Transportation Phone Number:  317-862-2314

Bus Route Information:

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Transportation Parent/Teacher Presentation

Click the link to watch the Powerpoint presentation that we have presented to all of the parent/teacher organizations:

PTO Presenation

Alternate Pickup/Drop-Off Form
If you need to specify alternate pickup/drop-off locations, please complete the Alternate Pickup/Drop-Off Form.
Completed Forms can be emailed to: or faxed to 317-803-5070.

School Boundaries Map (PDF)

School Bus Driver Communication
Many parents enjoy having conversations with the bus driver when their students are picked up in the morning or dropped off at the end of the day.  These are essential conversations to see how students are doing on the bus  to and from school. However, please be considerate of the other students and parents and keep these conversations to a minimum. The longer the conversation, the further behind the driver becomes on the their route.  This impacts how long other students and parents must wait for the bus and how late the bus may arrive at school or home.  Our drivers are more than happy to call you after their routes if you need to have any extended conversations so do not hesitate to make this request of them.

Bus drivers are not permitted to stop at any location other than authorized bus stops. Do not ask the driver to stop at unauthorized locations.  If your student is experiencing any issues on the bus or at the bus stop, please contact the transportation office, school principal or counselor.  To ensure the safety of all students, parents, guardians and/or the general public are prohibited from boarding the bus without the permission of the bus driver. Drivers are instructed to radio dispatch to contact the police should any unauthorized person attempt to board a school bus.  Unauthorized boarding of a school bus is a felony.