Purpose of Assessments

Franklin Township Community School Corporation is committed to continuously using student data to drive curricular, instructional and programing decisions. The district utilizes a balanced assessment system of summative and formative assessments to evaluate student progress.

Our FTCSC assessment programs are designed to:

      • measure student achievement relative to the state content standards,
      • use student results and data to identify and remediate students failing to master course content,
      • provide teachers with real time and accurate information detailing their students’ retention of material,
      • assist in identifying strengths and weakness, in the schools systems and programming, in efforts to improve student learning.

Assessment Types

  • Formative Assessments refer to a wide variety of tools used to conduct on the spot evaluations of student comprehension. These assessments then provide teachers with real time information on their students understanding of the material, learning needs and comprehension.
  • Summative Assessments are primarily state designed and are used to assess the extent to which a student has successfully mastered the grade/subject level standards. Though the results are just a glimpse into the students’ educational progress, the information does assist with program placement, remediation identification and teacher preparations.