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Please visit our page for more information on the new elementary school boundaries.


Stopfinder is our parent communication tool where we can send you direct messages to keep you updated on your buses schedule.  It is also a great tool for you to send us questions and messages regarding your student’s transportation needs.  You should have received an invitation for a Stopfinder subscription when your student was assigned a bus.  If you need us to resend the invitation, please send an email to

We use Stopfinder for parent communication, GPS tracking and for you to set up GeoAlerts.  If you are having trouble with the app or have further questions on how it works, please visit the FAQ by clicking HERE.

What We Do:

The vision of the Franklin Township Transportation Department is to create a safe, happy, and efficient transportation environment with consistent service, compassionate care, and respect for all students.  Every day our buses run more than 130 routes and transport over 8,900 students. Combined, our buses log nearly 5000 miles per day. Safety is our number one priority.

We have over 150 dedicated employees including drivers, monitors, mechanics, a router, a discipline coordinator, a trainer, a garage coordinator, a fleet supervisor, and a transportation coordinator.  We are committed to excellence in customer service and a positive experience for all students. The academic day for most students begins and ends on the school bus. The school bus at Franklin Township is an extension of the classroom.

Due to high call volume, please email us for non-urgent or non-emergency issues:

Transportation Email Address:

Transportation Phone Number:  317-862-2314

Alternate Pickup/Drop-Off Form
If you need to specify alternate pickup/drop-off locations, please complete the Alternate Transportation Form.  Completed forms can be emailed to or faxed to 317-803-5070.

School Bus Driver Communication

Many parents need to communicate with the bus driver when their students are picked up in the morning or dropped off at the end of the day.  These are essential conversations to see how students are doing on the bus to and from school. However, please be considerate of the other students and parents and keep these conversations to a minimum. The longer the conversation, the further behind the driver becomes on their route.  This impacts how long other students and parents must wait for the bus and how late the bus may arrive at school or at home.  Our drivers are more than happy to call you after their routes if you need to have any extended conversations so do not hesitate to make this request of them.

Bus drivers are not permitted to stop at any location other than authorized bus stops. Do not ask the driver to stop at unauthorized locations.  If your student is experiencing any issues on the bus or at the bus stop, please contact the transportation office, school principal, or counselor.  To ensure the safety of all students, parents, guardians, and/or the general public are prohibited from boarding the bus without the permission of the bus driver. Drivers are instructed to radio dispatch to contact the police should any unauthorized person attempt to board a school bus.

Join Our Team

We need great bus drivers!  If you are interested in becoming a bus driver, we are hiring.  Health and retirement benefits are available.  This is a great way to serve your student’s school, and the township, and to be involved in FTCSC sports.  We offer a comprehensive paid CDL training program that will have you ready to drive in about one month.  You can apply by clicking here.  If you have any questions, please call (317) 862-2314.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Bus Driver

  1.  You enjoy working with kids
  2.  You have great people skills
  3.  You enjoy driving
  4.  You care about the safety of children
  5.  You’re calm under pressure
  6.  You need a flexible schedule
  7.  You need a job with benefits
  8.  You would like to earn your CDL with paid training
  9.  You want to drive for special events
  10.   You love FTCSC!
Todd Livesay
Director of Transportation 862-2314
Steve Shaw
Assistant Director of Transportation 862-2314
Andrea Blodgett
Transportation Coordinator 862-2314
Steve Conwell
Garage Supervisor 862-2314
Dennis Hunter
Student Management Coordinator 862-2314
Davey Jones
Driver Trainer 862-2314
Kristy Keough
Transportation Coordinator 862-2314
Sharon Lewis
Office Manager/Routing Specialist 862-2314
Tonia Lynch
Student Management Coordinator 862-2314
Todd Patterson
Assistant Garage Supervisor 862-2314
Ashlee Reardon
Transportation Coordinator 862-2314
Debra Scalf
Garage Coordinator 862-2314
Delena Silverfox
Mechanic 862-2314
Tami Steepleton
Driver Trainer 862-2314
Jefferson Stevens
Mechanic 862-2314