Academic Department

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to instill in all students a passion for lifelong learning and to inspire each one to contribute as a responsible citizen to the future of our interconnected world.


We are a community of caring individuals who value learning and take responsibility for our global future.

Core Values:

We believe that. . .

    • all people have inherent worth and bring unique gifts and talents to our community
    • all people with a passion for learning who accept responsibility for their choices improve the quality of life
    • our community’s strengths lie in the foundation provided by families and our willingness to embrace diversity
    • consistently engaging in honest communication creates an informed and trusting community that is nurturing and respectful
    • our children’s opportunities rely upon their skills to compete in an interconnected, interdependent world
    • challenging ourselves commits us to change and fosters continuous growth

Academic Department Staff

Nadine Gilkison
Technology Integration Specialist
Kimberly Gray
Academic Secretary
Chase Huotari
Chief Academic Officer – Secondary
Troy Johnson
Assistant Director of Special Education
Sharon Kight
Chief Officer of Special Education
Chris Kramer
Academic Secretary
Haley Mulligan
Supervisor of Analytics and Assessment
Lynlie Schoene
Chief Innovation Officer
Dr. Toni Stevenson
Chief Academic Officer – Elementary