kids Heart Challenge. I love the newsletters, updates, and reminders.

A Shout-Out to Maggie Devore! Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for treating each student with kindness and compassion. I’ve had the opportunity to watch my daughter make tremendous growth in reading and math this year. Her passion for reading is even more magical, and she loves first grade.

Danielle Bardy goes above and beyond as a Special Education teacher! She is prepared, kind, professional, and helpful with students and staff members. It’s a pleasure to serve with her in the same Resource Office, and I am grateful that she is my colleague.

Rachelle Steele loves all of the students at Acton Elementary School. She shows compassion daily as she supports students through tough times in their lives. She finds ways to show students that she cares and she will always be here for them.

Gabe Jones not only keeps our school clean, but he is also a positive role model for our students. He is always willing to go above and beyond to keep our school safe. He’s also a great singer, and we love hearing him sing as he cleans in the evenings.

Kaila Doan is an amazing staff member and colleague. She loves our students and shows compassion every day. We are lucky to have her at Acton Elementary School!

Giennie Dunn is a wonderful teacher! She is caring and takes time to get to know her students. She goes above and beyond to make sure all students are successful. My daughter is excited to go to school and learn every day, thanks to Ms. Dunn. Thank you for everything you do!

Mrs. Tammy McMaster has done such an amazing job helping Landry learn and grow all year long! She truly cares, and he was so excited when she sent home a train book for him a few weeks ago. Such a sweet gesture!

A Shout-Out to Christin Hendrix! Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for our first year of school. She’s awesome with the kids, and my Aubree loves learning with Mrs. Hendrix!

A Shout-Out to Mrs. Brook Wessel-Burke! Thank you for being supportive, encouraging, and positive! You make Acton a great place to work!

Mrs. Marlene Gilkerson is an amazing teacher and always goes above and beyond and treats the students as if they are her own. I am so thankful she is my daughter’s teacher.

Mrs. Mitzi Parsons is the best teacher I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot. I’m in 8th grade now, and I still remember how she was such a nice caring teacher. She was a great teacher to both me and my brother. I remember being in that class and enjoying every second of it! Love, Kylie

A Shout-Out to Lindi Newhard! You are the best teacher ever! Thank you for being my sub and being so nice to me. From Hayden

Mrs. Katy Keppner deserves the biggest shout-out for all she does for her students in Kindergarten at Acton Elementary. As a parent, I’m shocked to hear all that my child has learned from her this year already. My son loves her and is excited to go to school because of her! We are thankful for her and all she does for her students!

Holly Sutton always greets every visitor to Acton in the most welcoming and kind way. She makes them feel as if they are part of the Acton school family, no matter if they are staff, students, parents, or simply visitors. Her kindness is contagious!

Jessica Miller has made my transition to Acton so smooth, and all of her advice made my first week a breeze!

Jaycee Erisman has the best relationship with the students, and she has been so helpful during my transition!

Ms. Samantha Carmer, aka Ms. Sammie, took over as a long-term substitute for my son’s kindergarten class in December. Ms. Carmer’s dedication to the students is incredible. We receive lots of communication, and I can tell she wants nothing more than for her students to succeed. She is appreciated more than she will ever know by our family!

I wanted to say thank you to Mrs. Andrea Keller for helping to provide a wonderful educational experience for my son. She is always very positive and wants what is best for each and every student. Thank you!

Mrs. Marlene Gilkerson has been Amazing to my daughter. She comes home excited from school about what she learned and always looks forward to going to class. She always says how amazing her teacher is and caring. She always tells me how her teacher is always there for her and others. The communication between Mrs.Gilkerson and me is always a pleasure. Thank you for doing a wonderful job with these kids and for helping my daughter be the best version of herself and helping her through this year! Thank You! Y.C

We appreciate Holly Sutton always being so helpful, professional, and pleasant! She is great with both the kiddos and the parents. We appreciate all that she does!

Thank you, Amy Jewell, for being Emma’s advocate inside the classroom and out. You support her and help her so much! We are lucky to have you as her third-grade teacher!

A Shout-Out to Gwen Rabourn! Thank you for all the love and support you give our son Leo every day! He has grown so much this year and loves you so much!

Mrs. Alex Warr, you are awesome and help our students out so much! Thanks for your support o the teacher!

A Shout-out to Lindi Newhard! You are a Super support for teachers here at Acton! Thanks for all you do!

A Shout-Out to Amanda Miller! Thank you for all your help with the First curriculum! You make it FUN!!

Thank you, Mrs. Mitzi Parsons, for being an amazing teacher. I am so excited to come to school and see you every day. You make school a great place to be. Love Savanna ❤️

Holly Sutton is pure sunshine! I feel her warmth and hospitality every time I walk into the office. She never seems rushed or frazzled, even when a dozen people are coming at her at once. She really sets a calm tone for the front office.

Mrs. Kate Nichols goes above and beyond to make her students feel loved and known. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to have someone like her as part of our “team” helping our daughter build character, confidence, and resiliency. I am so grateful for her thoughtful approach to helping our daughter navigate friendships and emotions. We definitely feel like Acton provides a well-rounded community for us to thrive! Thank you!

Denise Stanger is the most compassionate nurse ever! She will go above and beyond for all students and communicates beautifully with parents in order to keep our students happy and healthy.

Holly Sutton is the sunshine at the Acton front desk! She answers phones with clarity, energy, and kindness. She welcomes families and guests into the school and makes them feel like they are part of the school family.

Sarah Poole has been a loyal staff member at Acton since re-opening, and she is always happy to help any staff, students, and families. She keeps our school running!

Ms. Giennie Dunn sets high expectations while showing a great deal of love for each student. She plans fun and exciting lessons each day. She is a blessing to everyone around her.

We are so thankful for the love that Ms. Heather Jackson shows each and every day. She brightens the day of everyone around her.

I would like to say a big thanks to Mrs. Amanda Miller for leaving a huge impact on my daughter in her 1st grade. Mrs. Miller has been so amazing to my child that I could see my daughter exemplar academically as well as behaviorally. Mrs. Miller spent so much time with me in parent-teacher conferences discussing my child’s efforts and behaviors in the classroom, which helped us in exploring our child in a unique and different way. Words fall short and can’t describe how passionate, student-focused, and committed a teacher she is!! Thank you for being you!!

A Shout-Out to Mrs. Courtney Venable for a great 1st-semester teaching at Acton! Grant loves your class, and we appreciate everything you do!

Adams Elementary School

Mrs. Felicia Clark is a terrific teacher! She has taught both of our kiddos, and each one has absolutely loved being in her class. She motivates, encourages, and makes sure everyone feels included and loved! We appreciate all of her hard work and dedication!

Ms. Emily Able is a fabulous teacher, and we are extremely appreciative of her and everything she does for her class. She goes above and beyond for her students, and our kiddo has truly enjoyed being in her class. We can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication!

Emily Quinn went out of her way to make sure my Kindergarten class was able to complete a special project. She went out of her comfort zone a little for my students. Emily is always focused on my kiddo’s understanding of a concept when she comes to work with my students. She truly wants my kiddos to be successful, and you can tell as she works with kids. Thanks, Emily, for all you do!

Jennifer Beiers is truly an amazing 3rd-Grade teacher and cares for her students!! She posts pictures and videos throughout the whole year so we can see what our kids are learning and the exciting things she comes up with, and we get to see it come to life! She takes time out to write you back messages even after hours! She shows a true example of going above and beyond for her kids! And we thank her more than we can show! Thank you for the best year at Adams!!!

A Shout-Out to Janice DeHart! You are such a kind and loving teacher! Thank you for all that you do for the 2nd-Grade students at Adams! You are simply the best!

Felicia Clark is a ray of sunshine! She brings joy and positivity into every room she walks in. She makes others feel welcomed and included. Her personality is one that uplifts those around her.

Lisa DeWitte is always going above and beyond to support students! She is dependable and always willing to lend a hand. She makes sure all students feel loved and pushes them to be their best self. Lisa is a blessing to have at Adams!

Kathy Stratton is a dedicated teacher and team member. She makes me laugh every morning and always starts the school day off on a positive note! I have enjoyed getting to know her this school year!

Jaci Greig brings a kind and warm-hearted energy to Adams Elementary that is motivating to students and staff. She is a great Principal that I look up to as a young teacher in the township. Thank you, Jaci! –Addison Laker

Becky French is thoughtful, hard-working, generous, and kind-hearted with all students and staff. Becky is a talented teacher who I admire very much!

Darcey Back is such a hard-working and determined teacher! She makes Adams a great place to be!

Kelli Lewis is a go-to person for staff and students. She is willing to help anyone and always brings sunshine wherever she goes!

Betty Adams is a legend at our school among the students and staff! She is a true Franklin Township Flash!

Miss Mary Turgeon works in the Adams Elementary Cafeteria, and my daughter says she is the best lunch lady ever! Talking to her and seeing her is one of the best parts of her day. She is always very nice.

Mrs. Becky French is an amazing teacher. My son loves coming to school and learning. He has grown so much this school year, both academically and socially. Thank you for loving my son and preparing him for his next steps.

Nancy Ferguson has the kindest heart. Her positive energy is contagious with staff and students. I look forward to the days I get to work with Nancy!

Alana DeVoy is an incredible teacher! She is creative, and her hard work shows. Alana cares so much about her students and coworkers. She is a team player and does a great deal of work for being so young in her career. She is a true asset to Adams! Thank you so much for all that you have already done!

Ashley Nicoson, you have done a fantastic job for the staff and students this year. Thank you for coming when you are called and helping with lots of behaviors. Thank you for being a listening ear and doing your best to support the staff. Thank you for all the work you have done!

Summer Parks is a ray of sunshine. She is a true blessing to the staff and the students. She cares about her coworkers and loves to help students make progress. She offers a helping hand when it is needed and does her best at each task that is given. Thank you, Summer, for all that you do!

Emily Quinn goes above and beyond to help when it is needed. She is flexible and does what is best for the students. She has been a great help when subbing has been needed and is a great coworker! Thank you, Emily, for all you do!

Emily Able is just amazing! My daughter loves her so much and has grown so much! So glad she has made a difference and really helped these kids learn and get them to where they need to be!!!

A Shout-Out to Mary Hoots! Thank you, I was in your class in my 2nd-grade year, and now I’m in 7th grade, and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping me with my dyslexia. Thank you for everything I am today! I hope you are doing well, and I hope you have an amazing day.

Brittany Rairdan has been such a special addition to our lives. She works endlessly to make sure not only our son, but every student she works with, has the tools to thrive. We are so grateful for your heart. Thank you so much for being such a blessing.

We’ve been incredibly blessed to have Stacey Oden as our son’s first teacher. She has helped him to overcome his fear of school and created a safe place for him to be himself. We can’t thank you enough for making such a special core memory for him. We hope that every child gets to have someone like you in their lives!

Ms. Janice DeHart has proven to be a fantastic compliment to Mrs. Matters’s 2nd Grade class at Adams! She’s stepped in for our kids in Mrs. Matters’s Classroom as Mrs. Matters is taking time for herself and her newborn baby boy. Ms. DeHart has connected very well with the students and is picking up seamlessly where Mrs. Matters left off. Well done!! Thank you!

Mr. Jacob Hildebrant is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for my daughter! We are very grateful for all he does for her and his other students!

A Shout-Out to Ashley Nicoson! Ashley is always willing to listen. She is positive and encouraging.

Miss Addison Laker is absolutely amazing! She is extremely encouraging and attentive to all her students. She makes sure everyone is seen, and that is very important. She is always keeping us (parents) up to date on how our students are doing in class. Miss Laker made such a huge impact on my daughter, and she will be “that” teacher my daughter will most definitely remember and mention when she grows up.

We are so thankful Mrs. Becky French is our child’s Third Grade teacher this year! She has truly appreciated and encouraged his individual talents, celebrated achievements small and large, and advocated for future opportunities. She is kind and has a great sense of humor, and takes the time to appreciate each student’s unique personality and value. I cannot say what it means to me to have a teacher who really SEES my “invisible boy” the way Mrs. French does. She’s a gold-star educator in our books! We love you, Mrs. French!

Mrs. Lyndsey Hughes has made our Kindergarten year so much easier! She is such a fun and caring teacher!!! We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. We will definitely miss her having our kiddo next year!

Kaitlin Vahle goes above and beyond to share her technology expertise! She is always willing to help others and comes up with creative solutions to any problems that may arise. We are so thankful to have her here at Adams!

Thank you to Madison Leatherwood for teaching Kindergarten at Adams! You have helped so many students! You have given your time, talent, and your heart to the students at Adams Elementary School!

Thank you to Mrs. Felicia Clark for being a great teacher & being a leader for the Bible Club at Adams Elementary School!

Shout-Out to Miss Paige Clegg! We are so blessed to have Miss Clegg at Adams! She is a great teacher & she is helping students learn so much! She also leads the Bible Club at Adams Elementary School!

We can’t say enough positive things about Mrs. Mary Hoots. She is such an amazing teacher, and our son really enjoys being in her class. Mrs. Hoots is so kind and patient with her students. We just adore her! She is so awesome at teaching reading with her students and truly cares. Adams is very lucky to have such an amazing teacher!!

Nancy Ferguson demonstrates love for all kids at all times. No matter the day, kids walk away from their time with her feeling loved and special. Additionally, Nancy is a wealth of knowledge to her colleagues and always makes time for others.

Shout-Out to Kristen Holbert! We are so blessed to have her at Adams Elementary School! She does such a great job with her students!

Ms. Jaci Greig is amazing! She truly cares about all of the staff and students at Adams Elementary. And is supportive of both teachers and students. She makes Adams a great place to work!

Shout Out to Mrs. Nancy Campbell! You are really good with your students! Thank you for all of your help at Adams Elementary School!

Mrs. Darcey Back, You are a caring teacher! You do a great job with your 4th-grade class at Adams! Thank you for helping each and every one of your students!!

Shout Out to Mrs. April Trimby! Thank You, Mrs. Trimby, for all that you do for all the students in your 1st Grade Class at Adams! You are the Best teacher!

Emily Able is a great teacher at Adams Elementary School! She cares about each and every one of her students!

A Shout-Out to Opal Greensides! Thank you for all that you do at Adams Elementary School! Your work ethic is greatly appreciated!

Stacey Oden is an AWESOME Kindergarten teacher! She is kind, gentle, and loving. The kids adore her and respond so well to her in the classroom. Thank you, Stacey, for taking on all that you have this year! You are loved so much.

Ms. Addison Laker goes above and beyond to make sure all the students in her classroom feel loved and supported! She supports not only their education but also their emotional health! She helps build their self-esteem and confidence, encourages them, and helps them to encourage each other and themselves, she sees the value in all of her students as individuals, and she makes sure they know their worth! She is truly an amazing teacher, and her impact on my daughter will last a lifetime!

Mrs. Amy Lambrecht is an amazing teacher! She teaches her students the most important things in life. Her boys and girls are learning the importance of being honest, kind, courageous, hard-working, and respectful. Her expectations for her students are high but fair. My son has grown so much academically, socially, and emotionally this year, and we are so grateful that he has gotten to spend his first-grade year with Mrs. Lambrecht.

Big shout out to Stacey Oden! I am so impressed by her teaching methods and how loving and caring she is with her students. She is an excellent teacher, and her students are so lucky to have her for Kindergarten. She has put them on the path to great success.

Nancy Ferguson is one in a million. She is kind, patient, and devoted to her students. The students at Adams love her! My kids stop by each day to see her “just because”. She is a talented speech therapist, and so grateful my children have her as a teacher.

Mr. Jacob Hildebrandt has been so great with our son. He has always made a point to compliment him and has shown him so much patience. We have loved him being our son’s teacher this school year!

This is Desirae Hawkins’s first year as an essential skills assistant in our building, and it is like she has been here for years! She has endured many different transitions this first year and has handled it like a champ. Being in the essential skills classroom comes so naturally to her. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her students are getting the best learning they can each and every day. She is a wonderful asset to our Adams staff!

Lauri Godshalk works in one of the essential skills rooms at our building. She works tirelessly day in and day out to make sure her students feel loved, taken care of, and safe. She does an amazing job of keeping expectations for her students but also reaching each of them at their own level. Even on the hard days, she’s able to keep a smile on her face. She does an amazing job in there!!

Mrs. Kristie Oden has been such a positive light in our child’s school experience. She is caring and considerate. She always puts her students first, and you can tell she really loves her job. I am so thankful that educators like her are out here supporting our students. We are so lucky she is with the FTCSC community!

The school and family connections that Mrs. Kristie Oden builds within her classroom or some of the best that I have seen! My son comes home each night and shares something interesting or caring about the peers he has in class. Sometimes it is simple and funny, and sometimes it is about a struggle that they might be going through. Mrs. Oden facilitates these connections between her students, and it is an invaluable lesson that my son is being taught this year in her classroom!

Amy Roberts always does an Awesome job with Jump Rope for Heart every year at Adams Elementary School!

Jennifer Frost is a great teacher at Adams Elementary School. She has started a new club at Adams Elementary School, The Kindness Crew! Thank you, Jennifer, for leading this awesome club!

We could not have hoped for a better teacher than Mrs. Jamie Tucker. Our kindergartner is having an awesome first year of school. Mrs. Tucker has made learning fun and rewarding. Mrs. Tucker is also wonderful at answering messages and providing feedback to parents.

A Shout-Out to Nicholas Hershey! Thank you for all you do at Adams Elementary School! You always do such a great job!

Amy Lambrecht makes learning fun and engaging! Our daughter loves to come home and play school and shows us everything she learns from her amazing teacher! We love, Mrs. Lambrecht!

Jamie Tucker has been an amazing addition to the Kindergarten team at Adams! She is patient, loving, and kind with all of her students. She plays her ukulele each morning and sings a special song for her students to make them feel valued and loved.

Brittany Rairdan sets high expectations for her students because she wants what is best for them. She works collaboratively with teachers to help students be successful. We love having Brittany back at Adams!

Wendy Martin goes above and beyond for her students. She is always eager and willing to try new things to help her students be successful and continue to grow!

Thank you, Mrs. Lyndsey Hughes, for all your hard work and dedication. Teaching AND caring for over 20 kids is daunting and requires extraordinary patience, empathy, and communication. Your passion is the reason students are successful!

Mrs. Lisa Hannah does a great job every day at Adams Elementary School! She always keeps the front office running smoothly. Thank you for everything you do at Adams for our students, staff, and visitors.

Mrs. Brittany Rairdan is a very thoughtful, caring, and warm teacher. She takes the time to get to know each and every one of her students. Her students learn and grow so much under her direction. Thank you, Mrs. Rairdan, for being an Awesome teacher!

Mrs. Natalie Brown teaches Music at Adams Elementary School. She makes her classes fun and exciting for her students. She always does an awesome job with every Veteran’s Day program and Kindergarten program. Natalie has led many wonderful choir groups too. Thank you, Mrs. Brown, for all you do at Adams Elementary School to make sure that all of our music programs are very special for all of our visitors, students, and staff!!

Shout out to Mrs. Cassandra McQueen!! Cassandra has recently started a wonderful new Bible Club at Adams Elementary School. She is leading this group after school. This is in addition to all of the Art classes that she teaches. The awesome artwork that her classes make is in the Adams hallways, and they are outstanding & beautiful! She gives of her time and on weekends too! Thank you, Mrs. McQueen, for all that you do for the students at Adams!!

Michelle LaRoche is an outstanding team member and counselor. She is very proactive in supporting both students and staff members. She works well with everyone, including parents. She is a blessing to our school and families!

Kelli Lewis is just a rock star! She is a team player and wants to make sure all students feel connected in their class as a family and has the patience of a saint! I always enjoy the time I spend observing in her classroom and love the excitement she stirs up for learning for her students!

Mrs. Mary Hoots is such a caring teacher! She does a great job of keeping her students learning. She puts a lot of time and energy into teaching. She encourages each and every one of her students to love reading.

Mrs. Coney is amazing and does an outstanding job in the Library at Adams. She is organized, patient, has wonderful ideas, and helps build a love of reading with the students at Adams.

Arlington Elementary School

Mrs. Peggy Porter is an amazing teacher and is always extremely supportive of her students. Much love for Mrs. Porter!!

Mrs. Peggy Porter is such an amazing asset to Arlington Elementary. She is kind, patient, and really takes the time to learn each one of her students. Our Kindergartener has grown so much this year in so many areas. We are so thankful for Mrs. Porter and all she has done to help him. We will miss her tremendously next year.

A Shout-Out to Stephanie Clark! You are the best teacher and mother in the entire world, and I love you so much!

Mrs. Nicole Baggett has been such an amazing addition to Arlington. Her patience and kindness bring such comfort to the kids and to the parents. She is always smiling and always welcoming. We appreciate all she does!

A Shout-Out to Ariana Roedeske! My wife and I were a little tentative this year as our daughter had become attached to the previous IAs who left at the end of last school year. We weren’t sure how she and Miss R would connect as it sometimes takes our daughter time to warm up to someone new. Miss R has exceeded even our biggest expectations for this year, and our daughter is thriving. We can’t thank Miss R enough for all she has done and continues to do. She is fantastic!

A Shout-Out to Lexis Featherston! We love the work you do with our child! You make such an amazing impact! They absolutely love you!

My son, Jonah, loves Mrs. Revor! She was his First Grade teacher, and we saw him absolutely THRIVE! Near the end of his First Grade year, I received a call from her telling me that she was asked to move into the Second Grade the following year, (which is this current year) and that her stipulation was that she was able to keep Jonah in her class. He has struggled with his emotions, and she is a constant form of support for him. He knows that if he’s feeling upset, he can grab her pinky and hold it until he’s better. There aren’t words for the gratitude we feel for her. We credit her with the incredible foundation he’s received for his education.

I am so thankful for Joanne Warner! She is an amazing instructional coach who prioritizes our students and teachers in all that she does. I learn so much from her every time she provides professional development. Her knowledge and expertise in literacy and instruction impact our students’ achievement immensely. We are fortunate to have her at Arlington!

My son Levi Hughes talks so highly about Miss Kimberly Russell. He says that she is the best teacher in the whole world😊 He also says that she really cares about the kids she is helping. He also tells me that she is very smart and kind and that he wishes every teacher was like Miss Russell. Every time he is waiting in the car rider line to get picked up, and she is outside, he has to always run to give her a really big hug.

Mr. Tanner Bair is an amazing asset to Arlington. He treats students and staff with compassion, dignity, and gentle humor. He truly sees and believes the best in students, and he helps them see and believe the best about themselves.

Mrs. Nicole Baggett has been such an amazing addition to Arlington. Her patience and kindness bring such comfort to the kids and to the parents. She is always smiling and always welcoming. We appreciate all she does!

Mrs. Michelle Hamilton does a great job with all of the students at Arlington! She has a big heart for the students and helps keep the school running smoothly.

Kassie Ostapchuk is a phenomenal teacher! She goes above and beyond for her students each and every day and always has a positive attitude. Her position may be “Resource Teacher,” but it should really be changed to “Resource Teacher and all of the above.” We are so grateful to have Kassie here at Arlington!!

Miss Cierra Frazier exemplifies the qualities of an amazing teacher. She loves her students and teaches with the passion one would expect in an educator. I hope she continues to love her job and keeps up the extraordinary work she is doing!

Mrs. Paula Ross is an amazing educator who is willing to do whatever it takes for her students. She puts her heart into every lesson and does everything to ensure that everyone in her class is as successful as possible. She is also willing to help out other teachers and staff members, no questions asked. Arlington is blessed to have such an amazing educator and woman on their staff!

Mrs. Michele Church is such a kind and loving soul. She loves and cares for the kids as if they are her own. She is always greeting everyone with a smile and always sharing positives for the day. We are so appreciative of her and all she does.

Mrs. Kayla Ausbrooks is truly one of a kind. She believes in each one of her students and pushes them to be their best selves. She believes in inclusion and makes sure her students are given the same opportunities as their peers. She is beyond loving and kind, but the kids know she means business. We are blessed to have had her for the last 3 years!

Allie Seeger is the best SLP I have ever worked with! She goes above and beyond to advocate for students. She is so dedicated to finding a voice within each child, no matter what mode of communication that may be! We are so lucky to have her at Arlington! We love our speech!

Ms. Emily Fry is such an awesome teacher. She is always present with her class, and my daughter comes home every day all smiles. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your students!

Ms. Gina Cottrell is the backbone of the third-grade team at Arlington. She cares deeply about her students and always wants what is best for them. She runs a structured and organized classroom with high expectations and refuses to give up on herself and her students. Arlington is lucky to have her!

Mrs. Jessica Stephens exemplifies the values of Arlington Elementary. Her compassion, creativity, concern, and fortitude make it a joy to see her at work!

Thank you, Mrs. Melissa Davidson, for always being a big help in the car rider pickup line; from day one, you’ve been one of the friendliest people I’ve encountered at the school, and I appreciate you.

We are so thankful for Mrs. Lisa Eck at Arlington. She leads our social-emotional learning for students and staff in so many ways. She models composure, encouragement, empathy, positive intent, and so many other skills. Our entire school family is thankful to work alongside Lisa Eck every day!

Jessica Johnson is the absolute best! She works hard to ensure that all students feel safe and loved at school. She is constantly helping students and staff with whatever they need. She is a helpful resource to parents as well. Our experience at Arlington has been wonderful, and Jessica is a large part of that.

Allie Seeger is always willing to help students and staff. She goes above and beyond. She is a valuable resource, and we are lucky to have her!

Miss Madison Odendahl is such a wonderful teacher. She works so hard to give her students the best learning environment. She is the reason my daughter gets up excited to go to school each morning!

Mrs. Krista Rader does an absolutely amazing job with her students, past and present! Her classroom is so well structured and organized. She truly has a huge heart and loves all of her students.

Mrs. Kieper is amazing and does an outstanding job teaching in the Library at Arlington. She is extremely patient, organized, and calm. She spends time planning fun lessons that are engaging and meaningful to her students.

Bunker Hill Elementary School

Faith Warner has been such a positive role model for my 3rd grader. She embraced her first year of teaching and has done a fantastic job. My daughter looks forward to going to school each day. Miss Warner has even attended extracurricular activities to show support for her students, and it means the world to them! Great first year Miss Warner; no doubt you will continue to leave a legacy at Bunker Hill.

Mrs. Jenelle Holt has a special way of connecting with students. Her sense of calm and kindness can be felt when entering her classroom. She is caring to all students and is a wonderful role model for them. We are very lucky to have her at Bunker Hill!

Mrs. Meagan Martin is a seasoned teacher, and it shows! She implements best practices in her classroom and is an advocate for her students’ needs. I am thankful for Mrs. Martin!

Faith Warner has done such a great job in her very first year of teaching! I know you are and will continue to change the lives of these kids! You’re doing amazing!

Mrs. Amanda Morris has been the most incredible teacher for our son! He is genuinely excited to go to school every day and has academically progressed far beyond what I thought possible for Kindergarten. I’m so thankful for Mrs. Morris’s skill and wisdom and for taking care of her students as if they were her own. I can’t say enough good things about her!

Mrs. Jenelle Holt, your patience, patience, and more patience are evident in your teaching and classroom management! Your calm voice and mannerisms help the students feel safe and loved. We appreciate your peaceful nature!

Allison Bingham has such a big heart and cares so much for the students she works with. She is patient and flexible and is an amazing part of the Bunker Hill school family!

Ms. Sarah Weck goes above and beyond to help her students feel connected. She has a natural ability to connect with her students and create a safe, supportive environment for them to learn. We appreciate Ms. Weck!

Ms. Kim Wuest is such an amazing Art teacher! She exposes her students to fun and engaging projects. Ms. Wuest goes the extra mile to teach our students and create special memories for them. We appreciate you, Ms. Wuest!

Mrs. Anna Knaup brings so much knowledge, warmth, and kindness to Bunker Hill. She is always willing to go above and beyond. The student’s best interest is always at the forefront for her, and she is SO appreciated!

Mrs. Jenelle Holt has been such a blessing to our child this year! She is so caring and patient with her students. Because of Mrs. Holt’s encouragement, our child has really enjoyed growing her skills and learning in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Holt fosters confidence in her students and a love of learning. She also communicates really well with her parents. Thank you, Mrs. Holt!

A Shout-Out to Lexi Brower! Jackson has really enjoyed being in your class and is always excited about the conversations that you have. I am amazed by your ability to connect with your students, understand their unique needs, and create an atmosphere that is both challenging and enjoyable. Thank you for all that you do, and congratulations on an outstanding start to your teaching career!

Ms. Amanda Merk, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you’re doing with Joshua in Kindergarten. He comes home every day full of excitement and enthusiasm, eager to tell me about all the new things he’s learned and experienced in your classroom. Your patience, creativity, and dedication to your students are truly remarkable, and I am grateful for all that you do.

Randy Rensink does an amazing job at keeping Bunker Hill in tip-top shape. He always has a smile and kind comments for everyone. The students love to talk to him, and he offers encouraging words. He is a good role model for our school and deserves a Shout-Out!

Ms. Jennifer Hamblet has been an amazing teacher for our daughter this year. Our daughter had a lot of firsts and struggles this year, and Ms. Hamblet has her back every step of the way. From amazing communication to creating a personalized reading goal, we are so thankful to her. She sees our girl for the amazing and kind little soul she is. We appreciate all you do, Ms. Hamblet!

Mrs. Cayla Sandlin is so warm and kind to my son. She is always finding ways to make school special and fun for her students. I can’t believe Kindergarten will be over next month. I know my son will miss her when he moves on to first grade!

Mrs. Leeann Sullivan is so kind and patient. She has been such a positive influence on our daughter Lillian. She has such a unique teaching style that lets the kids be themselves but also gives them direction and discipline. She is a rockstar.

Miss Amanda Merk’s genuine love for her students shines brightly each day. She keeps student safety and connection as a priority! We are so grateful for you, Miss Merk!

We are so happy to have Mrs. Hilary Huff as our building leader this year! Mrs. Huff’s professionalism and diligence help create an environment where students and staff can grow and learn each day. Thank you, Mrs. Huff!

Mrs. Torrie Smith is rocking it! Her determination and perseverance during the tough times are so admirable! Mrs. Smith keeps student achievement as a focus, and her love for our Bulldogs shines brightly each day!

Amanda Merk has been amazing in supporting students with special needs. I am so impressed with her flexibility that supports our student’s needs, and they are still learning and demonstrating learning even though it may not “look” the same as other students. Amanda has a full heart and created a classroom of inclusivity and compassion. The peer interactions are amazing, and I appreciate her so much!

Tammy Martini puts so much heart into everything she does. You can tell she truly cares about everyone around her. She is such a pleasure to work with and wants the best for her students.

Mrs. Kristy Taylor notices all the great things happening in her third-grade classroom. She works daily to build connections and highlight her students’ strengths. We are so thankful to have her at Bunker Hill!

Mrs. Tammy Martini works hard each day to support our ELs. She is positive and encouraging. Her smile is infectious. Thank you for your dedication!

Mrs. Susan Ross is an incredible team player and is always excited and willing to work with any staff or student at Bunker Hill. She tackles each challenge with positivity, intention, and reflection along the way. She is an incredible asset to the Bunker Hill family.

Mrs. Tammy Martini goes to her school day with a smile on her face. Her attitude is uplifting and infectious. The caring and kind heart that she shows to each of the students she works with is one that they will always cherish and remember!

Mrs. Amanda Morris supports her class each day with positivity and rigorous lessons. Each minute of her school day is planned with student learning and enjoyment in mind. She looks for the positive in each moment of life and is sure to help others notice them too! We are thankful for her positive outlook!

Mrs. Allison Pickett supports her staff and student with poise and integrity on a daily basis. She takes each struggle and celebration to heart and works to give professional and heartfelt guidance. We are incredibly thankful to have her share the wisdom that she has with us each and every day at Bunker Hill!

Randy Rensink is always willing to help out with anything! He is always happy and positive. Thank you for all that you do for the students and staff at Bunker Hill, Randy!

Amanda Milligan has been an extraordinary Kindergarten Teacher! She has the perfect combination of warmth and firmness that create a calm, structured, and loving classroom environment. Miss Milligan’s organization and dedication to detail are evident in her parent communications – thank you for making Kindergarten a magical experience for our little ones!

A Shout-Out to Patti Hall! Thank you for supporting our students and staff at The Hill. You are appreciated each and every day!

A Shout-Out to Lori Christy! Thank you for supporting our students at BH. Your time and energy that you put into helping our school, students, and staff does not go unnoticed.

Mrs. LaDonna McWhorter keeps our daughter excited to go to school with her encouraging nature and attention to each child’s specific needs. We are grateful for wonderful people like you!

Susan Ross is an amazing educator! We are so grateful for the impact she has had on our son. She has sparked a love for learning and reading that will have a lasting impact. She encourages her students to reach their full potential and creates a classroom learning environment that is safe and loving. Thank you, Miss Ross!

Amanda Milligan is an absolutely amazing teacher! I feel blessed to send my child into her classroom each day. She creates a safe and loving environment where students can learn to their full potential. She is shaping lifelong learners and equipping them with skills to be excellent students and, more importantly, kind humans.

Mrs. Kristen Wootton is always so warm and welcoming to anyone who walks in the door at Bunker Hill. She always jumps in to help with anything she can. She even helped the PTO organize the student Valentine’s gifts to make sure each child received one. Bunker Hill is so lucky to have her as the receptionist!

Ms. Susan Ross is a true educational ROCKSTAR! The engaging lessons she plans and the helpful feedback she provides her students are second to none. The genuine love she feels for each of her students is evident and extends well beyond the classroom. We are thankful for you, Ms. Ross!

A Shout-Out to Kathy Staton! The Kids Heart Challenge was a wonderful success! The Bulldog students love this annual tradition of keeping their hearts healthy and raising money to help others. Mrs. Staton, thank you for all your hard work with this amazing program!

Thank you to Ms. Kim Wuest for her leadership with the Lego Club at Bunker Hill! We appreciate the planning, the extra time before school, and sending of updates/photos to families. My son really enjoyed it!

Mackenzie Kinnaman is supportive of her students and works actively to build relationships with them. She is always positive and upbeat, with a smile on her face.

Mrs. Sonya James is a fabulous teacher, and we are thankful for all she does to support her students!

Christan McMillin works so hard to be inclusive and flexible with all students she interacts with. She goes above and beyond to support students and is incredibly kind and caring toward both students and staff.

Shaina Brown is dedicated, caring, and generous. You can clearly see how much she cares about the students she works with and treats all students with grace and respect.

Ms. Pickering does a great job teaching in the Library at Bunker Hill. She is always positive and happy. She truly cares for her students and takes time to build connections and relationships.

South Creek Elementary School

Laura Evans is always the first thing people see at South Creek, and she’s always smiling and positive. She’s always on top of everything and is such a sweet person to talk to!

Mei Bennett has an amazing talent for recognizing the needs and emotions of her students. There hasn’t been a single student that doesn’t love her and how open she is. She always puts the student’s needs first; and most of all, she puts all her love into the work she does with these kids.

Balikis Lawal has been an absolutely amazing addition to the Essential Skills team. We love getting to work with her every day. She is always bringing a smile to everyone’s face!!

Ms. Dana Moody is one in a million. My son fell behind in Reading in First Grade, and Dana worked with me to not only catch him up but exceed grade-level expectations – all with a smile and a kind heart. Dana is an enduring example of what a teacher should be – caring and thoughtful, works endlessly to help each student, wonderful classroom management – she is just great. Thank you, Dana. You are so loved and appreciated!

Ms. Nicole Cradick is a true blessing. She has helped my son so much this year, and our family appreciates her hard work with all of her kids. Thanks, Nicole, you are a fantastic teacher!

Nicole Osborne is a true gem in all things education. She inspires the educator, motivates the student, and encourages the parents. Her words are valuable, and when she says she will do something, she doesn’t forget. She knows how to analyze data and is just truly an inspiration with whom to work.

Dear Mrs. Sarah Eads, I miss you so so much. I wish you were at Acton. I will miss you. Thank you for your hard work and your kindness.

I have never seen students love a teacher as much as they do Mr. Garrett Rauch! Every time he is in the hallway, kids get so excited to see him, and he always makes sure to return the excitement back to them. The positive relationships he makes with all students around the whole school are so evident. He makes them feel special every single day! Mr. Rauch is an absolute rockstar!

Every day, Brooke Horan shows up with patience, empathy, and willingness to collaborate with the Team to work together for the best interest of the child. She knows her students so well and celebrates every new skill learned! So glad to get to work with Brooke!

Nurse Erica Wood remains calm and sweet, even in the most stressful moments. We are so thankful to have such a skilled professional as her and hope she stays FOREVER!

Terry Cline does an amazing job at South Creek! She is dedicated, hard-working, has great attention to detail, and is always ready to help. She recently took the lead with extra responsibilities during an unexpected staffing shortage because she truly cares about things being done well. Terry takes pride in making our school the best it can be, and we are blessed to have her!

Leslie Kortzendorf is hard-working and always willing to help others out. She is encouraging to students, and that drives them to succeed!

Naja Chimbanda always maintains her composure, no matter the situation. She is so kind and loving to her students, and they love her for it.

Meg Cade treats children with such kindness and dignity. Meg has not taken a duty-free lunch period or a prep period so as to ensure that the children are able to experience social opportunities (lunch and related arts) with more adult supervision. She is always child-centered!

Meg Cade has done so much with our son, and he has really shined under her leadership. She is an amazing woman!

Both of our children have gone through Kindergarten with Mrs. Kristen VanVleet. Parents and children have loved her endearing approach to teaching and having fun as they learn. Our kids both excel in school due to her commitment to learning and building a great future through them.

Ms. Brookly Miller always greets my children with a smile on her face, has a positive attitude, and is just so fun to be around. Jace and Connor come home daily talking about Ms. Miller. Thank you, Ms. Miller, for being such a special person for my children.

Mr. Clint Ward went out of his way to deliver a study guide to our home when our daughter had to miss the afternoon of class. He really cares about his students!

Mary-Margaret Perron is one of the kindest and most influential people I have ever met.

Mr. Clint Ward works hard to provide the foundations his students need when it comes to reading. He wants his students to be successful, and it shows!

Mrs. Sheri Burns has a creativity that engages her students in the classroom. She finds fun activities and quick games that help to build community during Brain Smart Start. Mrs. Burns also has a love of Math that not only helps her students to learn but also the teachers on her team. Your hard work is appreciated, Mrs. Burns!

Dana Moody works hard for her students and goes above and beyond to put extra support in place for all her students. Her determination to help her students to grow and improve is inspiring. Thank you for your hard work, Ms. Moody!

Mr. Garrett Rauch has a great sense of community and cares when it comes to the students at South Creek. You can find him eating lunch with his students almost every day in the cafeteria during his lunchtime or passing out high fives and fist bumps as he walks through the hallway. Mr. Rauch, your positive connections with the students are amazing!

Angelica Martinez teaches and cares for her students with all her heart, and it shows. She has taught her students to be understanding and to treat each other like a family. Her positivity is contagious, and she has provided many fun events for the teachers at South Creek. We appreciate you, Ms. Martinez!

Mrs. Sarah Eads has gone above and beyond this year in her role as our Physical Education teacher at South Creek. She has put the fun in fitness by encouraging the students to be active not just during their class time, but also while at home. Mrs. Eads brought the skating program to our school and then planned a skating night to allow students to apply what they learned in class. She also had the students participate in the mini marathon after several months of training, along with the Colts Camp for our 2nd and 3rd-grade students.

Balikis Lawal is an amazing Instructional Assistant. It is such a blessing to have her as part of our Gator Family! She is always ready to jump in and help. She is kind, patient, and caring toward both students and staff. Her smile and laughter light up the room, and it has been an absolute pleasure working beside her every day! We love you and all you do, Ms. Balikis!

Laura Evans is often the kind voice behind the phone answering questions for parents, and the first person to greet you when you walk in the door. Laura helped me feel welcomed when I first arrived at South Creek, making sure I had everything I needed and more! She is always willing to answer questions or lend a helping hand even when she is busy herself. Thank you, Laura, for all you do for South Creek.

Stephanie Green works hard behind the scenes for us all. She recently stepped up to provide coverage for the front desk in addition to her own daily tasks without question. She is often one of the first ones to arrive and one of the last to leave. From ordering supplies, and registering students for school, to making sure the building has staff coverage, we truly could not operate without all of her hard work! Thanks for all you do!

Mr. Garrett Rauch has inspired a love of learning in my daughter. She actually gets sad on the weekends that she doesn’t get to be at school learning from her teacher. I’ve never seen her so excited about school. I appreciate all he has done to inspire her.

We are so lucky to have Mrs. Brittany Feldman as part of the Flashes family! She is such a supportive and caring leader and a great role model for her students. As a parent, I appreciate that she’s always available to talk through a tough situation or answer questions. Mrs. Feldman has given my son the gift of an incredible First Grade experience!

Brooke Collins is always willing to help anyone out – student or adult. She has willingly helped with a class whose teacher is on maternity leave and has done so with positivity and grace.

Mrs. Mary-Margaret Perron took over my daughter’s first-grade class and has done amazing. I forget she’s a long-term sub! We love her!

Kaleigh Sieminski is a phenomenal Instructional Assistant! She is kind and patient and always has a smile on her face. She is loved by our students and staff at SC. Thank you for all you do, Ms. Kaleigh!

Ms. Debbie Dick has been a loyal employee with FT for a number of years. She is a very hard worker, and she never hesitates to jump in to help others. It shows how much she loves the students she works with, and we thank her for all she does in the Essential Skills classroom at SC!

Miss Madalynn Dunlap has always shown how much she cares for her students every single day. She loves to know and understand each of their personalities and accommodations and goes above and beyond to let them know just how much she cares. She loves giving them each personalized gifts and making sure they’re always something they’ll like. She’s been the best addition to our Essential Skills staff! She’s an amazing person to work with!

Erin Craig is a wealth of knowledge and advocates for her students. She is a team player.

Kara Sweetman is not only a wonderful teacher to our son, but she is also my colleague and friend. I am long-term subbing next door to her, and since my first day at South Creek, she has been nothing but helpful, kind, and encouraging. She will meet with me before school, after school, during lunch, or during prep to help me with planning, answering questions, and giving me handouts for my students. I recently had surgery during spring break, and she dropped dinner off on my front porch for my family and me. Kara has made my transition to subbing a very smooth and effortless one. Not only that, but my son loves having her as his teacher and has grown so much this school year. We are all grateful for Kara!

Mr. Garrett Rauch always goes above and beyond to build relationships with students, even if they are not in his class. He does a lot of little things that make a big difference. It’s easy to see how much the kids love him!

Mrs. Jennifer Tinsley is such an amazing teacher. Her patients, thoughtfulness, and love for her students do not go unnoticed. She tries to connect with each and every one of them on their level, and it shows in the growth that they have all made this year. We are so incredibly thankful for Mrs. Tinsley and all that she does for her class and our daughter!

Erica Wood is a proactive and compassionate nurse. When our son was struggling to get back to full force after an illness, she went out of her way to make sure he was cared for, and she communicated with us regularly to alleviate our concerns as well. We appreciate her kindness and professionalism.

Mrs. Missy White cares about her students as people, and that compassion has helped our son tremendously this school year, especially when he was recently admitted to the hospital. Mrs. White showed up at the hospital with gifts and a big smile to let him know she cares. What a way to make someone feel special! She holds her students to high standards, but she also gives them love and support. She’s a model teacher and human, and we’re so very grateful for her! Thank you, Mrs. White!

Mrs. Sirilla goes above and beyond to make her students feel loved and appreciated. When our son was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for a week, she came to visit him there bearing gifts to show him how much he was missed. And since his return to school, she has worked hard to help him get caught up and relieve his stress from missing so much school. We’ve known all year how committed she is to her student’s academic success, and now she’s shown how incredibly compassionate she is as well. We are grateful to her for the love and effort she shows each day, both in and out of the classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Sirilla!

A Shout-Out to Julie Seavers! She is the best… thank you for teaching my son Kevin!

Mr. Matt Waterfield is one of the most special employees the township will ever have! He is the best of the best. He has been instrumental in making our time at South Creek filled with joy. He is a role model for my boys and me! He works hard and takes care of the people he loves. I wish every building could have a Mr. Matt! He’s the GOAT.

Mrs. Julie Seavers has done a wonderful job with my son, she has brought out his math talent, and he has exceeded many expectations.

THANK YOU, Mrs. Jennifer Soboleski, for going above and beyond to help make sure your students succeed. She’s providing additional support to students before school to continue to help them grow.

Thank you, Matt Waterfield, for all your hard work around our building! You are always quick to respond to our needs! We could not get through our day without all your hard work and friendly attitude! I appreciate the effort you put into changing all our clocks ahead of time, making our Monday after daylight savings a little easier!

I would like to give a shout-out to Chloe Widdifield! Never have I seen someone more dedicated to their craft, and likewise their students. She sees the potential and spirit in every student and encourages them to do the same in themselves. She challenges ALL 53 of her students, while at the same time allowing them to be (something that has been forsaken, it seems of late) KIDS. Thank you, Mrs. Widdifield, for inspiring our children to make mistakes, get dirty and grow!

Mrs. Lilian Deoliveira is such a bright light at South Creek. She is so patient, positive, and encouraging to the students!

Mrs. Amanda Hedden is amazing! She is always on the move, and willing to help anyone, whether it is staff or students. She is quick to respond to anyone in need and is always asking how she can help out. Thank you for all you do for South Creek; your hard work each day does not go unnoticed.

Mrs. Mary Perron has come in to teach Mrs. Davis’ class while she is on leave and quickly became a meaningful addition to South Creek! We are so thankful for her care when stepping into a school year already in full swing! Thank you for leading our first graders; you’re already a fantastic teacher!

I could not be more grateful for Mrs. Dahlia Sirilla! She clearly loves what she does, and she loves her students. Our family has been particularly thankful for how she has come alongside our student in some of his struggles this year. She has gone above and beyond to find creative ways to encourage him and help him thrive. Thank you, Mrs. Sirilla!

Brookly Miller is a wonderful counselor. She very quickly helped my son when I reached out and provided reassuring feedback. It’s comforting to know there is someone like Brookly there to help!

Mr. Matt Waterfield at South Creek is one of the best employees in all of FTCSC! All of the students and staff love him. He never says, “That’s not my job.” It’s always “How can I help?” He’s a huge proponent of all we do as a PTO. We couldn’t do what we do without his support. He’s supportive of all maintenance, grounds, and custodial crew throughout the district as well. He’s truly critical to South Creek, and we’re lucky to have him!

Mrs. Chelsea Willsey has been nothing short of amazing. From being transparent about everything to helping me help my son. She is the best Kindergarten Teacher we could have asked for!!! We’re so grateful for her ❤️

Mrs. Jennifer Bryant is a hard-working teacher. She has been a role model for her students in and out of the classroom.

Mrs. Molly Sims is a great communicator. She is always willing to take the time to discuss any questions we, as parents, might have. We know how busy teachers are and really appreciate the extra time and attention she is willing to give.

I would like to send a Shout-Out to my cohort Brooke Horan for your love and compassion for our students and for the enthusiasm you show to give them new experiences! For example, the field trips you have organized expose our students to new and different things outside of the classroom. I appreciate you and love working with you!

Naja Chimanda is the best Resource Teacher my son has ever had! Naja is sweet, smart, understanding, and loyal. Naja is so easy to communicate with. Naja has helped my son grow so much and is always there for him whenever we need her! She is not judgemental and is such a gentle soul. We couldn’t be luckier to have her in our lives. Naja deserved the world!

Mrs. White is one incredible teacher. She has a true passion for what she does, and it shows. To command a room of 39 second-grade Reach students is no easy task, and she makes it look effortless. Mrs. White makes learning fun for all of her students and is always finding new ways to challenge them. Her expectations are high, and to see how successful the students are is remarkable. She’s an A+ in my book!

Dahlia Sirilla is truly a remarkable teacher. Her patience, understanding, knowledge, and true passion for what she does within the second-grade Reach program are incredible. She commands the room of 39 students, and they all follow along like little ducklings! She sets the bar high for these little learners, and it shows. She believes in them and challenges them, all the while creating a safe and fun learning environment.

Mrs. Julie Seavers had always been very involved in her teaching. She never wanted anyone to fall behind, so she always found some way or another to make sure the students will be able to keep up with each other. Her class can get very loud, but it’s due to the fact they’re getting what she’s trying to teach them! I believe she’s a very kind and patient teacher, and I loved meeting her!

Mei Bennett took time out of her day to help figure out names and messages on some candy grams that were a little challenging to read or had information missing on them. She was very helpful and did it all with a smile on her face. She is such a wonderful part of our staff!

Paula Butterfield, without even being asked, jumped right in to help me set up for our candy gram sale at school. She saw I needed tables set out, and she went about that task. Then she asked what else I needed and came through with everything. She is amazing, and we are blessed to have her at South Creek! Thank you, Paula!

Mrs. Chelsea Willsey has been EXCELLENT since day one! Always professional, and very communicative, and has consistently shown our daughter kindness and understanding while transitioning into kindergarten. We are so thankful for Mrs. Willsey!

Mr. Garrett Rauch is the funniest teacher in the world. I like it when he makes me laugh and when he eats with us in the cafeteria. Thank you for teaching me how to read better!

Leslie Kortzendorf is a phenomenal teacher! Her patience and care for all students are evident each and every day. She pushes every student to work to their full potential in all settings around the school. Her calm demeanor and belief in all students does not go unrecognized. We are so thankful she joined the South Creek staff this school year!

Erica Wood has been nothing short of amazing since joining the South Creek family. Recently, she sprung into action without hesitation to help a student in serious need. Erica remains calm and poised in all situations and is able to follow medical protocol while under extreme pressure. We are fortunate to have her as our school nurse!

Mrs. Amy Trieb has been an absolute rockstar with our daughter in 3rd grade! She has been patient with her, explains things to her very clearly, and encourages her to strive to always do her best. She helps calm her anxiety and keeps her engaged in her classwork. She is thriving, and we are so proud of how far she’s come this year – thanks to Mrs. Trieb!

Mr. Patrick Guilfoy, I just wanna say thank you for working with/on Troy throughout this first half of the school year and holding him accountable for all of his actions, big or small! If that’s not Great Values, then what is? You Rock, buddy.

A Shout-Out to Megan Bengs! Thank you for working with Troy Powell on his Good and Bad days! You are very understanding and considerate of all that comes along with Mr. Powell. Thank You so much! You Rock!

A Shout-Out to Missy White! My daughter was sick and had to stay home the last few days before the Winter Break. Mrs. White called me when one night and said that she was standing on my porch and had dropped off a bag of things/holiday treats for my daughter. I’ve been an FT mom for 3 years, and I’ve never had a teacher show that level of dedication to her students.

Thank you, Ms. Katie Stephenson, for your hard work and the kindness you display each day for our students. You are loved and appreciated!

Mrs. Kristen VanVleet is such a wonderful Kindergarten teacher! She creates a strong sense of community in her classroom and is so patient with her students. She makes learning fun and exciting. My daughter absolutely adores her and has learned so much already this year. We couldn’t have asked for a better Kindergarten teacher!

Mrs. Megan Kraemer is such a wonderful role model for students and staff, teaching and helping students self-regulate and make good choices. Her positivity and loving nature is a blessing in our building!

Mrs. Missy White did a fantastic job on our synchronous learning day! I was amazed to see how much she was able to accomplish with 39-second graders. Kids were engaged and learning – It was a very productive day! So thankful for all she does on a daily basis in the classroom.

Mrs. Dahlia Sirilla did an amazing job on our synchronous learning day, keeping 39-second graders focused and on task! It was a productive and organized day, and I am so grateful for the time and energy she puts into her class.

Thank you, Nicole Osborne, for always showing up when students and staff need you. You always inspire us to do our best for the students. South Creek is so thankful for you!!

I would love to thank Mrs. Megan Bengs for inspiring me to become a teacher! Now that I am a senior and am starting to make decisions for my future, I have officially decided to become a kindergarten teacher! Mrs. Bengs is a very positive, companionate, and kind teacher who motivates her students each and every day. And she inspires me to be the same teacher someday! This semester I have had the privilege to be in her classroom. She has allowed me to observe and help out her class each week, and it gives me great experience of what this job looks like. I am truly appreciative of the time she has spent with me teaching me her tips and tricks with kindergarteners, and I hope to use those in my future classroom. I am truly grateful that she was not only my kindergarten teacher but my role model. Thank you, Mrs. Bengs!

Miss Mei Bennett is always so attentive and interactive with all the kids. They love seeing her and giving her hugs. She makes sure to remember their names and things about them tye tell her. She definitely helps South Creek be a better school.

Ms. Brooke Collins creates such a welcoming and positive environment for her students to learn and grow in. My son loves going to school every day and is learning so much in her class. She goes above and beyond to make her students feel special. This weekend she took time out of her schedule to watch my son play his first FT basketball game. He felt so special and loved! Thanks, Ms. Collins for all that you do for your students!

Mrs. Slone has a passion for reading and teaching in the Library at South Creek. She is very creative and has wonderful ideas. She spends countless hours planning fun ideas and decorating to make the Library a special place for her students.

Thompson Crossing Elementary School

Mrs. Erin Chester joined our staff halfway through the school year, and she has brought a lot of fun and energy to the 1st Grade team! Her lessons allow students to explore their creativity while learning! She has jumped in to volunteer and assist with multiple school events. She is a great addition to our TC Family!

Bri Simmons always goes above and beyond for her kiddos and staff. Her students absolutely love her and know they are loved by her. I can’t imagine TC without Mrs. Simmons!

A Shout-Out to Maryn Wallen! I truly appreciate a teacher that brings both calmness and positive energy to a class, and Miss Wallen does just that! My daughter quickly grew to love Miss Wallen this year, and our family appreciates her daily efforts in the classroom!

Mrs. Emily Baker provided an incredible space adventure night at our school. The students and families had a blast. What a positive and fun way to spend a school evening! It was absolutely out of this world.

Ryan Young has worked so hard at creating awesome opportunities for ALL the students at Thompson Crossing Elementary between collaboration between music and gym classes, Day of Awesome opportunities, and planning an amazing field day.

Mr. Eric Simmons always goes out of his way to help our kids. Without his amazing patience and kindness, my kiddo would not be where he is today. We appreciate you more than words, Mr. Simmons!

Mrs. Meggan Marshall has been amazing this year. My son struggled with some things this year, and she has gone above and beyond to find strategies that help him be more successful. You can tell she truly enjoys her students and teaching, even after so many years. Thank you for a great year!

Mr. Eric Simmons has a great relationship with his students. He makes learning fun by engaging his students each day! Mr. Simmons is encouraging to his students and lets them know that they are smart and loved!

A Shout-Out to Mrs. Angie Lechuga! She is organized and takes time to communicate with families on a regular basis.

Mrs. Bri Simmons, you are absolutely amazing. We have been so blessed, more than you know. God put you in the right place at the right time. This year Dalton has made so much improvement. Thanks for loving Dalton and caring. Thanks for always being available to me and answering my questions because he can’t always tell me what is going on each day at school.

A Shout-Out to Sofia Garcia! You have been a good addition to the team this year. Thanks for being you and for loving the kids!

A Shout-Out to Natalie Clark! I want to thank you for taking care of Dalton and helping him over the last couple of years. You are amazing, don’t forget that.

A Shout-Out to Sharon Eldridge! Thank you for being so supportive of all the kids! You are amazing!

A Shout-Out to Irene Garcia! I want to thank you so much for loving Dalton and helping him each day.

A Shout-Out to Lacey Watt! I am very thankful for her being very supportive and patient with Dalton. It means a lot to me.

Mrs. Hope Stickels is such a kind, gentle teacher! She has done a great job of bringing my daughter out of her shell and giving her the extra confidence she needed to help her read. So thankful for all the extra help and support she has given.

Ms. Pamela Ames has a generous and giving spirit. She shares materials and supplies with staff and students and makes sure everyone has what they need in the classroom. We are so thankful to have her at Thompson Crossing!

Mrs. Mandip Kaur is always willing to jump in and help any student in need. Her patience and kindness make students excited to work with her.

Ms. Alaina Harter never gives up. She persistently works to provide quality lessons for her students. She is such a great teacher, and she is so appreciated!

Mrs. Hope Stickels supports teachers and students. She is part of what makes our school the best place to be. She is appreciated.

Mrs. Kylie Gerbofsky works so hard to help our school run smoothly. She has contributed so much time and effort to make sure that teachers are prepared to teach our STEM lessons. We are all so thankful for her.

Mrs. Lori Hacker shares her enthusiasm for learning with students. Her excitement for learning and her way of explaining things benefits each student that she works with.

Mrs. Allie Beatty builds strong relationships with her students. She is such a positive role model for students to look up to. She guides them well.

Ms. Amber Wilson is amazing in and out of the classroom! She makes learning fun and is super creative in engaging her students in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, she is always supporting her students by attending their extracurricular activities. Last night she attended the school skating party, and the kids were thrilled! She interacted with all of them and was genuinely having a good time zipping around the rink (now that her knee is better) and was taking pictures and videos to share in ParentSquare. On the ride home, my daughter commented how awesome it was that Ms. Wilson attended the skating party!

Our English Language Learners are so lucky to get to work with Mrs. Georgia Crabtree! She is patient, kind, and helpful! She makes each student feel valued. Mrs. Crabtree always seems to know just what to do to support students, and our staff is so fortunate to have her at TC!

Crystal Livesay’s leadership is top-notch! She works hard daily to make sure the staff and students are supported and feel valued and cared for. She’s created several initiatives to build community at Thompson Crossing, and her love for the school family is obvious in all that she does! It’s such a pleasure to work under her!

Thank you, Mrs. Ashley Herrod, for making my son love school! He was a nervous wreck starting Kindergarten, and now he loves going to school. You have made him excited to go to school, and he can’t wait to tell me how his day was every night when I get home from work. We are so lucky to have you! You’re the best!

I appreciate Ms. Pamela Ames more than she knows. She is constantly answering all of my questions regarding my son’s homework, etc. She cares for my son, and it greatly shows! The progress he has made this year is unbelievable, as he has moved many reading levels and even graduated from RISE groups! My son comes home with all kinds of rewards and prizes and states that she gives them “just because.” I could not be more thankful for her generous and kind heart!

Abbey Cooper is an amazing teacher who cares immensely for her students and the staff at TC. She spends countless hours going above and beyond being the PTC Teacher Liaison making sure the staff is informed of upcoming events and that the PTC is aware of teachers’ needs throughout the year. The relationship that the PTC has with Abbey has made for a positive outcome in making the year run smoothly and ensuring our events for the students, staff, and families are successful. YOU ARE APPRECIATED! #OneSchoolOneFamily
#TCEagles #WeAreFlashes

A Shout-Out to Bri Simmons! I’ve never met a more selfless person. Her students are so incredibly blessed to have her. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students are loved and safe.

A Shout-Out to Natalie Clark! As parents of a higher-needs student with both Autism and Epilepsy, we still feel a level of anxiety and concern each day- even sending our daughter Marley to school. However, through all that they do, the Essential Skill class staff reassures us that our daughter is always safe, supported, cared for, and loved. We are especially blessed to have Ms. Natalie not only as an IA, but as a loving caregiver for our daughter. Natalie, we love and appreciate you so much for all that you do in caring for Marley.

I am so thankful for Ms. Andrea Nobbe’s calm and kind demeanor. Her patience and kindness make her the best teacher.

Mrs. Rachel Jarnagin works tirelessly to meet the needs of every student in her class. She doesn’t give up. She keeps trying. Mrs. Jarnagin is loved and appreciated.

We are blessed that Mrs. Crystal Livesay is our principal. She sees the very best in every person; students, teachers, and parents. The level of support that she offers makes her a fantastic principal.

Mrs. Rickil Jaynes effortlessly supports teachers and students. She constantly goes above and beyond to meet the emotional needs of students each day. She also helps teachers many times a day. It is inspirational that she can do it all with a smile.

I am so thankful for all the way that Mrs. Abbey Cooper works so closely with the teachers and the PTC. She does a great job of making sure our teachers and parents are connected. Her communication skills are appreciated!

Abbey Cooper provides the most loving and nurturing environment for her students. She always goes above and beyond, not only for her students but for her team and for Thompson Crossing. I couldn’t picture a better teammate!

Lisa Denton has been a HUGE help to me this year. She is always willing to answer my questions and has been such a great teacher to learn from. I’m so lucky to have her on my team.

Mrs. Hope Stickels is an incredible team player. She is always willing to help out. She works with small groups of students to give them the support they need to feel successful. She radiates positivity to students who are struggling and helps them know they can count on her. She works with teachers to lighten their load. She is intelligent and brings great ideas to our school. Mrs. Stickels is a blessing and a joy to work with.

Mrs. MarySue Nadler is a bright spot in the day for all the students and teachers she works with. She helps students love learning and grow more confident in themselves as learners.

Amber Wilson is always learning and growing. She is an incredible teacher in both the areas of reading and math. Anytime there is a concern, she is quick to pick up a book or listen to a podcast to learn more and be equipped to resolve the issue. She is humble enough to ask for help and learn from others. She is a beautiful example, to her students and colleagues, of lifelong learning.

Bridgette Gephart is phenomenal! She works hard to build relationships with both the staff and students at TC. She puts herself on the front lines to keep our students and staff safe and healthy.

Mrs. Ashley Herrod is the best! She has made my child completely love school. He is excited to go every day. She cares for all of her students. She has instilled a love of learning in him. He now wants to be a teacher when he grows up. Thank you, Mrs. Herrod, for everything you do!

Mrs. Angie Lechuga works hard not only for her students but also for her team. She always steps up to help her team plan and make sure they have what they need. She is an invaluable resource at TC!

Mrs. Lindsay Dow works hard to meet her students’ specific needs in the classroom. She is reflective and always looking for ways to grow as an educator! We are so glad she is a part of the TC family!

A Shout-Out to Mrs. Krista Garcia! What an AMAZING 1st year of the Dual Language Program. My child is learning so much and is always excited to tell me a New Spanish word or phrase that he learned that day. He has picked up on the language so quickly and is beginning to speak it at home more and more. Mrs. Garcia is very patient, kind, and understanding, along with being attentive and supportive of each child’s individual learning needs! This program is amazing, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

What an amazing 1st year for the Dual Language Program. Mrs. Christine Stevens is a great team player and is overall an amazing teacher. She is caring, attentive, understanding, and very very patient. My child loves reading and math, and she sees it, challenging him and striving for him to do his best. Thank you so much, Mrs. Stevens! We are so thankful for you and appreciate everything you are doing not only for our child but for the entire Dual Language Program!

Miss Alaina Harter is doing a phenomenal job in her first year as a classroom teacher! She is always trying new things to support her students and her class as a whole. She never gives up and works so well with her team. She loves her students, and they are lucky to have her!

Jacqueline Donovan is an amazing teacher who shows the importance of teamwork and cares for her Kindergarteners! She really does love her students, and it shows!

Lindsay Dow is always looking for solutions that best serve her students. Her patience and kindness have built a positive classroom environment where her students can feel successful! We are so lucky to have her at TC!

Ms. Angie Lechuga is kind, thoughtful, and helpful. She’s a team player and goes the extra mile for students, families, and staff. She is a class act!

Mrs. Jessica Grismore is kind, patient, and thoughtful. She makes the school an enjoyable experience for students, families, and staff. She takes the time to make people feel special, and she’s brightened my day many times since I met her. I hope she knows how much she’s appreciated!

Mrs. Erica Oliver’s patience and calm radiate to all those around her. I am grateful for her ability to assess the situation and jump right in and help out.

Mrs. Rickil Jaynes works hard to support many students and staff members. Her calm demeanor and willingness to help out are a blessing to anyone around her.

Becky Holland really cares about her students and is passionate about helping them have the BEST school experience. She is also so helpful to her team and really cares about our school!

Rickil Jaynes has been such a valuable addition to our School Family this year. She truly has a heart for people and is the ultimate team player! She is thoughtful, detailed, helpful, and we are so lucky to have her at Thompson Crossing!

Andrea Boyle works nonstop to build relationships with all students and staff! She is always positive, helpful, and finds ways to actively support the entire school!

Mrs. Emily Baker does all of the things to help all of the school. She is amazing, thoughtful, resourceful, and oh so very helpful!

A Shout-out to Nathan Fellerman! Thank you for all of your hard work with Choir students and for helping provide a positive experience for all students. AWESOME!

Mrs. Kylie Gerbofsky, you are detailed, helpful, smart, caring, and appreciated-just to name a few! Thank you for all that you do for Thompson Crossing!

Thank you, Bri Simmons, for always doing whatever it takes to help the entire school, staff, students, and families! You have a heart for people, and it truly shows!

Thank you, Mrs. Ramsey, for always doing whatever it takes to help the entire school, staff, students, and families! You have a heart for people, and it truly shows!

Mrs. Ramsey is always willing to help with small group work, individual work, or just taking a student out for a much-needed break. She adds calm, positive energy to the air. We love you and appreciate you!

Mrs. Baker is willing to help out wherever she is needed. It may be helping students with a test because the teacher is out, planning lessons, reading to a class, or just having a supportive chat with another teacher. We appreciate all you do!

Ms. Moore, thank you for being supportive of teachers and students. You are a calm energy and have been a great addition to our school. We appreciate all you do!

Mrs. Wooldridge has a passion for teaching in the Library at Thompson Crossing. She does an excellent job of building a love of reading and books with her students. She has creative ideas and loves her students.

Edgewood Intermediate School

Mrs. Maggie Bunch is one of the kindest teachers we have ever had! She truly cares about all the kids at EI. My student isn’t even in her class, and she goes out of her way to make them feel safe, confident, and supported. Her positive energy and enthusiasm are a true gift! We are so thankful for her!

Mr. Kory Ferree is an exceptional first-year teacher. He has shown my child such compassion and given them so much encouragement. FTCSC is lucky to have him. I can only imagine the confidence and knowledge he will continue to instill in future students. We feel blessed to have him as a teacher.

A Shout-Out to Danielle Sanchez! She was one of my favorite teachers that I ever had.

Tony Lawson is my favorite teacher. He really inspired me and motivated me. He was an amazing teacher and an even better teacher.

Crystal Warfield goes above and beyond for her students. She is always looking for ways to help them.

Tony Lawson is such an amazing teacher and makes learning so much better. The reason why his class isn’t so boring and goes by fast is because of his personality and the way he gets other students to interact and makes class fun to be in. I wish to see him again sometime, but I also hope my little sister gets him. Missing a day in his class is like missing out on a whole adventure.

Claire Clark is doing incredible things at Edgewood. She reaches each student’s individual needs, and her students love her! She makes Edgewood a great place to be.

A Shout-Out to Gretchen Bless! She is very serious, nice, kind, very hard-working, fun, and a person to look up to!

Thank you to Steve Peters for always going out of his way to help out 4th grade (and really anyone who needs it) students & teachers! His calmness and patience with students are great examples to me and my coworkers. Always learning from him!

Mr. Steve Peters is always there for all students and staff in the building. He enters in to help support at Edgewood whenever he sees a student having a tough moment and a need for support. He always takes the time to be there for both staff and students. Our school is better because of him! Thank you for all you do!!!

Kory Ferree has been a great addition to the Fifth-Grade team! He works hard to help each and every student succeed! He truly cares about the students and their well-being!

Ms. Maddie Stanley is a rockstar!!! She has a genuine passion for teaching. Her ability to connect with students based on their individual levels is undeniable. Go, Maddie!

Mrs. Jennifer Schier works hard as a Pathways Math teacher at Edgewood Intermediate School. Mrs. Schier is a fifth-grade teacher who teaches 5th-grade, 6th-grade, and 7th-grade Math classes to students. Each class has small groups to ensure student growth. Thank you for all your hard work!!!

Mrs. Angie Bruce is a wonderful teacher. She has engaging, hands-on activities for Social Studies and Science lessons. She works in small groups to assist all students who are learning in her classes. Edgewood Intermediate is so fortunate to have her at school.

Jenny Mundy does an unbelievable job with our Edgewood Flashes! She either has a smile on her face or a listening ear when working with kiddos and staff members. We always appreciate her efforts with all Flashes. Jenny’s positive attitude makes Edgewood a great place to be, and we are lucky to have her as a Flash!

Ms. Rachelle Fisher is an excellent ambassador of Edgewood Intermediate. She is first to help her students, parents, and staff members with any issue they may be facing. Ms. Fisher’s solution-first attitude when addressing a concern is much appreciated, and the Edgewood Family is lucky to have her! Ms. Fisher always makes it a great day to be a Flash!

Thank you, Mrs. Jennifer Schier, for helping my daughter become more comfortable with Math! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!

A Shout-Out to Mikaela Walther! Thank you for being such a great Science teacher! My daughter’s love for Science has grown immensely this year!

I would like to thank Mr. Michael Smith for being such a fantastic Social Studies teacher. My daughter has grown and thrived this year thanks to his dedication!

Mr. Steve Peters is the reason my son looks forward to going to school every day! He is knowledgeable about so many things and gets his students excited about learning. Thank you for all you do for our kids!

Thank you, Mrs. Lisa Sedoris, for teaching our youth how to be safe, responsible, and respectful at Edgewood Intermediate. Our school board has a policy for staff and students to follow, and you represent Franklin Township well. Our fifth graders are so blessed to have you!

Thank you, Mrs. Jennifer Schier, for teaching our youth how to be safe, responsible, and respectful at Edgewood Intermediate. Our school board has a policy for staff and students to follow, and you represent Franklin Township well. Our fifth graders are so blessed to have you!

Mrs. Alison Bowers greatly assisted my son in raising his Guided Reading Level from several levels below where he should have been, up to the current grade level. This allowed him to exit the remedial reading program, and pick up a specials class. Thanks so much for your efforts, competence, and caring, Mrs. Bowers!

Jamie Ranucci is constantly going above and beyond to help not only her students but her co-workers. She does so much behind the scenes and does it flawlessly. She loves her job and her kids. Her hard work is seen and appreciated! She is an inspiration to all and helps make Edgewood a great place to work and learn!!

Mrs. Terri Pedigo started 3 of our kids on their education journey. Now she is our granddaughter’s Math Teacher. She has struggled with Math in the past, but Mrs. Pedigo has helped her so much. Before, after school, and whenever she needs help. So thankful to have her teaching my family again.

Mrs. Terri Pedigo consistently shows how she cares for her students. She spends time before and after school helping tutor students. Her dedication to learning, combined with her caring and selfless personality, shows me how to be a better educator each and every day. I’m so thankful that I get to work with such an amazing human being who can be a confidant, a mentor, and a great coworker. Thanks for all that you do, Mrs. Pedigo!

Ms. Makenzie Milliman is one of the most energetic and caring people I know. She has an infectious smile that makes every student feel loved and cared for. She takes initiative and is a great example of a dedicated educator. It is such an honor to get to work with such an amazing person. She always has innovative and fun ideas and loves to collaborate. Thanks for all that you do for our school, staff, and students, Ms. Milliman!

A Shout-Out to Tony Lawson! Thank you for making ELA fun and enjoyable for all of your students.

Kayley Wilmot works to build relationships with students outside of the classroom and supports students when they are in her Art class. Kayley thinks outside the box to come up with projects, and ideas to allow students to show their strengths. She is a rockstar!

Becky Tippit works hard as our Literacy Coach to provide support to teachers and students. She is willing to step in when necessary and wants others to succeed. We appreciate all that she does for Edgewood.

Shout-Out to Claire Clark for consistently going above and beyond for her coworkers and her students. She is always willing to help me out & give incredible advice, even with students who aren’t even “hers”! Keep up the passion, Clark. You inspire me!

Mrs. Isabella Fulkerson goes above and beyond to work with parents, teachers, and students. She is consistent and kind. Mrs. Fulkerson works closely with staff to provide support for students and is willing to think outside the box to create solutions. She is a valuable member of our Edgewood family.

A Shout-Out to Danielle Sanchez! Thank you so much for not only being a great teacher but the reason my daughter gets up and goes to school despite her anxiety. I appreciate you.

Anika Powelson was simply a rock star on the 5th-grade recruitment! She is always willing to help, and she is a joy to be around!

A Shout-Out to Ms. Maddie Stanley! You go above and beyond for all your students. Some days I’m sure that you can feel that goes unnoticed, but we see you, and we value you! You are an incredible teacher who comes in every day with a positive attitude and a smile that lights up the room. Thank you for being you!

A Shout-Out to Paige Kidwell! Thank you for teaching me Social Studies!!! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be taking Honors Social Studies in high school next year! From Samuel, aka tweetle #1

Theresa Duncan is simply a blessing. She is always willing to jump in to help no matter what the situation. She will take on any task, including staff and supporting students in her calm, sweet way. She is even willing to pick up meals from the food truck for staff during a torrential downpour!

Ms. Maddie Stanley is absolutely wonderful! She always makes sure my son is taken care of. She reassures me of how well he’s doing. He finds comfort in her, which is something that takes a lot for him. She allows him to take tests from the other 2 teacher’s classes because he’s most comfortable with her. She is always willing to help out with any questions I may have & is quick to respond. She not only helps with questions in her class but for his other classes as well. The comfort my son finds in her & the reassurance she provides me, is amazing. She goes above & beyond. I’m grateful my son was blessed with such an amazing, caring teacher & just as happy she helps me out with any questions I may have. Having a teacher, that truly cares about each and every student & their parents, isn’t always easy to find, but Ms. Stanley truly shows she cares. I couldn’t be happier that he has her as a teacher.

Danielle Maiden is always willing to help students with any concerns that they can dream up. She is patient and kind and always willing to support both students and staff.

Thank you for everything you do, Ms. Gretchen Bless! She has such a strong passion for teaching! She engages very well with the kids and is determined to give them the best education. You are a role model for the future!

A Shout-Out to Theresa Duncan! Thank you for always being supportive, understanding, accommodating, and a bright light here at Edgewood. You are incredibly selfless, always putting the staff and students’ needs before your own.

Jamie Alexander has been outstanding for digging in data, helping staff members, and she is a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is willing to share with those around her. She is willing to help with kids and testing and giving of her time in more than just academics. She has great questions that make you think deeper about a situation. Thanks for your time. Thanks for sharing your life with others! We see YOU, Mrs. Alexander!

Mrs. Rachel Yergin is an amazing ASSET to our Edgewood team! Her commitment to our students as a sub is outstanding. She spends time looking at our state standards to make sure she is training our kiddos in opportunities that allow them to grow. The student’s data shows her positive impact on our school community!

Mrs. Barbara Buckingham has an amazingly patient and calm demeanor, and she is consistently willing to step into difficult situations to help students and staff. We are so thankful that she has joined our Edgewood family and can’t express enough how much we appreciate her work with students.

Mrs. Danielle Maiden has been committed to helping students resolve conflicts and working with them toward better decision-making. So many of our students lean on Mrs. Maiden for support, and she takes the time to make each student feel valued and loved.

Mrs. Rachel Davis has been a positive addition to the Edgewood Front Office staff! Her calm, cool, demeanor in all situations when working with our Flashes is much appreciated. She handles so many of the behind-the-scenes operations that most people do not even know she has taken care of a situation that needed attention. Edgewood Intermediate is lucky to have her!

Mrs. Cathy Smith has been an outstanding addition to the Edgewood Family! She finds time to help students and staff every moment of the day, even when that time may not exist! Mrs. Smith is proactive and always on the move to help our Flashes. We are lucky to have her at Edgewood Intermediate!

A Shout-Out to Elena Check! She’s a great leader and very helpful!

Dan Fyffe has taught the love of music and percussion for many years. His passion has had a great impact on my son and many other children. I will forever be grateful for him and all of his hard work. Thank you, Fyffe!

A Shout-Out to Stacy Johnson! Teacher of the Year. You’ve been consistent for your kids on your team. When life gives your kiddos lemons, you made lemonade by being the rock and support they needed through a challenging year with many subs for the other classes. From my students. “You’re kind, caring, energetic, funny, always helpful, and the best teacher I’ve had.”

A Shout-Out to Jamie Alexander! The most influential and supportive administrative staff member. You’ve made the world’s difference in my son’s school year.

A Shout-Out to Cathy Smith! She always listens to the parents and children’s needs. Very straightforward and gets things accomplished. You’ve made the world’s difference in my son’s education.

Noelle Hall is such a light at Edgewood! She is always positive and continues to give encouraging words to staff and students. Thankful to know and learn from her!

Paula Delfin is such an asset to our team. She is always eager to help our students and lends ideas on how to help them succeed!

Theresa Duncan is such a blessing to Edgewood! She is so kind and willing to help wherever she is needed. We really appreciate her energy in our building!

Thank you, Claire Clark, for all your hard work with WIDA testing! Thank you for all you do for our ELL students. We can really see that you care about each and every one of them. The students and staff are lucky to have you!

Ms. Kelli Snow has gone above and beyond to help our daughter, who was new to the district. She has given us personal calls and feedback for her. She is consistent and has expectations but is also supportive. She has helped our daughter really connect with Math for the first time. Very grateful that we have gotten to experience her class this year!

Ms. Gretchen Bless is an incredible educator who goes above and beyond every day, whether it’s a good day or bad! Her love for her students is a game-changer at Edgewood! 

A Shout-Out to Evan Arnold! We appreciate your dedication to our girls, volunteering your time, and sharing your knowledge with them. Thank you! Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

Pauline Johnson’s effort in helping her students improve their skills with writing is paying off! Students are using the skills they’ve learned in her class in their other classes, and it has made a huge impact. The students have mentioned that what she has taught them is what is making their writing so great, and it’s been a benefit for the students AND other teachers. Thanks, Mrs. Johnson!

Mrs. Adrienne Haynes has been an awesome addition to Edgewood Intermediate! Her expertise in working with all Flashes shows in her kind and caring nature. She does an excellent job of balancing working with kiddos and supporting our Staff Members. We are lucky to have her as an Edgewood Flash!

A Shout-Out to Ryan Kern! Thanks so much for bringing resources into the building to create an awesome learning opportunity for our students. It is so fun watching students respond to this opportunity!

A Shout-Out to LeAnn Webb! Thank you for teaming up with another teacher to provide an awesome learning experience for your students that was outside of the box of the classroom. We appreciate your collaboration and creativity!

A Shout-Out to Paige Kidwell! Thank you for teaming up with another teacher to provide an awesome learning experience for your students that was outside of the box of the classroom. We appreciate your collaboration and creativity!

Mrs. McClarnon is always a listening ear for our students and our staff. When Flashes visit her, they always walk away with more confidence and a plan of attack to take on any situation. Mrs. McClarnon makes Edgewood an awesome place to be!

Mrs. Katey Jenkins is an Awesome Teacher. My child was not a “Fan” of reading, but she made it a point to say, “Read what is an interest to you!” Since then, he is reading throughout the day, even without me telling him. She is passionate about her teaching and genuinely wants to see every student succeed. We are so thankful for her and her teaching team! Thank you, Mrs. Jenkins!!!

Mrs. Michelle Craft is an amazing teacher; she is kind, she is supportive, she is understanding, and always ALWAYS wants to see her students succeed! My child LOVES Social Studies and is constantly coming home with new facts that he learned that day. She makes a point to make sure each child is successful, and that their needs are met at their individual level. She is responsive to all of my messages, along with any concerns or questions I may have. We are so thankful for Mrs. Craft! We appreciate her and her team more than they know!

Mr. Kory Ferree is always attentive, understanding, and genuinely a caring teacher who wants his students to succeed! He is responsive to ALL of my messages and gives me feedback on my child’s homework/quizzes/tests. He is also a good sport, as he is an avid IU fan, and my child bleeds Blue for Kentucky! Thank you so much, Mr. Ferree, for everything you do. We appreciate you!

Pauline Johnson is a rockstar teacher! She works hard to prepare lessons that are engaging and builds positive relationships with her students! Pauline is always willing to jump in where needed and is so patient. Pauline helps to make Edgewood better each day!

Brigid Marcoux is a fantastic teacher! She has high expectations for her students and cares for them! Brigid works hard to make sure each student is successful and is very intentional with her lessons. We are lucky to have her at Edgewood!

Elena Check is a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile! Elena shares ideas and resources with teachers. We are lucky to have her at Edgewood!

Thank you, Paige Kidwell, for your leadership with curriculum and professional development! You are an excellent classroom teacher, and your efforts to extend your work to impact student learning beyond your classroom walls is greatly appreciated!

Mrs. Emily McClain greets her students at the door with a smile every morning and also sends them off with a warm “goodbye” at the end of the day! She sets a great example for all to follow, and her students recognize she cares for them not only in Math but also their overall well-being! Edgewood is lucky to have her math expertise and caring nature with our 4th graders!

Adrienne Smith is like the resident Mom! She keeps her composure, always! She has the best advice! She rolls with the punches! She’s super smart! She’s always willing to help!

Mellisa Nichols is a go-to for any question ever! She knows everything and everyone! She is an amazing resource, and Edgewood is blessed to have her!

Theresa Duncan has touched the lives of so many people! She has helped every person she has come in contact with! She immediately jumps when there is a student struggling. Her can-do attitude and constant smile make her a blessing at Edgewood!

Kyle McClarnon is such an amazing counselor! Thank you for being such a strong support for our students!

Maggie Bunch inspires me to be a better teacher every day! She is full of humor and kindness. I can’t imagine teaching without her!

Mikaela Walther is always happy to help whenever needed! She makes Edgewood Intermediate an amazing place for our staff and students!

Renelle Hui has made an amazing transition to Edgewood as she joined the 6th-grade Science team in the middle of the school year! After a few weeks in the classroom, she has made great relationships with her students!

Ryan Kern is helpful to all the teachers in his building! He is an especially great leader for the 6th-grade Science team! He is always looking for ways to go above and beyond for his students!

Jamie Ranucci is an amazing ELL teacher at Edgewood! She works hard and does an amazing job of making sure all students are learning and growing. Edgewood is so lucky to have such a dedicated and hardworking ELL teacher!

Mrs. Danielle Sanchez puts her heart into teaching students, and it shows. Students know how much she cares. A student recently said, “I wish she was my Mom.” Thanks for loving our kids!

Mrs. Becky Tippit has been so supportive and helpful. She is totally committed to helping students and staff succeed.

Kayley Wilmot is wonderful to work with. Her consistency and perseverance, no matter what day she may be having, are admirable. I know that she cares deeply about her students and their success both in and out of the classroom. We are lucky to have her here!

Stephanie Fischer works so hard in her role here at Edgewood! The work she has put in with students to build relationships is clear, and they show her so much love every day. She truly cares about her students and is passionate about helping them grow into their potential.

Mrs. Emily Wickline went above and beyond by offering extra practices outside of school hours for ISSMA Orchestra ensembles. She also offers private lessons. We thank her for her support and encouragement!

Mrs. LeAnn Webb welcomes her students with a smile and positive energy at the door every single day. Mrs. Webb not only provides good vibes for our Flashes but for our teachers as well. Mrs. Webb’s joy for social studies, literacy, and making someone’s day shows each day she is at Edgewood!

Renelle Hui has been a great addition to the Edgewood Science Family! The kindness and positive energy she has brought to her Science class mean the world to our students. We are grateful to have her as a teacher at Edgewood!

Ms. Courtney Nusbaum cares so deeply about her students and is an amazing part of the school community. She does everything she can to make sure each student is successful.

Allison Hollin is someone you can always count on, and her face is right next to the word dependable in the dictionary. She knows how to connect with students and find what makes them special individuals. We are lucky to have her at Edgewood!

Tammy Gottlieb is such a delightful part of our Edgewood Intermediate community. Thank you, Tammy, for being such an amazing support!

Thank you, Laura Winton, for being a shining light at Edgewood! We appreciate you!

Adrienne Smith had her work cut out for her as a new registrar for Edgewood this year, but she has been so positive and always wanted to learn more! She works so hard to get students into the best placements possible and continuously strives to do her best. Adrienne is so appreciated here at Edgewood!

Rachel Davis at Edgewood Intermediate has jumped in mid-year (which is hard enough!) and has done so with an incredibly positive attitude every day! She is so helpful, gives her best, and always has a smile! I don’t know where we would be without her!

Thank you, Mrs. Michelle Craft, for being such an amazing team player! We appreciate your hard work, and your students are so lucky to have you!

Ms. Elena Check, your energy and love for your students is admirable. Edgewood is so blessed to have you on our team!

Kitley Intermediate School

Evan Arnold is such a great person. He jumps in and helps wherever needed. He may be split between both schools, but he always gives his all. We appreciate his hard work with students and all of his planning with Day of Awesomeness and Field Day.

Michelle Raupp is so positive and willing to jump in. She did an amazing job with organizing the Field Days and Day of Awesomeness for all students. We truly appreciate all of her efforts and positivity.

Donna Chatham has done an excellent job being a leader in our building and has taken on planning the Field Day for the 4th and 5th Grades. This is not an easy task with over 850 students, 45+ staff members, and countless parents. We truly do appreciate all that she does for our school. She gives her all and always helps wherever is needed. She works well with the students and always has such an amazing smile and energy. She is always positive, and we truly appreciate all of her help and support this year.

Mrs. Kathleen Greene has been so supportive this school year! She’s been very willing to help cover classes when I have been out and has been a huge help with the transition that the Kitley Resource Team is getting ready to go through.

Gabby Dye is a hard-working, dedicated staff member working with students in our 4th-5th grade Reading Lab. Thanks to her tireless efforts, hundreds of students have nailed down phonics, reading, and writing schools to achieve at-level literacy, gaining the needed confidence and ability to be successful in school. “Thank you, Gabby, for your excellent work! You are a valued member of the Kitley Intermediate Community.”

Verna Gilman was my 5th-grade teacher, and I remember her coming in every day and being as positive and happy as she could possibly be. She showed me and her students how to act and what to expect down the line going into middle school and even high school. I don’t know where I would be without her, and I have no doubt that’s how her other students feel, too, because she just makes such a positive impact on everyone that comes in contact with her. She is such a special teacher, and I appreciate her so much.

Miss Gabrielle Dye has gone above and beyond for her students! As a Guided Study ELA Instructional Assistant, she has worked with groups of 4th and 5th-graders all year, helping them to grow their reading fluency, comprehension, phonics, and writing skills. Many of her students are now able to read on grade level because of her work. She spends countless hours off the clock analyzing data and making changes to lessons, so that her students are always getting what they need to grow!

We love Ms. Shannon Knaack! All the students love her too! She is kind and compassionate, and an amazing teacher to her students! Her outfits also ROCK!

Katie Pemberton is an outstanding Resource teacher. She collaborates so well with her team, and she always is willing to help out when needed. She is a wonderful asset to Kitley!

Verna Gilman is amazing! She takes time out of her already busy schedule to tutor my daughter when she was having a hard time with Math. What a difference it has made! She is incredible at her job and so much fun to work with! Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Shelia Sego always made sure I know her door was open. She made the classroom such a fun environment and made sure we learned what we needed to without stressing us out. She has kept in contact with me and has always made sure I knew my potential. I am so grateful I was able to be in her classroom when I needed it most. All the love forever. – Maleah Ellison

Marisa Beach does an excellent job of working with her student and also the students around her. She ensures that her student has as many experiences as his peers. She pushes him to be as independent as possible. Not only does she take care of her students, but she also gives back to the staff. Kitley is a better place because of her!

Mrs. Priscilla Tipton does amazing with all students. She walks in, picks up what the teacher is doing, and naturally guides students with any of their work. My kids look forward to seeing her! Thank you for being patient, kind, and an amazing person to work with.

Daleen Pardue is an inspiration. She is hard-working and goes above and beyond for her kids and teammates. She is an amazing educator, and I’ve learned so much from her.

Kathy Dupler could run our building with her eyes closed. She is someone that has our best interest, and I’ll forever be grateful for the time I’ve gotten to work with her. You’re one of the best, Kathy!

Justice Klene has been a great addition to my experience at Kitley. Our kiddos love her, and their faces light up when she walks into our classroom. She’s taught me so much, and I’ll forever be thankful for her willingness to co-teach with me.

Mrs. Michelle Alcoe is, simply put, the best teacher I’ve ever encountered. My son had a scary situation last year in 5th grade, and she continues through his 6th-Grade year, protecting him and always there if we need help with anything. She is priceless and an amazing value to Franklin Township.

MaKenzie Rodriguez is so wonderful with our son. If he’s sad, she cheers him up. She explains Science and Social Studies in a way that her students can understand. We adore her.

Shelley Christiansen is such a wonderful and sincere teacher. She cares so much for her students and is so passionate. It’s so awesome to see all her “attire” she has and shares with her students. Such a neat person and an excellent role model for her students! Our daughter really enjoys being in her class this year. Thanks for all you do for your students Ms. C !!

Ms. Analis Robles has been an incredible teacher to my daughter. She has helped grow her confidence in reading. She has also helped with her writing skills. I am thankful for all she has done. Thank you, Ms. Robles!

Mrs. Sara Nickolich is an amazing Science/Social Studies teacher. She is patient and kind to her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are understanding their assignments. My daughter loves going to her class and is sad that the school year is almost over! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!!

Thank you, Mrs. Shelley Christiansen! I was in your class last school year in your 5th period, and I loved your class. Whenever you would bring in stuff from history from different time periods, I felt like I was in that time period. The stories you would tell about your childhood inspired me so much to who I am today, and I loved having you as my history teacher. When I look at the Wave Women World War two pins, I think of you and how inspiring you are to never give up and keep going no matter the obstacles.

Mrs. Abigail Cody has been a great mentor to her student teacher. Her student teacher has secured a job in the district for the 23-24 school year, and it is due to Mrs. Cody and her great skills of mentorship. Her student teacher has communicated many times how thankful she is for her experience with Mrs. Cody at Kitley Intermediate.

Mrs. Kayla Robbins has jumped right into her role as our School Treasurer. She is kind, efficient, and positive. She ensures that everyone has what they need and always ensures prompt communication. She truly makes a difference in our front office.

Mrs. Emily Embry has been a lifesaver in supporting some of our students who struggle the most. She has balanced her current assignment while assisting in positions where we are understaffed. The students that she helps to support are not easy some days, but she continues to support them and ensure they find success.

I cannot say enough good things about Ms. Daleen Pardue. She is dedicated to her students and is an excellent teacher and role model. Kitley Intermediate is so lucky to have her on its team!

Mrs. Kaylea Dominguez is a hidden gem at Kitley. Quiet, yet absolutely remarkable in her teaching, activities, and relationships with students. She goes above and beyond for her students to make sure they are getting the most hands-on, beneficial, and fun learning experience possible. I am so thankful I got to meet her this year, and thankful I get to work alongside her and to have met such a wonderful friend and colleague. Kitley is lucky to have Mrs. Dominguez!

I would like to thank Mr. Todd Norcross for going out of his way to teach my son about Computer Science after his schedule was rearranged and he no longer had his class. We appreciate all you have done to encourage him and continue his education on the subject! Thank you for investing in him during your downtime. It means the world to him.

I want to thank Mrs. Kelly Barnes for all the support she has given my son this year. She went out of her way to go to his classes to see how she could help him get his grades up. He loved being in her class and getting to be involved in Art Club and her Art Camps. She goes above and beyond for her students, and I can’t thank her enough for being so supportive of my son!

Mrs. Kelly Weaver has been a godsend for our daughter this year. She has helped our daughter a tremendous amount this entire school year, and we can’t thank her enough! She is an amazing teacher, and our daughter will miss you next year. Thank you so much for all you’ve done!

Mr. Ryan Torres is such an awesome and amazing teacher! Our daughter really enjoys his Science Class and looks forward to going every day. He makes learning so fun and enjoyable. Can’t say enough great things about him. Our daughter will miss having you next year! Thanks for all you do for your students, you truly are a talented teacher, and Kitley is beyond lucky to have you.

Carl Slagle is such a great guy! He works hard and always has a smile. He makes sure the kids are clean after themselves and is not afraid to help out. He has been a leader and mentor to several students, and we are lucky to have him at Kitley.

Leonie Henson has been a great addition to Kitley! She does a great job with her team and works very hard to keep things running smoothly. I appreciate her sense of humor and how much she cares about the building and our students!

Howard Snorden is a great leader and works so hard along with the custodial staff to keep our building running smoothly! Thank you, Howard, for working day in and day out to keep our building looking great!

Brian Hackler is a great teacher and always has a positive outlook. He works hard and makes great strides to keep a positive classroom. Thank you for the hard work, Brian!!

Taylor Johnson does an awesome job building relationships with students. She works hard and tries to be there for them no matter what. She does a great job making the content relatable, and we are lucky to have her!

Stephanie Beaton has done an amazing job with the Student Council and always offers a great outlook! She shares positivity and has always been supportive. She is an amazing teammate, and I am blessed to call her a friend!

Diane Shirley is always willing to help where she is needed! In chaos and confusion, she never complains and is willing to figure it out. We appreciate Diane!

Lisa Guthrie has put in so much work to ensure ILEARN plans are in place and organized for our students to be successful for the upcoming state assessments. We could not do it without her!

A Shout-Out to Michelle Alcoe! Thank you to Mrs. Alcoe for taking care of my son. She reached out to me when my son was having a difficult day. I appreciate the kindness and attention she showed him. Thank you, Mrs. Alcoe!

A Shout-Out to Stacey Gibson! Thanks, Mrs. Gibson, for the work you do for your students! I’m grateful for the patience you’ve given my son. Thank you!

A Shout-Out to Stephanie Basile! My son really respects and appreciates the consistency of Mrs. Basile. She has been a constant kind teacher to my 5th grader. My son regularly talks about how he enjoys her classroom.

I would like to thank Samantha Warner for all of the time, energy, and effort she put into the Robotics program. This was my son’s first robotics experience, and he enjoyed every minute of it, learned so much, and is looking forward to the next season. Mrs. Warner sacrificed a lot of her own time to hold practices after school and attend long tournaments on many weekends. We are very appreciative!

Lorraine Jeter is a huge help to the building in assisting students who need speech therapy. I often see her working on organization and providing emotional support to the students they need in addition to their speech/language goals. She is a valuable member of the SPED department!

Kate Gregg is such an asset to the SPED department. She is knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to all things Speech therapy. She is thoughtful about helping kids and writing meaningful IEPs. I appreciate all she does for the students at Kitley.

Amy Miller has been the most supportive principal I have worked for. She has done so much for Kitley and has always done what is best for students. Mrs. Miller truly knows her students and her teachers. Her shoes will be very difficult to fill. I wish her well in her next endeavor.

Mrs. Danielle Rigsby has been one of my son’s favorite teachers for two years now. He smiles from ear to ear when he has Specials with her. I appreciate the interest she takes in her students. Thank you, Mrs. Rigsby, for all your hard work!

Through the years, Kathy Dupler has always been so helpful. She helps our family navigate daily school life, appointments, and visits. I appreciate how willing she is to go above and beyond – especially when my son lost an item at school. She ensures he safely and responsibly had it returned. Thank you, Kathy!

Leonie Henson went above and beyond to help my son find a lost item. He was so nervous and worried – and Leonie assured him it was all going to be okay. She helped find his item and did it on her own free time. Leonie is a gem!

Mrs. Priscilla Tipton has been an amazing asset to the Resource Department at Kitley Intermediate. She goes above and beyond. She is always asking how she can help and support beyond her duties. She has made relationships with students, and they respond to her! We are so lucky to have her!

Thank You So Much, Verna Gilman, for all you have done for Mason over the Last 2yrs (it’s not been easy). You are an Awesome Teacher & Dean.

Sheila Klopfenstein is truly sunshine in human form! Her kindness and positivity radiates through her to others. She is a helping hand to anyone she knows, and cares about her students deeply! I am so thankful and privileged to know such a wonderful educator!

Mr. John Radomski has just high energy when working with his students. He makes kids love being part of the band program. Can’t thank him enough! I know my son will miss him next year!

Mrs. Judy Odle is so wonderful! She is so willing to do anything she can to help our son succeed. We appreciate her.

Mrs. Renee Dannenbring is amazing! She jumps in to help out our department daily and does whatever is needed. She knows just the right thing to say and do. We appreciate her more than she knows!

Dawn O’Friel is a wonderful ASSET to Kitley and the coaching staff. She is a wealth of knowledge and is more than willing to share her gifts with those around her. She is a wonderful member of the family that brings awe and inspiration to the lives that cross her path. Thanks, Dawn, for loving on those around you!

Wow! What can’t Stephanie Beaton do? Student Council, MTSS, and teaching are just a few of her talents. The Kindness Crew brightens our day, and the Woot, Woot Wagon is a great pick-me-up. She has an amazing heart and passion for her kiddos. Thank you!

A Shout-Out to Jennifer McIntire! My daughter transferred from an outside district in January, and Mrs. McIntire was so nice and friendly and checked on her! My daughter was so nervous, but she helped the transition go smoothly!

Mrs. Kendra Pierce has been a huge support for my son for the last two years, and he is lucky to have her. She has made school enjoyable and really brought him out of his shell. Mrs. Pierce is an amazing teacher and person!

Mr. Clayton Moore is kind, funny, and a great teacher! I enjoy math because of him. He pushes me to be the best student I can be and has helped me become confident in my math skills. I will miss Mr. Moore when I go to 6th grade! I know I can always count on him! Love, A.S.

Mrs. Barbara Barker is supportive, caring, and loves to help me and my classmates learn. She challenges me and has helped me become confident in advocating for myself. I will miss her when I go to 6th grade next year! We are lucky to have her as our teacher! Love, A.S.

Mrs. Kendra Pierce is such a blessing. My daughter has enjoyed her class and improved her writing skills tremendously. We are so grateful to Mrs. Pierce and will miss her next year!!

Ms. Theresa Leyba is amazing! My daughter thinks the world of her. Ms. Leyba is kind and generous with her time and makes learning fun. She has been such a blessing to my daughter!

Mr. Christopher Smerdel is not only a great teacher but an outstanding person all around. He really connects with his students and makes each day enjoyable. Thank you, Mr. Smerdel! My kiddo will miss you next year!

Mrs. Jennifer McIntire is a fantastic teacher who sets high expectations for her students and then works with them to help them meet their goals. She differentiates her lessons to meet students at their individual levels while making meaningful connections with her students. Her use of humor in the classroom has helped her students realize that math can be fun!

We are so grateful to Mr. Matthew Taylor and his team for all they do for students with disabilities like my daughter, Lola! Mr. Taylor is adored by Lola, and we can’t thank him enough for all that he’s done to impact our daughter’s life.

Mr. Clayton Moore is my favorite Math and Science teacher! He makes learning very fun and enjoyable. He challenges us but also lets us have fun with the work! Mr. Moore is a very funny person and adds a little bit of humor to each and every lesson! I am so glad that I have had him for two years for REACH! –Madelyn Hendrix

Mrs. Barbara Barker has helped me learn so much during my 5th-grade year. I have loved the projects I have gotten to do and have really enjoyed all of the books we have read this year. She makes learning fun and at the same time challenging! I am so happy that she gets to be my ELA and Social Studies teacher this year!

A Shout-Out to Kathyrn Vaughn! Thank you for teaching me how to read better. From Easton

A Shout-Out to Celeste Jefcoats! Thank you for helping me learn. From Easton

Thank you, Mrs. Ashley Stump, for being nice and doing fun things! From Easton

A Shout-Out to Jennifer Pryor! Thank you for going above and beyond for our son. Phone calls make all the difference, and you have been a valuable resource not just to us, but, I’m sure, to your entire team! Thank you for all you do.

We want to applaud Mrs. Allman for her patience and understanding through a difficult year. Mrs. Allman especially has made an extra effort to connect with and work with our son as he juggles school and home challenges. It has made a difference! Thank you for genuinely caring!

Ms. Analis Robles has helped my daughter grow in her skills in ELA, and she is excited to be moving on to a guided book study with her.

Mrs. Sara Nickolich has a fun and engaging class for teaching Science and Social Studies. My daughter is excited to be learning so much about these subjects this year.

Mrs. Pam Shuck has helped my daughter grow exponentially in her math abilities and, more importantly, her confidence in her math skills this year! We are so very grateful for her efforts and time!

A Shout-Out to Dawn O’Friel. When she worked at Thompson Crossing, she was one of the first teachers to mentor me. I could come to her with any question, and she would help in any way that she could. She sacrificed a lot of time to support me as well as her students. I always knew I could loop up to her as a positive role model. We all need Dawn, and I would not have survived my first year without her. I have seen her step up in other areas as well to support other teachers. She brought fresh ideas to the school and would lead helpful discussions at PD.

This is for Elizabeth Smith! She is willing to help provide accommodations for a student and eager to make changes and strategies during a staffing! She genuinely cares for the student and sets him up for success!!

This is for Sheila Klopfenstein! She is willing to help provide accommodations for a student and eager to make changes and strategies during a staffing! She genuinely cares for the student and sets him up for success!!

This is for Tammy Beechler! She is willing to help provide accommodations for a student and eager to make changes and strategies during a staffing! She genuinely cares for the student and sets him up for success!!

Mrs. Renee Dannenbring has jumped right in to support the Resource Staff at Kitley by taking a long-term sub position. Resource is not for the faint of heart, and she continues to show up every day with a smile and a positive attitude. She is making a huge difference in the students’ lives. Mrs. D, we love you!

I would like to give a shout-out to Ms. Lane. My daughter, Dakota, loves her class! She always has a great story about how funny she is and how kind she is to her!

I would like to give a shout-out to thanks, Ms. Beach. My daughter, Dakota, is enjoying her class and all the fun activities they do!

Kaylea Dominguez is one of the most considerate people I have ever worked with, and her kindness seeps out the doorway of her classroom. She generously provides treasure box rewards for excellent student behavior, celebrates half-birthdays for those who celebrate over summer break who would otherwise be left out, has a weekly student of the week, takes pictures of our team and community to celebrate memories during holidays, and truly seeks to know each individual student. She is a phenomenal teacher who puts together a variety of advanced materials outside the curriculum for our gifted students and gives all three cores project-based learning opportunities. She stays late every night, and her dedication always pays off the next day. She is a huge part of the reason our classes feel like a family, and I cannot thank her enough for the environment she creates with her love, empathy, and excellence.

I would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Rigsby! My daughter, Dakota, loves her class! She had her Computer Science class during the first nine weeks of school, and it made her start of the school year the best! She wishes she had her all year round. She always talked about her class and how fun it was. She is such a positive role model and got my daughter excited about school!

Sydney Allman is one of the most professional, hard-working, humble, eager-to-learn teachers I have ever met. She facilitates frequent project-based learning opportunities for all her students, provides incredible extension and acceleration, and is integrating Guided Reading into the Pathways program like a veteran teacher with years of training. ELA is the toughest subject to teach, and she is absolutely thriving. I could not be more impressed with her love for this job and for her students. She was born to teach and advocates constantly for her students. What an incredible help and encouragement she is to her coworkers! Thank you, Sydney!

I would like to give a shout-out to Mrs. Angela Cochran! My daughter, Dakota, comes home almost every day with a fun story and lesson she learned in class. Thank you for making school fun and educational at the same time! She’s now super passionate about the solar system and teaches me things she learned all the time!

Michelle Wolfe, Thank you for always having a smile on your face. You jump in and help wherever you are needed. You help students that are struggling and have been an amazing friend. Thank you for reminding me that positivity is contagious and for helping me this year. I truly appreciate you!

Heather Koke, you are such an amazing person! You are supportive of staff and students. You came in this year and stepped up to the plate. You have really made Kitley into a place where we all feel supported! Thank you for being an amazing teammate.

Leslie Beck, you have stepped in and changed the counseling supports for the better at Kitley. We are so blessed to have your support! Thank you for always being there and willing to help! We appreciate you!

Jen Pryor, you are such a great addition to our staff! We value you and appreciate all of your hard work.

Amy Miller, you have been a great leader and have taken Kitley Intermediate to the next level. Our students and staff are lucky to have you! Thank you for making time for your staff and supporting us!

Lisa Guthrie has been an amazing leader and has really changed the culture at Kitley Intermediate. She is very supportive, a great mentor, and very supportive of our staff. Thank you, Lisa, for always going above and beyond and lending a hand wherever it is needed. We do appreciate you and all of the hard work you are doing.

Kathleen Dupler is the Jane of Trades and so very helpful, personable, and dependable! Awesome lady!!

Franklin Central Junior High School

Annie Bryant is such a joy to have here at the junior high. She works so diligently to help students and to see them thrive in their learning. I am very, very grateful for Annie!

A Shout-Out to Laurie Irwin! I do not have words to thank you. You went out of your way to help me, and I really appreciate it. Thanks, Mrs. Irvin.

Ms. Danalynn Danzer is such a kind and giving person. She is very selfless and always willing to help. I’m so thankful to know her and work with her!

Jaxson Wise is the best (student) teacher I’ve ever had! He’s very supportive of everyone and doesn’t give up. Every day with him is a blast, and he never failed to make me smile.

Shannon McClard works tirelessly every day. She is such a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she works with all of her students and staff to make a daily difference.

Toni Riera is wonderful to work with. The word “no” is not in her vocabulary. She works with students and staff daily to make our school a better place.

Thank you, Kailee Turner, for everything you do. Even though you were only our teacher for one semester, you still made a great impact on us, and we appreciate you for that.

Laurie Irwin, you have changed my life in so many ways! I miss having you as a teacher!

Thank you, Mr. Edward Morris, for always helping me out. I really appreciate it!

Satvinder Juss is a truly amazing teacher who is impossible to forget. I really appreciate your dedication and hard work to make my child accountable, believing in him, and encouraging him to do his best. My child has learned a lot from you this year. I appreciate all the extra time and effort you put in to help him. Thank you for always keeping a smile on your face. You are such an awesome teacher.

Thank you, Cody Williams, for being the best and funniest Math teacher I’ve ever had. You have simplified, complicated, or seemingly impossible things making them easier to understand. I feel like your class has made me better at Math, and it makes me happy to be able to understand it, so again, I, Thank You.

Mr. Caleb Parkes, there are so many kinds of things I could say about you. You’re caring, fun, and just a good teacher to talk to. You always make me feel welcome in your class. You had courage in me when I didn’t have courage in myself. And last, your class brought out the best in me. Thank you for always believing in me. And as I move on to high school, I will never forget you.

A Shout-Out to Marie Gebhart! It is so clear by the way our shared students speak about her that she truly cares about her students and makes her classroom a space that they enjoy being in! She is so caring and thoughtful. We are lucky to have her at FCJH!

Laurie Irwin is such a wonderful teacher. She cares so deeply for her students, and I am so grateful I get to see her make these students feel seen and cared about. Thank you so much for all you do, Laurie!

Annie Bryant is always bringing a smile to my face, even on the worst of days.

Mrs. Emily Naftzger teaches my 8th grader’s least favorite subject – English. We’ve struggled over the years to keep him on track. He’s never been behind, but we didn’t feel he was living up to his full potential. Mrs. Naftzger provided some much-needed insight at the beginning of the year and followed up with us as well. I appreciate that she took the time to help us understand our son better.

Tamara Johnson is Amazing! Putting extra work for the kids who need the help to get to understand! Love it!

Kati Cale is amazing!! To help my son and get him to get out of his shell and do the work he is doing is amazing! And all the work she does to get these kids where they need to be!! So glad you’re here! And will be here with him next year too!

Shawn Miller has been involved in our township for so many years as a parent helping out the PTO, a substitute teacher helping shape our students’ minds, and as an employee dutifully making sure the job gets done and done well. Her time as a parent of a student in our district is ending this year, so I wanted to say Thank You for the decades of service to our community!

Annie Bryant is so great with the kids! She always treats them with respect and kindness. She’s also there when help is needed!

Meredith Bryant is such a wonderful individual! Always willing to help the students and the staff as best as she can!

Nicole Oberting is such an amazing IA to the CIP kiddos. She always takes the extra step and makes sure everyone has a smile on their face! Thanks for all your hard work!

Hi Kallie Palmer! Thank you for everything and for helping me through these last two years. You had me as a student. You are one of my favorite teachers in the school. I have had a fun year with you in your 2nd period, and I like how you always try to help me understand when I’m having trouble. So thank you for being there in Math when I needed it. Since the year is coming to an end, I thought I would write this for you since I won’t be at FCJH next year. I know I have given you some trouble and some laughs, but I had a great time in your class. Thank you!

Shanna Brinegar is an amazing Office Manager! She relentlessly pursues every challenge that comes her way and is always first to offer a helping hand wherever needed. There is no better person for this position at FCJH. I am so grateful for every day I get to work with her!

I am so grateful to have Mr. Loren Hamm. I think he is at the top of the list of my favorite teachers. His class is the best. He is so good at teaching that I didn’t even have to study for any quiz or test.

Mr. Caleb Parkes is the best. He helps out the people that ask for help, and he gives everyone a chance to be a good student. He is a very fun teacher. He makes things fun, and he is a great person to talk to. He likes to talk, but when things need to be done, he gets them done, and that is why I like Mr. Parkes.

Thank you, Mrs. Susan Denzler, for being a great teacher! You are very kind and helpful to all of your students!

A Shout-Out to Laura Reilly! You are my favorite Math teacher I’ve ever had, and you make class so fun!

Thank you to Mrs. Catherine Whitson, who helped run the 7th-Grade Jam! The kids had a great time! Thank you for all the hard work that was put into making it a success!

Cherie Whitaker has really gone above and beyond this year, leading FCJH to become a banner school for the Special Olympics and leading the charge with Unified Track. She is always calm and has a great sense of humor. I have loved working with her!

Mrs. Kailee Turner is a wonderful teacher. She is incredibly patient, caring, and has a genuine love for literacy that she passes on to her students. Most importantly, she expresses how much her students mean to her and tells them how loved, and worthy each of them is. You’re loved and worthy of this compliment, Mrs. Turner! It’s a pleasure working with you.

Mr. Brian Dunn is absolutely crushing it as an AP this year! No matter what is asked of him, he will work tirelessly to find the answer. He is always there for students and staff and has done a wonderful job of helping create a community in the building. Our school has benefited so much from having him join the team!

Kayla Turner does a fabulous job in Student Success! The energy in her room is always calming, and it’s clear she cares for her students. She is also always willing to help. I appreciate having her in our building!

Ms. Madi Rose is an amazing teacher. She knows how to connect with the students and help with things. She has a lot of patients. She plays songs and allows people to talk, and it is just a great class environment. Thanks, Ms. Rose.

Ms. Kallie Palmer has been my favorite Math Teacher. She knows how to teach, and she helps the students when they really need it. She is fun and likes to play games with the class. She helps us get serious when we are supposed to.

Mr. Ben Kennedy has been the best Social Studies teacher I have ever had! He has been fun. He has made the assignments fun and short. He is funny and nice to everyone. I hear my friends also talk about how good of a teacher he is.

Ms. Tamara Johnson is a 1st-year teacher, and she teaches like she has a decade of experience! She is an effective educator, and she is always cool under pressure. We are lucky to have her at FCJH!

Being a Junior High School Dean is tough, and Mr. Steven Webb is the perfect person for his job! He is fair, honest, and calm at all times. In addition to discipline, Mr. Webb spends a lot of time coaching students to see their behavior improve. He is an asset to FCJH!

Mr. Jacob Willis is not only an amazing Math teacher at FCJH, but he was also willing to stay late after school to help the Science Department unload two giant trash cans of wood for our 8th-grade balloon launch. Thank you, Mr. Willis, for all you do for our school!

Mr. Caleb Parkes is such a good teacher! He brightens my day. He is able to engage with the students really well, and he teaches Science Class like a pro! – Jonathan Flannery

A Shout-Out to Dave English! Dave English is an awesome coworker and will help do anything!

A Shout-Out to Tim Allen! Tim goes above and beyond for the staff at the Junior High.

A Shout-Out to Melanie Shilfet! Every day I see nothing but positive interactions coming from Ms. Shiflet! Kids are always stopping by to say hello. She does so much for everyone in the 1700s!

A Shout-Out to Cynthia LaFara! No question is ever too big for you.

A Shout-Out to Tara Cusimano! You seem to have a way of seeing right through me and knowing when something is wrong. I always knew that you really cared for me and that I could go to you with my problems. You always had time for me.

A Shout-Out to Jessica Kraus! Thank you for being the best teacher in the world. You inspired in me a love for learning and made me feel like I could ask you anything.

A Shout-Out to Natalie Jarvis! Thank you for inspiring me to be my best, and for being there to guide me when I needed help. I can never thank you enough.

Thank you, Mrs. Taylor Doyle, for being such a great Language Arts teacher and for being so nice to your students and helping them.

Thank you for being a great teacher Miss Danielle Lain. You are making a huge impact on your students. You do so many things for your students so they can do better in all subjects. You also provide us with general knowledge of things, such as you made us read Malala and taught us about the stages of buying homes. You have helped me with language a lot, like explaining certain topics and assignments. Once again, Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much, Mrs. Kristine Hosler, for being an excellent and fantastic teacher. You make your student’s Social Studies period full of knowledge and make sure that no second will be wasted for them to not study. You also motivate us to study a lot, like you send emails to us to prepare for any quiz or test a day before, and you also provide us a lot of resources to study. The biggest thing that I like about you is that you make us experience things, such as you made us move under the staircase and on the ground to help us experience how the Native Americans felt during the trail of tears. You do so much for your students so they can be successful. You should be awarded as the best teacher in the school.

Thank you to Mr. Chris Bogart for being a great Social Studies teacher at FCJH! Thank you for all that you do and for helping my son become a CyberFlash next year!!

Thank you to Mr. Chris Hodgson for all of your hard work with the Bands at FCJH!

Big Thank You to Mrs. Sarah Dunblazier for all you do for the FCJH Bands! You are a great teacher!!

Thank you, Megan Smith, for all you do to help my son & all the other students at FCJH!

Thank you, Courtney Hutchings, for going on the Washington, DC, trip with the FCJH 8th graders! They had a fun trip!

Thank you, Emily Naftzger, for going on the Washington, DC, trip with the 8th-grade FCJH students. They had a wonderful trip!

Thank you to Mr. Doug Bodie for taking the FCJH 8th-grade students on the Washington, DC, trip! They had an Awesome trip!

Shout out to Nancy Moore! Thank you for planning & taking the FCJH 8th-grade students to Washington, DC! They had a great trip!

Mr. Matt Sweetman is a kind, fun, and caring teacher! He truly cares for his students. My child really likes gym class because he makes exercise fun! Thank you, Mr. Sweetman, for all you do for our students!

Mr. Doug Bodie has been a great example for my son. He teaches with passion. My son strives to do well for Mr.Bodie. I appreciate his ability to get kids to work hard!

In my son’s words, “Mrs. Anna Claire Bradbury is a great teacher.” That says a lot when an 8th-grade boy says that! I’m grateful she’s made learning a good experience for her students. Your work with my son is much appreciated!

Mr. Keegan Cline has been fantastic for my son! My 8th grader strives to do well for Mr. Cline. He speaks highly of how Mr. Cline conducts the class and treats students. It must run in the family – because my son loved his mom as a teacher, also! Thank you for all you do, Mr. Cline!

Mrs. Kallie Palmer has carried a special place in my son’s education. Even though he’s not had her for a couple of years, he still talks about her. I’m grateful she was so good to my son. And she’s done a great job of raising her own son as a favorite teacher of ours now. Thank you, Mrs. Palmer!

Nurse Andrea Banta is so invested in the students and their health. I appreciate how hard she works to keep our kids safe. I’m grateful someone so kind works in our school system.

Thank you, Nurse Krista Holmes, for taking care of our students! I appreciate all the work it takes to keep a Junior High healthy. You have been so kind and compassionate to my family through the years. Thank you!

Mrs. Samantha Warner has been a great example for my son! He has enjoyed school so much – a lot credited to CyberFlashes and Yearbook. I appreciate you leading my son through his 8th-grade year. Thank you, Mrs. Warner!

Thank you, Mrs. Dawn VanBlarcum, for being so kind to my son. He speaks highly of how fair you run your classroom. He’s enjoyed this semester with you. I appreciate how hard you work for your students.

Mrs. Laura Reilly has been great for my 8th-grade son! She has stayed constant in her support, especially when he struggles. When Math started clicking for him, he delights in getting a compliment from her. I appreciate how she steadily keeps expectations from her students. My son is lucky to have her!

A Shout-Out to Becky Heimann. I love your class! my first-period class is not the best, but when I come into your class, I feel so much better. I really do appreciate everything you do.

Mrs. Jacqueline Reed is the best! My son has struggled with math in the past, but with her teaching style, he’s excelling. She is a very nice person and has been willing to help when needed. Mrs. Reed is his favorite teacher this year!

Ms. Taylor Kozarits is the most selfless teacher I have ever interacted with. She puts all of the time she can into her students and cares for each of them individually. She holds my son accountable but also makes sure he knows that she cares about his learning. We are so thankful for her!

Miss Alejandra Chavez works so hard for her students. She supports them and does everything she can to help them grow and be successful in math class. If I had my own children, I would be so happy if my kids were in her class!

A Shout-Out to Markita Johnson! Thanks for being so friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work!

Tim Allen is quietly a hero in the Junior High. He works hard to keep the school going. I appreciate the years of effort I’ve seen him exhibit between South Creek and the Junior High. Thanks, Tim, for always being kind to me and my boys.

Mrs. Laurie Irwin has been a lasting example for my son. She is so patient and good with her students. My son has learned classroom and life lessons from Mrs. Irwin. He’s currently moved on a grade but continues to talk about what she taught him. Invaluable!

Mrs. Rachel Knapp isn’t just a teacher; she’s an excellent teacher. She is very interactive with her students and rarely has to use Gold Passes to redirect her students. It just shows how Mrs. Knapp is a great teacher. So she definitely deserves GOLD with Distinction!

Mrs. Laurie Irwin has stayed after school to help my son get caught up in her Science class. She cares deeply about her students!

A Shout-Out to Megan Horton! I want to compliment this teacher because she teaches me so many things for my life ahead that I will definitely use in my future. She made me a better person by giving me life lessons about all of the troubles you will go through in the future and how you can face those troubles in many different ways. She is a very kind-hearted teacher that will make you never want to leave her class ever because she is a really wonderful teacher/person I have ever met in my life.

A Shout-Out to Kaitlin Ellis! I want to complement this teacher because she is so kind to me and is so awesome. She is the best teacher I have ever met in my years of going to school. I say this because she helps me with so many things in my life and in school that help me a lot. She is the best teacher ever, and when I go off to high school next year, I wish she would come to the high school with me because she is a really big impact on my life.

A Shout-Out to Jake Smalley! Thank you for encouraging us and cheering us on when we were playing on the stage for our orchestra concert.

Jason Gorrell is a pleasure to work with. He’s got time and a smile for everyone, even on his most hectic days. He is tirelessly compassionate, always looking for the most positive and effective outcomes for each student, regardless of the choices that they’ve made. Beyond a Dean, many students see him as a trusted confidante and someone they can count on to share wise words of advice.

Tara Cusimano started with us this year immediately firing on all cylinders. She’s a compassionate confidante to our students, and she can be counted on to excel through the toughest situations. She’s firm but fair, and students love her for it, whether they can admit it or not.

Cynthia LaFara is steadfast and resilient through the most difficult situations with our students. She has a great sense of humor and is always the one to keep things positive. She’s a bastion of calmness.

Natalie Jarvis is always so patient and kind through difficult circumstances with our students. She’s got a big heart- more than one student recognizes her as their favorite. We couldn’t do things without her.

A Shout-Out to Halie Wills! She always makes sure you are doing okay and will talk to you about anything you need; being around Mrs. Wills makes me happy, and she makes it known that everyone is welcome in this school and in her room.

A Shout-Out to Eryn Calfee! She is always there to teach me and other students but also makes class fun. Every time we come into the classroom she always makes sure we are ok. Thank you, Ms. Calfee.

A Shout-Out to Chris Hodgson! There is a lot to be said about Mr. Hodgson, but simply he is great! He loves what he does, and it shows. I know my son wouldn’t be the percussionist he is today without his teachings.

A Shout-Out to Kristine Hosler! My child is always eager to tell me about what they’ve learned or activities that they’ve done in Kristine Hosler’s Social Studies class. Mrs. Hosler finds creative ways to make learning fun and relevant. She’s an excellent communicator and does a great job of keeping parents in the loop and also helping them talk to their students about the important concepts being covered in her classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Hosler!

Spec Ed Dept Head, Mrs. Kaitlin Ellis, works tirelessly in her role. She knows her stuff and is happy to help others. We appreciate all her efforts.

7th grade Math i.a; Mrs. Meredith Bryant works diligently with our students and our teachers. We are lucky to have her at FCJH!

7th grade Math teacher Mrs. Kallie Palmer attends many Annual Case Conferences. She comes prepared and is candid while remaining professional. She previously taught math at Kitley, so she can see the growth of our kiddos. We are lucky to have her here at FCJH.

Kaitlin Ellis has taken everything this year in stride and has helped lead her department through it all! She goes above and beyond to help FCJH be a great place to learn and grow!

Markita Johnson is one of the first people up and about in the morning, and she always has a smile on her face! Her positivity helps start the staff’s days on the right track, and she radiates happiness to everyone she sees. Her spirit is infectious!

Mr. Ben Belt is an amazing counselor! He jumps in to support students and staff whenever he can and has really stepped up on the counseling team this year. Mr. Belt works hard to discover what motivates his students and creates awesome opportunities to celebrate their achievements. Thank you for all you do, Mr. Belt!

Anna Claire Bradbury is a stellar teacher! She thinks creatively, explains thoroughly, and engages respectfully with all students and staff. Her students are focused and want to do well for her. Anna Claire contributes so much to FCJH by sharing her skills in PD sessions, cheering on her bubble students, and communicating with others about how everyone can best support the students. I feel so lucky to work with Anna Claire!

A Shout-Out to Mrs. Catherine Whitson! You always help us out in the community and always show a smile, and you are very nice!

Mrs. Lydia Rhodes has been one of the few teachers in my son’s life who has shown him compassion and understanding. She has proven she genuinely cares for her students and enjoys what she does. She goes above and beyond to make contact with parents to give positive feedback and encouragement. We’re so lucky to have her as an educator!

Madyson Calfee is the best person to have representing FCJH in the front office! She always has a smile on her face, a positive comment to share, and a sincere interest in what others have to say. She is an invaluable member of our team, and I really appreciate her!

I really enjoy seeing Miss Madyson Calfee every time I visit the front office! She learned who I was and whose kiddo is mine very quickly, and she makes us feel like we matter. She now calls my daughter by name, which goes a long way when it makes someone feel seen. As a parent, I will always be thankful for that. Miss Calfee is always pleasant and professional, and I’m thankful for her smile that lights up her whole face! 🙂

I’m so thankful for Mrs. Amanda Fleming this year! My daughter really needed a pick-me-up one day, and Mrs. Fleming used her prep period to find my daughter and make sure she was ok. She takes time in class to make sure my daughter feels seen and to let her know she’s there for her. Even if it’s a small gesture, it goes a LONG way. As a parent, I will be forever grateful for her kindness.

Mrs. Dawn VanBlarcum has been more than a teacher to my daughter this new semester. She’s been a caring adult/friend who makes my daughter feel seen. She’s someone my daughter trusts and really enjoys spending time with….especially their one on ones. 😉 Mrs. VanBlarcum is a blessing!

Mrs. Laurie Irwin is an amazing teacher! She pushes her students to be the best they can be. She is kind and funny, all while getting her point across. She truly is a blessing at FCJH!

Mr. Mathew Noggle had the best class on January 25, 2023, for Synchronous Learning Day! He had the most professional setup and hosted a great class for all of his students! Well done, and thank you, Mr. Noggle!

Scott Erp is an amazing member of the FCJH family! He is always smiling, greeting people in the hallway, and doing whatever he can to support students and staff! Thank you, Scott!

Mrs. Kristine Hosler makes Social Studies fun! She always tries to make things engaging and even dresses up! The activities she does in class help make Social Studies relatable. Thank you, Mrs. Hosler!

Mrs. Kallie Palmer makes math accessible to so many students! Thank you for hosting math tutoring on Thursdays. It is so nice to know our kids can get help, and they are feeling more confident in math because of it.

Mrs. Kristen Lovell is the best! She has helped so many kids with the 7th-grade math tutoring on Thursday mornings, and she is always willing to be there when someone needs her.

Mrs. Elizabeth Crumble-Graham always has a smile on her face and greets students and staff with such positivity in the hallway. I appreciate all the work she puts in to make our school a great place for everyone!

Mrs. Brianne Bartolomucci is an amazing presence at FCJH! She works so hard each day and always has a smile on her face and time for students who need her support. Thank you for always working hard to keep everyone safe and ensure a calm school day!

Shout-out to Shanna Brinegar! I’m a sub at FCJH and have to go through the office. Shanna is always there and always has such a delightful smile on her face and attitude in her words. She makes it a pleasant place to come to sub.

Mr. Hamm’s smile and laugh can put anyone in a good mood. He brings great energy to the school and to the students. He’s always quick to cover classes when team members are absent – which makes my job easier too. But my favorite thing about Mr. Hamm is when he reminds us all…..”Happy Fri-Yay”!

Mrs. Laurie Irwin has a special ability with her teaching that students carry with them for life. I had one child that was blessed to have her as a science teacher. She is a cheerleader, a mentor, a mediator, and an amazing person. Her eyeball lessons are still talked about in our household 5 years later.

Ms. Jennifer O’Connor is an amazing person! She treats all kids with such care and respect. Her positive energy and humor brighten up the building, and she knows how to make everyone feel welcome. She is an invaluable member of the FCJH family!

Franklin Central High School 

Ms. Heather Campbell’s class is always my favorite. Even when the rest of the day hasn’t gone well, Ms. Campbell tries to make the best of it and make class fun. She lights up the room, and her earring game is unmatched.

Mrs. Kara Atkinson made the class fun for me again. She is always interested in what is going on with the class and encourages us to be the best we can be. Atkinson is always energetic and brings light to my days.

Jared Yoder is always working to create a positive environment and energize the classroom. Even when I’m not too excited to be in class, I can appreciate the work that Yoder puts into all of his work with us. He has been my biggest supporter throughout high school, and I couldn’t have asked for a better director!

Shawn McMahon is the best Econ teacher anyone could ask for. He’s extremely entertaining and upbeat and always makes me look forward to class.

Mrs. Alex Levy, we love you so much and can’t wait to see the baby! Thank you for all that you do you are an amazing teacher, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.

Ms. Becca Lang, I can’t even put on this paper how much you mean to us you help me get through every day, and when I have bad ones, I know I can come to you. We all love you so so much, and we can’t thank you enough, Ms. Lang. The hardest part of graduating is going to be saying goodbye to you.

Mr. Bryan Cornelius is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t be where I am without him. He cares about each and every one of his students dearly. Mr. Cornelius saw something in me that I never thought I could see in myself. He encouraged me more and more every day to keep going and that everything will be okay! He’s a great mentor, teacher, and leader! I couldn’t think of a better way to show him that I appreciate him other than nominating him for the FT Staff Shout-Out!

Mr. Bryan Cornelius is the best teacher ever!! He made me love History class.

Mrs. Amanda Hodge is the best English teacher, and she taught me how to mail a letter! Thanks!

Mr. Bryan Cornelius is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He’s helped me so much with mental health and realizing everything is going to be okay. He’s easy to talk to and always able to put a smile on someone’s face! That’s why I think he deserves this Shout-Out. To give him credit for all he has done to support me for the past 2 years!

A Shout-Out to Justin Armbruster! The only Math teacher that I have actually been able to learn successfully from without struggling.

Josh Pierson, you are a great nice teacher and one of the nicest people I have ever met. You are a great teacher and a great coach!

A Shout-Out to Aubrey Duncan! You are a cool teacher!

A Shout-Out to Robert Robertson! Thanks for pushing us in weights and football!

Kara Atkinson has done an outstanding job in her first year as the Department Chair for the English Department. Her organization and communication skills have been great for us. She is always willing to listen and help, and she makes things as easy and accessible for us as she can. I appreciate her and all of the support she provides for our department. Thank you!

A Shout-Out to Brittany Musgrave! You are amazing!

A Shout-Out to Justin Armbruster! He is the funniest teacher!

Mrs. Sharon Gardner-Baker is one of the sweetest teachers I’ve ever had, and she always checks up on me. She’s understanding and just an amazing teacher in general.

Mrs. Gina Gaddis is a teacher that actually helped me learn Math and build up my problem-solving skills. While also teaching me Math, she helped me with my confidence in Track. She would support me when I ran and also off the field.

Mr. Daniel Lichtenberger allows students to feel comfortable in his classroom. He also teaches students lifelong skills that they will keep for the rest of their lives!

A Shout-Out to Jennifer Tetrick! Jennifer is funny and nice.

Mr. Kyle Schulz has done a great job teaching Chemistry this semester! He always takes the time to make labs fun and lessons exciting! Thanks for being a great teacher!

Anthony Maas is a great jazz musician and makes learning easier every day!

Emily Segrest is very kind and generous, and I love to get to her class every day! Also best dance coach!

Morgan Parkhurst is an amazing teacher and person as a whole. She has made coming to school enjoyable and makes her class exciting and engaging.

Derek Ellinger takes on so many responsibilities and still treats his students like his own kids!

Thank you, Evan Cooper, for welcoming and being great at giving advice not only school-wise but life-wise. He gives students a sense of trust to be able to come to him.

Miss Emily Segrest is an amazing teacher and all around great person. She is nothing but kind and willing to help whenever you need. Between balancing her education and her students, she does a wonderful job of reaching out and helping any student who needs it. She does anything and everything for her students, providing comments and constructive criticism of our work to prepare us and make us better students all around. She is a fantastic teacher, fun, awesome, and an excellent person to have around.

Cheri Commissiong is never just a teacher, but she is like a mother.

Mrs. Julia Lohan is an amazing teacher who cares for her students and teaches very, very well and makes it to where ALL of her students understand and can do her assignments. She helps people out with any assignment and makes sure to accommodate any students who need extra help or have a 504/IEP, and she makes her class work educational and very straightforward. She is also very nice and talks to ALL her students and even followed up with me after I didn’t have her class anymore!!!

Thank you very much, Mr. Shawn McMahon, for making US history both fun and exciting and also funny. I also really appreciate the freedom to take notes the way we’d like to ever since being switched teachers in the second semester, I found that I really missed that. I also felt like I was actually spoken to and cared about in your class instead of feeling like just another student who needed a grade. I hope to have you next year for econ! 😀

Jessica McKee is always looking out for her students. Always is understanding and helpful to everyone.

Mrs. Christy Addison is amazing at her job. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help by any means necessary. She is a blessing to this district!

Justin Armbruster is an awesome teacher and never fails to make sure everyone is okay and has what they need. He jokes around with everyone and truly can lighten anyone’s day. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, MR. ARMBRUSTER!!!!

This may be the first year of teaching for Ms. Morgan Parkurst, but she really showed that she was teaching for a while. I love the energy that she has every day in class. She’s really supportive, and I look forward to her class.

Mr. Andrew Knaup is a really great choir teacher. He makes sure everything is right with the notes of the song. He gives really good suggestions on how to sound better as a singer. His personality is so bubbly and fun, I look forward to his class every day.

Honestly, Madelynn Baker is the best teacher I have ever had in my entire school career. She always has a very upbeat and positive vibe and is very encouraging. I have never worked so hard in Math, but because of her class, I am putting in an effort.

Thank you, Emily Segrest, for being a good teacher and making English easy & fun to learn/understand.

Brooklyn Armstrong, thank you for all that you have done. You made a huge impact on my life, inspiring me to keep trying even when I might be failing.

Mr. Scott Fischer gives the best advice..very outgoing:)

Emily Segrest, you are the best teacher I could ever have. You have helped me through so much.

Mr. Justin Armbruster has helped me learn better. Whenever I need help, he is there. He encourages me to speak up and not shy away from it. I notice whenever any one of my classmates needs help, he puts everything to the side to go and help them immediately! The teacher you can count on.

Rebecca Davenport makes learning fun and enjoyable for her students. Always there to help when you need it! A teacher you can trust and count on!

Amy Lezon is an unsung hero of Franklin Central. She is so knowledgeable, talented, hardworking, and positive. She has a tremendous workload as the Special Education Department Head, but she is so cheerful, and I’ve never once heard her complain. She does so much behind the scenes for our students and staff that no one ever sees. She shows through her words and actions that she cares deeply about our students and families and is a tremendous asset to our township!

Mrs. Lisa Laker is the epitome of an AMAZING teacher! Her lessons are creative and engaging for students of all abilities. Her class is the highlight of my day. Thank you, Mrs. Laker, for all you do for your students! I want to be YOU when I grow up!

Mr. Shawn McMahon, without a doubt, has changed the way I look at learning and life. He treats all of his students with respect and as equals, and truly cares about their education, as well as their well-being. He will definitely always be my favorite and most memorable teacher. Thank you for all you do for us!

Ms. Brooklyn Armstrong is very nice, funny, and understanding. Anytime you need help or someone to talk to, she’s there for you.

Mrs. Lisa Laker is such an awesome teacher. She’s funny, and kind, and makes class so enjoyable. Thanks!

Mr. Colin Goss is the best teacher ever! He gives great advice, tells good stories, and is all around my favorite teacher. Thanks, Goss!

Mr. Ross Cooper is so funny, awesome, kind, and such a great teacher/role model. Thanks, Coop!

Ms. Diana Greene is such an awesome teacher!

Mrs. Amanda Hodge taught me how to write an email, which I’m so thankful for. She’s also such a great teacher and club leader. Thank you!!!

Mr. Tim Sokolowski is so funny, cool, and the best teacher. He truly makes me enjoy history class, and I look forward to his class each day.

I would like to share how much I enjoy this class and how interactive and helpful Mrs. Cherie Commissiong is. I have had nothing but good things to say about this program and this teacher. This class has taught me a plentiful amount about adult life. Mrs. Commissiong simply makes this class even better by talking to students, getting to know them more, and providing tips. She finds ways to give you more insight or get a professional to help you more understand the career you intend to have.

Jim Lindsey, I just want to say thank you for everything that you do for me and other students. You teach us how to be better inside and outside of school. You’ve taught me valuable life lessons. You give me faith that I can be better even when I think I can. Keep doing what you do.

Jim Lindsey, I appreciate you trying to help everybody with becoming a better student inside and outside of school. You are a great role model and keep doing what you do. You’ve told me to always want to learn, and I think that would help me inside and out of school. I will keep it short, but thank you for everything you do :).

Cherie Commisiong, you give a lot of opportunities to help teens do what they want with their future.

Cherie Commisiong, you create an atmosphere in the classroom that makes students feel like they can come to you and talk about anything. You provide clear, unconditional support as well as teach us skills that will be immeasurably beneficial throughout our careers and personal lives.

Jim Lindsey, you provide a safe and fair environment that makes students comfortable and engaged while connecting to you on a personal level.

Thank you, Mr. Kevin Moore, for always helping me out!

Mrs. Alex Levy, I know you haven’t spent much time with us, but you are such an amazing teacher and an amazing supporter. I can’t wait to see where your teaching journey takes you!! And can’t wait for the baby! We love you, Mrs. Levy.

I just want to thank Becca Lang for always being there and always caring about other people’s feelings. You are truly the best teacher anyone could ask for. You made the high school experience so much easier! We love you so much, Ms. Lang.

Madam Adrienne Qualls is the BEST. She’s an awesome teacher and makes French fun, not only for me but for the rest of the class. She’ll answer every single silly question we have for her every day. She has a great heart, and I’m honored to have her as a teacher.

Mr. Bryan Cornelius is an awesome teacher! He’s one of the kindest teachers I’ve ever had. He makes history fun to learn. When he asks how you are, you can tell he genuinely wants to know how you are. He is always willing to help/talk to you whenever you need. Overall a great person. Thank you, Mr. Cornelius!

Mr. Josh Pierson, or Coach P as he’s known among the students, truly made Senior Night with Unified Track so special. He filled the stands with his athletes and students as well as made them real “hype men/women” for our Unified Athletes. He came around near the completion of the field events to gather the student body to form a human tunnel for the athletes as they returned to the stadium. It was a wonderful night of school spirit and loud cheers as we celebrated not just our graduating Seniors, but all Unified participants. Thank you!

Jane Roberts is like a mother to me. She is a stand-in mom for me when mine won’t listen to me. She is a confident, strong, woman. I look up to her, and I’m extremely grateful to have her in my life.

Mrs. Andrea McKeeman goes above and beyond for the students and staff of FCHS. She is always willing to step into a classroom as a guest teacher or welcome students into the Media Center for an interactive lesson. Her dedicated efforts help bring so many wonderful opportunities to the students of Franklin Central.

A Shout-Out to Kori Jarchow! The best coach any speechie could have ever asked for!

Mrs. Jenny Weis, you are a fantastic teacher and have just made my learning experience that much more amazing and you just absolutely slay the day!

Mr. Joe Fleckenstein is one of the best teachers that I have ever had. He cares about his students and always listens to what we have to say. He understands that we have busy lives and that it is hard to be a student, work a job, and play a sport all at the same time. He is always willing to help us with whatever we need. He is amazing at what he does, and you can tell he truly enjoys it as well. He always tries his best to make things as easy as possible for us, and he doesn’t get the credit that he deserves.

A Shout-Out to Vince Cerbone! He is always nice and jokes with the students.

Jessica Lee is hardworking, kind, and ambitious. She is an incredible Athletic Secretary and is such a wonderful Vice-President for the Band Booster Board! She’s also the best mom to her three kiddos! Thank you, Jessica, for everything you do!

Mrs. Allyson Blackburn always tries to help her students to the best of her abilities. She’s helped me multiple times with things I struggle with, and I appreciate her so much for that. Thank you, Mrs. Blackburn, you’re the best.

Mrs. Amanda Hodge is someone that is truly amazing at her job. She is my favorite teacher and is so much more than that. You can tell she really cares about her students and wants them all to succeed. She is hardworking, funny, smart, and such a nice person. Mrs. Hodge is a teacher that has impacted my life in a positive way and someone I will always remember and look up to. Thank you for all you do.

Mrs. Lindsey Bramell is quite literally my favorite teacher I’ve ever had. I cannot even begin to explain how much she has changed my outlook on life and how much I look up to her. She is incredible. She always knows exactly what to say to make us smile. She is so easy to talk to and helped me enjoy math, even when it is not my favorite subject. I love Mrs. Bramell!

Mr. Wes Ford was so helpful in getting two giant trash cans of scrap wood into my van for the 8th-grade balloon launch at FCJH! We truly appreciate your willingness to help!

Mr. Brian Scholl helped provide the wood for the 8th-grade balloon launch last year and this year. He is always very helpful and easy to work with! FCJH really appreciates his willingness to make our special event happen! Thank you so much!

Mrs. Amanda Hodge is a great teacher and soooo funny and kind, and she’s amazing. And she’s taught me a lot this year, and she’s done a great job. Thank you, Mrs. Hodge!

Mr. Tim Sokolowski has done awesome work, and makes me love history class!

Mr. Dan Lyng has poured his heart and soul into The Addams Family! I have personally seen the impact he has on his students! I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for my student! The confidence and pride that he has given his students will stay with them for their entire lives. I want Mr. Lyng to know that he is doing an amazing job and his efforts have not gone unnoticed! Break a leg!!

A Shout-Out to Courtney Smiley! Thank You so much for helping me get through high school. It has definitely been challenging, but you have helped me succeed. You have encouraged me to keep going, and never quit.

Mr. Dieter Hammerstein is so friendly and happy in the morning. He does a great job of greeting teachers and taking the time to personally check in and say hello. Additionally, he is always available to help with situations when needed. Thank you!

Mrs. Chelsea Holmes never fails to make somebody’s day. She can always turn your whole day around, and I wish everyone could have an opportunity to be in her class. Mrs. Holmes would go out of her way for you for something no other teacher I’ve had would. She has made a huge impact on me, and I’m going to be forever grateful for her. Thank you, Mrs. Holmes.

Diana Greene was by far my favorite teacher. She always supported me with my educational journey and pushed me to become the best future teacher I can be. I simply don’t know where I would be without her.

Karen Ford is the most OUTSTANDING and caring Special Education Teacher. The time she gives to these students is amazing, and they adore her. She has helped my son soooo much, and he really listens and responds so well to her.

A Shout-Out to Val Thoreson; you’ve been a wonderful colleague (and you were an amazing teacher to me, too!), and I’ll miss seeing your smiling face every day. I’ll also miss your advice, your professionalism, and your diligence. While your retirement is still about two months away, FC won’t be the same without you in it.

Mrs. Alicia Dirr is such an engaging teacher. She works so hard to create a love of science in her students. She is so appreciated for all of her hard work!

Mr. David Fengya does a great job leading the Social Studies Department. Thanks for your leadership! We appreciate you!

Mr. Vince Cerbone does a fantastic job bringing geography and history alive for his students. He is always coming up with new ideas and great discussion activities to help his students make connections between their lives and the rest of the world.

Mrs. Stephanie Burnett is a phenomenal educator. She is a kind and calming presence in our building. Additionally, she is a tremendous role model to other teachers in our building, demonstrating how to form relationships with students and always be consistent, compassionate, and calm in all situations.

A Shout-Out to Abigail Schaefer! She is very understanding of all different circumstances and just as silly as she is strict!

Ms. Emily Richards is a fantastic teacher. First, I want to thank Ms. Richards, a teacher who inspired and influenced me into who I am today. She is my English as a New Language teacher. In addition, I have had her class for four years in FC. She helps me improve my English and stops me from overthinking. She is a patient, caring, and positive teacher. Lastly, A Shout-Out to Ms. Emily Richards.

Mr. Vince Cerbone is a great teacher! Not only is he humorous, but his teaching is really helpful. I found myself most successful when I was in his class. He makes the class feel like one big friend group.

Mr. Andrew Knaup makes choir so fun every day! He is a great teacher and very funny. We learn so much from him, and he is very hard-working.

Mrs. Kara Atkinson shows up consistently and handles hard topics with amazing grace. She is easily one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Toni Galas is one of the best math teachers I’ve had ever in my history of high school. I feel like she genuinely notices and helps me with my work while still making school fun. She brought a whole new idea of math class to me this year!

Ms. Brooklyn Armstrong is such an amazing person. She is so sweet and understanding. She cares about everyone and wants everyone to be happy. My favorite thing she does is the weekly check-ins. It helps her get to know us better, and we get the feeling that someone cares about us. She is so supportive of everyone and always listens to others. She knows and understands that we are humans that have lives outside of school. She truly is like a ray of sunshine.

Mrs. Diana Eckert kept me going this semester. Not only does she make you feel like it’s possible to pass her class, but she creates a learning environment where even high schoolers like me can be excited about learning again. She keeps you on your toes and definitely makes you accountable, and gives you real-life lessons for the outside world. Thank you for everything you do!

Mr. Jared Yoder radiates joy! My son recently joined the FC Choir Family, and Mr. Yoder has made this transition an absolutely amazing experience for him thus far! He and I are looking forward to making more friends and memories in this program! Thank you, Mr. Yoder, for sharing your joy with your students and their families!

A Shout-Out to Payton Oberting! Payton gave a student the Heimlich maneuver without hesitation when that student was choking. She did a great job at staying calm in a very stressful situation!

Mitch Salyers is one of the best multitaskers I know- raising 5 kids, dealing with Florida hurricane devastation to his house, taking college math courses to become dual credit certified, dealing with all of my questions when planning Finite class, owning a daycare and teaching a full load at FC!! You are the best- thank you for all you do!!

I’m not in Ms. Emily Segrest’s class this year, but I wish I was. In her Honors English class last year, she was the best introduction to FC that I could’ve possibly asked for. Her personality and classroom are so welcoming, and I always looked forward to walking in every morning, every day. She really seems to care about her students and always asked us about how we were doing and what we were looking forward to with genuine interest. Thank you, Ms. Segrest, for being one of the favorite teachers I’ve ever had.

A Shout-Out to Stephanie Dodd! She is one of the most caring and thoughtful teachers I’ve ever had. She truly cares about the health and mental well-being of all of her students. She works incredibly hard and does it all with a smile on her face. I love Miss Dodd!!!

A Shout-Out to Matt Ward! He was very nice and funny, and he still talks to me.

Franklin Township is so fortunate to have a teacher like Mr. Brad Gardner. He cares so deeply about his students and provides such a nurturing environment inside his classroom. He not only shapes the musicians of tomorrow, but he also prepares our Flashes for the real world. He inspires many on a daily basis and is a perfect example of what it means to be a Flash.

A Shout-Out to Jared Yoder! The best choir director ever, god emperor of Ambassadors and High Voltage, and truly an amazing teacher and an inspiration to everyone I know.

Mr. Brad Gardner has helped me so much with improving my vocals and teaching me how to be a better singer, and increasing my vocal quality. Throughout the 4 years of high school, my love for choir has grown so much, and due to Mr. Gardner, I will continue to use his vocal technique and the things he has taught me as I go to college.

Mrs. Nikki Cerbone is always there to cheer up students and do absolutely anything she can to help them academically. She is very patient, caring, and understanding. She is overall an amazing teacher. I am so thankful for her and everything she does here at Franklin Central High School.

I loved watching Aimee Caffey TEACH her math students. First, the lesson is prompting students for questions all the way through. Then walking around to every student to see if they were on track or if they needed help. She made the trip around the room more than once! She is an AWESOME teacher!!

Not only is Jane Roberts amazing at making sure every class is covered super early in the morning, but she’s also so kind to everyone she meets.

Shout-out to Jennifer Arnold for organizing the Junior Flashes Volleyball League. The league’s recent culminating tournament ran smoothly and was a great experience for so many young FC athletes. I was so impressed by the hard work and positive attitude I saw in so many people — high school and junior high coaches who worked games, student-athletes who coached and worked with younger players, and several volunteers who committed their time with a smile. The atmosphere was fun and energetic. Thanks for a great season, Jen!

Aubrey Duncan is so good at building relationships with students. She and some students started a Zoology Club at FC, and it is very popular. Aubrey has a way of connecting with students and talking with them when they are feeling down or just talking with them in general. She is a great asset to FC.

Mrs. Gretchen Krammes does an excellent job scheduling and balancing her job. She is an excellent support to our students at the high school and provides a safe place for many of the children who may not have that experience at home. Many of the students go to her as a safe haven.

A Shout-Out to Vince Cerbone! I love hearing from my son that the class is hard, but at the same time, saying Vince is a good teacher and he really learns a lot in the class.

Thank you, Miss Toni Galas, for being so positive, considerate, and understanding of not only your students but the rest of the school and faculty. I look forward to your class every day and being able to challenge myself. I appreciate all that you have done for us in your class and being patient as we all work through difficult problems. So happy to have you as one of my teachers!

A Shout-Out to Amber Darst! Thank you for helping out in all educational environments and working so hard to go above and beyond!! Your friends at the Franklin Township Learning Center, thank you so much!!

Mrs. Tracey Streit is the Best Science Teacher out there. She makes the subject so fun with her amount of energy and fun ways of teaching. I’ve never had a better teacher!

A Shout-Out to Brad Gardner! Thank you for your dedication, love, and support to your students and to the choir program. I’m thankful my student has such a positive and encouraging teacher as yourself.

A Shout-Out to Jeremy Cromer! You have helped me so much throughout engineering and high school in general. You always make class so fun and interesting with a new project around each and every corner. Thank you for never giving up on me!

A Shout-Out to Rebecca Hough! Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. You have helped guide me through AP Language and never fail to make class fun even if all we do is write essays. You always have the biggest smile on your face, no matter if you are having a terrible day or a great one. I am always so excited to come to class and learn. Thank you!

A Shout-Out to Julia Lohan! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in as a teacher and coach. You have helped guide the dance team to where they are now, and we are forever grateful. Thank you.

A Shout-Out to Emily Segrest! You never fail to put a smile on people’s faces and always make everything so fun. The dance team thanks you for an awesome season and so many more to come!

Mr. Brad Gardner is one of the hardest-working people I know! He is always helping kids be the best students, performers, and people. He always has a positive impact on everyone he meets and comes into school ready to go above and beyond.

A Shout-Out to Becca Lang! She is an amazing teacher. Almost all students that have her love her. She’s really understanding. She understands mental health a lot. She is always so happy, even when it’s 7:30 in the morning. She is one of the most sweetest and smiling people ever. She’s always there for me.

I love Mrs. Stephanie Kaster. She is always there for me and pushes me to do more. She keeps me going. She is just a happy soul. When I see her, I always smile. I feel comfortable talking to her about everything. She always knows how to help and always listens!

A Shout-Out to Emily Segrest! I always struggled with English, but no matter how hard-headed I was, she was always willing to help. She also cares for her student’s mental health. She is always someone I know I can talk to and trust. She is like a school mom to me. I love Ms. Segrest.

A Shout-Out to Tara McKenzie-Erp! Always working around the crazy schedule of a student volunteer and communicating effectively with the student’s teacher! Thank you so much for all you do to encourage and facilitate the goals of our students! 

A Shout-Out to Nikki Cerbone! Going the extra mile with communicating for working with a student who needs a little extra love! You rock!

Kellie Ruley never hesitates to answer any questions I have and does it so joyfully. She’s been a big help to my son by allowing him to keep his sports equipment in her office area, so he doesn’t have to carry them around with him all day. FCHS is very blessed to have Kellie, and I’m so blessed to know her.

Jodi Denton is one of those teachers where you can truly tell she loves what she does. FTCSC is so blessed to have her. Mrs. Denton will go above and beyond for any of her students. She quickly identifies when a student is struggling and quickly finds a solution. She is truly on top of it, always working so hard. Not to mention, she totally changed my son’s perception of school. He loves school and enjoys anytime he can work with Mrs. Denton. Thank you, Mrs. Denton!

Jill Starliper is my “super senior’s” teacher in the Special Education program, and she has been such a godsend to Dawson and our family over the past week. Dawson started displaying some really scary neurological symptoms, and Ms. Starliper went above and beyond to make sure Dawson was taken care of and got the help he needed. She kept notes of everything happening at school and was instrumental in helping us figure out what was going on with Dawson to help get him better. We feel so blessed to have her, the IAs, and the nurses supporting Dawson at FC!

I would like to give a shout-out to Tami Jacobs. She made a difference in my family’s life. She views students as real people versus just a number. As a school counselor, I believe she works with hundreds of students EACH year. I appreciate the light she shines in such dark places. Her kindness was felt when she took so much time to talk with me as a concerned parent. Her ability to think outside of the box proved to be so valuable. We are blessed to know her. As a parent, I plan to stay in touch with her for years to come. And support her through daily prayer. She is a blessing to Franklin Township!

Mr. Jared Yoder, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your love of music and performing with your students! Thank you for being creative, compassionate, and understanding. Thank you for instilling the values of responsibility and hard work in your students. You are a grand champion of educators!

A Shout-Out to Tracey Streit! Thank you for being caring, compassionate, and an amazing teacher. We appreciate the way you get to know your students and their individual needs. Thank you for all you do!

We appreciate the way Mrs. Julie Doty goes out of her way to care for her students. She cares about them as much as she cares about what they learn. Thank you for being so compassionate and caring!

A Shout-Out to Nikki Cerbone! She has a great way of teaching her students! I love how organized she is. A great teacher and will always help you!

A Shout-Out to Karen Ford! I cannot even begin to talk about the lifelong differences she makes with her students. She is kind and hard-working, and we can never thank her enough for her caring and dedication to teaching our son.

Mr. Rick French is a great teacher that makes Physics a very enjoyable and enticing subject! From a combination of labs, demonstrations, and even teaching style, you always tie Physics back to the real world, which keeps the class intriguing. Thank you, Mr. French!

Jenise Lawrence goes way above to come up with and create ways to help our students! She never stops or says no to help wherever she is needed!

Mrs. Julie Doty’s class is always the highlight of my daughter’s day! She is always planning fun and engaging activities. Thank you for going above and beyond and making learning fun!

A Shout-Out to Josh Pierson, one of the best teachers out there. He is always willing to help any student, no matter who they are or where they come from, and he never judges anyone. He changes students’ perspectives and makes students believe in themselves, and makes them actually want to learn!

Marty Hoskins never fails to put a smile on people’s faces. I say Marty is my school grandpa. I look forward to seeing Marty every morning right by the lunch room where he’s always at. It just makes my day so much better seeing all the officers. Marty never fails to make sure people are okay. He always knows you could ALWAYS have the worst day ever. Marty comes around, and it changes. I love Marty and every other police officer that’s helped keep our school safe!

Corey Mann is always so nice and makes sure I’m always ok. He never fails to put a smile on people’s faces. I could be having the worst day, and he puts a smile on my face. I go every morning to see all the officers. All the officers are my favorite!

Lori Leclear is the best teacher ever! She’s helped me through so much since freshman year when I was at my lowest and not wanting to do work. She definitely made sure I got it done and turned it in finally.

Mrs. Chelsea Holmes is the best! The rapport that she has with her students is unmatched; they absolutely adore her, and she serves as a shining light in so many of their lives. The work ethic she has towards curriculum design and preparing for her classes is outstanding, and her contributions to Franklin Central High School are above and beyond. Thank you for everything you do, Mrs. Holmes!

Madame Leslie Bradshaw goes above and beyond in creating a fun and welcoming classroom culture. She is always asking the class about our weekends and is always thrilled to see any pictures we share with her. Her go-with-the-flow personality never fails to make class fun and engaging. She is a truly gifted and amazing educator.

Mrs. Cassidy Corbin is kind and compassionate toward every student she comes across. She leads her class with zeal and excitement each and every day. Her energy can’t be matched. Her smile brings joy into the lives of her students. She is a walking example of a positive influence in so many students’ lives.

I can NOT thank Ms. Hough enough! My daughter struggles in ELA. Ms. Hough takes the time to make sure she understands and helps her when needed. Ms. Hough is my daughter’s favorite class of the day and teacher. Her stress level goes down when she is with Ms. Hough. Thank you, Ms. Hough, for investing in the kids. It is worth more than you know!

In a building full of excellent educators, Jessica Rittmeyer, in our FA Special Education Department, stands out to me as an MVP. She is one of the hardest-working teachers I’ve ever worked with. She takes on many of our biggest challenges in the Freshman Academy. She gives up her prep; she gives up her lunch; she covers classes; she works tirelessly to take care of every single one of her kids every day. There is always a smile on her face, and she radiates positivity. She has an enormous heart and genuinely cares for her school kids and co-workers. She inspires me to be a better teacher and a better person, and I’m sure she does the same for our students.

Payton Oberting is the most wonderful IA in the world! She is filled with great ideas, and she is wonderful to the students. She is very patient and kind to all. I’m so grateful to have her in my classroom!

Ms. Brooklyn Armstrong is giving her time and talents to develop young poets and spoken word performers in the Poetry Out Loud competition. The English Department appreciates her willingness to carry on the tradition of this important program and give our students the chance to shine on stage!

Kelly Miller is an incredibly hard worker. The last two years have been very challenging, but she continues to show up for her staff and students so that they can have a wonderful experience on the lunch lines. Her “can do” attitude shines daily, and through it all, she keeps her humor. She is an asset to both the Child Nutrition Department and the Franklin Central High School community!

It has been such a blessing to have Mrs. Hough as my son’s English teacher this year. My son has always struggled a bit in ELA, but it is now his favorite class as well as his best grade this school year. Mrs. Hough takes the time to make sure he understands his assignment and keeps me up to date with what is going on in class. Thank you, Mrs. Hough!

Mrs. Hough has been a great help to my daughter. My daughter struggles when it comes to ELA. Mrs. Hough has made this year so enjoyable for her. Mrs. Hough takes the time to check in on her, make sure she understands, and explain when she doesn’t. She truly cares about her students and wants them all to succeed.

Thank you to Franklin Central High School Receptionist Mrs. Kellie Ruley for her consistent professionalism and kindness to our students, parents, and community visitors. The front office is a daily bustle of excitement and challenges, and she handles each situation with grace. We appreciate you, Kellie!

Franklin Township Learning Center

Tracy Shoaff does a wonderful job working one on one with the students. She has a great rapport with them and helps them in their learning.

Oh my goodness, Miss Katie Brooks!! She is such a great teacher and knows the needs of each of her students. She makes learning fun for them and always has a positive attitude daily!

Liz Stocker helps where needed and puts the students first. Her care for the students is noticed.

Shannon Brezko works so hard to build relationships with the students she works with, as well as the staff she collaborates with. She goes above and beyond to ensure students can access their learning environment, while also working to build student confidence, all while bringing joy to staff and students!

Meghan Greenwell always goes out of her way to be supportive of her students. She has helped me past any struggles I have had since finding out I was going blind, even helping prepare scholarship applications for college. I simply could not have made it through high school without an amazing teacher like her!

A Shout-Out to Arlene Skaggs! Thank you for your positivity & all that you do to keep the Learning Center running smoothly!

Meghan Greenwell has been a joy to work with this year! This is my first year having a student on Meghan’s caseload. She truly cares about all of her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure the student’s needs are met. She is always checking in to make sure I have everything I need to support my students. She is always such a positive light each week when she comes to see my students. It has been such a pleasure to work with Meghan this year!

A Shout-Out to Teresa Brown! She’s chill and helps me with work.

A Shout-Out to Holly Wolski! I have never had such a laid-back teacher like her before. She’s always there to help and listen.

Lauren Bolsinger has the patience of a Saint! She is truly gifted in working with the students, and we are so appreciative of all she does!

Mrs. Joy Koeller is truly a remarkable teacher, and I am so glad she is there. My son responds so well to her and feels safe and happy in her room. We are so lucky!

A Shout-Out to Jon Eckerle! Truly the most amazing Principal. He wears so many hats and does so many things for the students. The place would never be the same without him!

Rachel Brooks works well with her students and always goes above and beyond to make sure her students have everything they need. She even scheduled a Google Meet for a student to see a former teacher because she knew how much the student missed her former teacher. Way to go, Miss Brooks! #WeAreFlashes

Meghan Greenwell is an incredible teacher! She is always thinking of her students’ needs and finding new, creative ways to engage and support them. She’s a bright light to all who interact with her because of the positivity she spreads. Her BLV kiddos are blessed to have Meghan’s support and advocacy!!

Kelli Link goes above and beyond for her students! She is always working hard to accommodate and advocate for them and ensure their needs are met. She’s also constantly looking for ways to improve our DHH program in Franklin Township and finding new ways to support students’ differing needs. FTCSC and her students are lucky to have her!!

Rachel Haydon is a teacher for the blind and visually impaired and is working to help teach our daughter mobility training with a white cane, braille, and more. Many people may not realize such a position exists with FT schools. I know I did not prior to my daughter’s vision loss over the last year. She has been such a blessing to our family. She is understanding, caring, and compassionate and keeps learning fun. She works creatively to meet Rowan at her level and interests, and she’s always willing to listen to suggestions that work at home, and she has Rowan’s best interests at heart while meeting learning goals. She collaborates with and educates other staff on how to work with blind individuals to create inclusive opportunities for Rowan. She’s taught my husband and me quite a lot and is responsive and optimistic, which we feel is so valuable. We appreciate all that she does!

A Shout-Out to Alexis Beardsley! Thanks so much for stepping out of your comfort zone and attending jobs that you normally don’t attend.

A Shout-Out to Jon Eckerle! Thanks for always taking care of staff and students and working hard to make sure staff and subs are available to help everyone have a successful day!

Erica Quinn is such a blessing! She is dedicated to serving our community well through SPARC! She has made a difference in so many lives! We want to thank her for all she does to make FT a better place!

Lauren Bolsinger is always so helpful and kind. We truly appreciate everything she does for our son!

A Shout-Out to Joy Koeller! Thank you for providing a safe and successful environment for the students. My son is doing so amazing under your teaching, and I have never seen him be so successful.

Erica Quinn is always smiling and upbeat – no matter what is going on! She is such a pleasure to work with – and truly a compassionate advocate for her students.

Becca Smilie’s past work as an ABA Behavior Therapist has made her an awesome resource in our Essential Skills Classroom. She handles the challenging moments of our day calmly and confidently. Our students are so lucky to have her!

Joy Ramsey from the Essential Skills Classroom has gone above and beyond to assist with making sure all students can participate in craft and classroom activities. We are so grateful she is with us!

Jess Manfield has been helping students complete independent living skills every morning this week! She assists students with laundry, hygiene, and self-regulation strategies. Thank you, Jess!

FTCSC Facilities Department

I would like to give a Shout-Out to Shane Cooper! Thank you so much for helping out at South Creek. I appreciate all your hard work.

Tiffany Davis is such a ray of sunshine when she comes into our building. Although she is busy going from school to school, she takes the time to stop and chat with us and ask how we’re doing. We are so lucky to have such a genuine person working for FT.

Wayne Denton comes to the rescue with a smile every single time! He really is a “jack of all trades” kind of guy who gets stuff done. He seems to enjoy his job and is really good at it. He’s professional yet witty, which makes working with him extra enjoyable.

FTCSC Transportation Department

Mr. Bryan Tanner is like a grandpa to my girls! He is absolutely wonderful, and his hard work shouldn’t go unknown! Thanks, Mr. T, for loving our family!

Sharon Lewis is so accommodating and willing to get things done for kiddos, especially ones with special needs! This lady has gone above and beyond for my kids the whole time we have been an FT family! Thank you, Sharon!

Mr. John Merrill is an amazing monitor! We want to thank him for his kindness always!

Sandy Brock is always so quick to jump in and do what needs to be done! She has treated my daughter like her own family. We are forever grateful for this wonderful woman!

Jeff Whitsett, you make all your kids feel comfortable and safe while caring for each and every one. You make us feel like we have someone to talk to about anything from the random and mundane to personal things without being judged. Thank you!

Miss Brittany Tolbert has a fan club at Kitley! It’s fun to hear how excited the students are to talk about how much they enjoy their bus driver. You’re a big part of their day. You set the tone. Thank you so much for all you do!

Thank you, Sherri Webb, for always helping out! We appreciate you and your hard work!!

Thank you, Kim Snorten, for being such a wonderful bus driver!

A Shout-Out to Steve Shaw! What can I say? This place wouldn’t be the same without him. He is just great!

Thank you, Steve Shaw, for leading our team! Your hard work is noticed!

Thank you, Steve Cullingford, for always helping when asked! You Rock!!

Thank you, Paula Roessler, for leading our department in a wonderful prayer. Your kindness is AMAZING!!

Tonia Lynch is always very helpful with any questions I have. She always seems to be eager to help. Thanks for all the wonderful support you provide!

A Shout-Out to Tracy Chamberlain! Just love her! Team player Always looking out for people helping out when needed! Love her kiddos on her bus! And I know she making an impression on them as we know we need more people like this to be around our kids! They just love her as much as she loves them!

A Shout-Out to Tonia Lynch! I just love how she has stepped up in her role! Staying later than she normally would be and being there for you when you need her! She has a big heart! And loves what she does! Love her!

Amy Mendoza is a devoted Bus Monitor. You can tell she really cares for the students she works with. It’s a wonderful feeling as a parent knowing my children are deeply loved by whom they ride the bus with. My children are so excited to tell me when Ms. Amy rode their bus that afternoon. And quickly give me updates on her own children. I feel like I myself know who Ms. Amy is. We are thankful for her in so many ways.

Thank you, Sharon Lewis! My daughter lost her car key on the bus going to C9 earlier in the week. It simply slipped out of her pocket and wedged into the seat of the bus. Sharon took the time to go out and check both of the buses my daughter was on that day, and even though she was unable to find it, kept me informed. A couple of days later, the bus driver found her key, and Sharon immediately reached out to let me know it had been found. Thank you, Sharon, for not only keeping me informed but for caring enough to follow up later.

A Shout-Out to Tahnee Powell! Thank you for always stepping in where and when you are needed. You take great care of everyone that comes in your path. You are an amazing person, driver, monitor, and friend.

Ronda Baxter is instrumental in helping trainees learn the skills needed to drive routes and prepare to test.

Dana Nichols does a great job of helping train new employees to get their CDL!

Todd Livesay is an amazing leader that goes above and beyond on a daily basis for the best interest of the students of this township and the team that works for him. We are blessed to have him!

We’re lucky to have Ms. Sam Davis as our bus driver. She puts safety first and is always kind. She goes out of her way to do a great job and clearly takes pride in her work. My child looks forward to riding the bus, thanks in no small part to Ms. Davis. We appreciate you!

In addition to making our bus safer as our Bus Monitor, Ms. Tina Galindo goes out of her way to show students that she cares. When my child didn’t ride the bus for a few days, Ms. Tina called during her lunch break to check-in. Thank you for helping kids to feel seen!

A Shout-Out at Michael Frey! Thank you for being a wonderful sub-driver. Your attention to detail is noticed and appreciated.

Michelle Burden-Ramirez greats us with the friendliest smile and cheer every day. We are so lucky to have her. She interacts so well with ALL the kids and is just a pleasure to see every day.

Donna Silverfox is a new driver at Transportation. She does very well with getting her route under control. She is patient and understanding with her students and their parents. In her short time here, she has created some great relationships with the parents of her students. She is a great asset to our Transportation Department.

Marguerite Turman truly cares for her students. She has created relationships with the students as well as the parents. When the kids are gone for a few days, she worries about them and calls the parents to make sure all is okay. We are blessed to have her as one of our drivers at Transportation.

Wendy Knox handles her students very well. When she has issues with her students, she calls the parents. She always finds positive things to say about the student to the parents.

Kristy Keough handles routing for the drivers and all of the students in our township. She also answers the phones to help parents with their concerns about getting their children to and from school. She helps the staff of transportation and the schools with their routing issues. Kristy is a great asset to the Transportation Department!

A Shout-Out to Kevin Wampner! We love Big K! Thank you for being such a great bus driver to our kiddo.

A Shout-Out to Robert Hagler! He has been such a huge help with routes every a.m. and p.m. Thank you for all your help! YOU ROCK!!!!

A Shout-Out to Michael Frey! He is a wonderful sub-driver! He has been a wonderful addition to our department. Thank you for all you do!

A Shout-Out to Jeff Whitsett! He is ALWAYS stepping up and helping our department.

I would like to say my bus driver Mr. David Mills is the best because he likes to talk to people and when there is a problem it gets fixed. He is the best bus driver, and I would like to say he is the best.

A Shout-Out to Ronda Baxter! She’s always friendly to kids, and my son adores her. He talks about her all the time, and she’s always friendly and waves to the parents too. There have been a few tearful mornings, and she always comforts him and gets him to get on the bus without issues. We just love her: whenever we run into her off the bus, she always recognizes us, even if just parents alone, and asks how we are doing.

A Shout-Out to Louise Vansickle! She has been driving buses for 40+ years and needs a shout-out! She is so sweet and kind.

A Shout-Out to Kristy Keough! Thank you for working so hard to ensure all classes and groups get their activity buses!!

Thank you, Michelle Burden-Ramirez, for going out of your way to make sure your students understood the importance of bus evacuation drills, especially our newcomer that is still learning English. It was very kind of you to give us a heads-up to prepare her.

Ms. Tonia Lynch drives the bus for my little Flashes and is such an optimistic person. Her passion for her job and the students she transports each week just shine through in her interactions with them. She’s professional and knowledgeable, and the kids always really enjoy her laughter and fun on the bus. Thank you, Tonia! We are all blessed to have you helping at WELC!

Tami Steepleton is such a wonderful trainer, making sure all the trainees are ready to test, then drive a school bus.

David Jones does a wonderful job of training new drivers, keeping all the drivers up to date on all their requirements, and keeping everyone informed of the new CDL laws.

Tonia Lynch helps drivers manage the students on her bus, helps with parent concerns, and drives a route. She is such a positive person in our office!

Amy Clevenger is so sweet, smiling, and very kind to her students on her bus. She is hardworking, dedicated, and her love for her students is shown through the treats she shares with them and her consistency! Last fall, my son’s wallet fell out of his pocket onto the bus seat. He didn’t realize it until he got home. We called transportation, and she returned it to him when she came back through. We are thankful she is one of our children’s bus drivers!

Miss Michelle Burden-Ramirez is so genuinely kind and caring. She picks my son up later in the AM and is always so cheerful and kind. My son has started evening bringing his blanket because she wears hers. She is a true gem!

Latonya Jones is so good at taking care of parent concerns and helping drivers manage the students on their buses. She also drives a route every day!

Andrea Blodgett is the newest member of our team, and we quickly realized how valuable she is!

Ashlee Reardon makes sure all the students and athletes have buses each day. She also likes music and song to bring us joy!

Kristy Keough works very hard to get all the students to and from school! We couldn’t do this without her!

Octavia Jimerson goes above and beyond to connect with her students on the bus. She is an absolute ray of sunshine! The students on her bus get to start their school day with her warm presence, and it makes a huge impact! She takes the time to get to know the students riding her bus, and we are so thankful for her!

I want to say Ms. April McCullough has been the most amazing bus driver ever. I feel confident with her when she picks up my daughter. My daughter always mentions how sweet she is and enjoys the ride to school. We appreciate you. You are truly awesome. AC

Tina Adams always comes to work with a wonderful smile and is amazing with her students. We are so lucky to have her a part of our team!

Steve Shaw wears lots of hats and does it very well. We are so thankful for all his hard work each and every week.

FTCSC Central Office

Dawn McCrory is always willing to help out with any situation! She’s the BEST!!

Willie Martin is always willing to help out with any IT problem or request I’ve ever had! Great customer service – always!!

Caleb McEwen is great with “customer service”!! If you need help with anything in IT, he’s always willing to help you out! Great Guy!!

A Shout-Out to Willie Martin! Thank you for always working so efficiently for us. We appreciate you!!

Beth Garyson is always available to be a support for her department! She helps make every adult and student feel safe, loved, and represented in FTCSC! We are so lucky to have her!

Audrey Banich is always so nice and helpful with planning our daughter’s dietary-specific lunch menu. I appreciate her reminders and kindness!!!

Officer Randy Mullins has been generous with his time and talking to our Flashes about FTCSC’s K-9 program. He does an awesome job of explaining the purpose of Ardi, our K-9, and the professional work they do together. We are lucky to have Officer Mullins and Ardi in Franklin Township keeping us safe!

Shout out to Willie Martin! He makes sure that our IT needs are taken care of efficiently and effectively in a very professional manner. We are very lucky to have him here at FTCSC!

A Shout-Out to Pam Umphress! Pam always has a smile on her face and is always ready to help out wherever needed!

Dr. Kent Pettet goes above and beyond to celebrate the awesome FTCSC Community in a variety of ways. His passion, kindness, and organization are all evident to communicate the thousands of amazing things our students and staff are doing on a daily basis!

Kylee Ramsey is superb at organizing our building staff appreciation breakfasts. Her organization allows the district to show appreciation to building staff in a way that they deserve!

Dawn McCrory is always in a cheery mood and is the first to help when needed. We can’t thank her enough!

Officer Nathan Anderson is my daily dose of sunshine, and I look forward to my conversations with him. He is funny, caring, and honest. I have never met someone that can make me laugh and appreciate life as he can. I feel blessed to have him as a co-worker and friend! Thanks for your service to our students and staff; you are so appreciated!

Cathy Kremer is such an upbeat, positive person. No matter what is going on in her life, she seems to find humor and is able to see the good in every situation. Cathy always makes my day a little brighter simply by being in it.