Child Nutrition Department

What We Do:

Welcome to the Star Express Child Nutrition Department of Franklin Township Community School Corporation. Our mission is to provide nutritionally balanced meals according to the USDA National School Breakfast and Lunch Child Nutrition Programs at a reasonable cost to students. Our goal is to operate a child focused nutrition program that provides a variety of healthy food choices to ensure students’ readiness to learn.

The Star Express Child Nutrition Department employs 98 food service professionals and serves approximately 1.3 million breakfasts and lunches at our 11 kitchens district-wide. Our department takes pride in serving approximately 9600 students daily at 10 schools, and providing after school snacks at 8 YMCA After School Care sites. School meals are planned and analyzed by a Registered Dietitian reflecting the USDA meal pattern guidelines and student preferences.

The Star Express Child Nutrition Department is operated under the federally funded National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act. The federal laws regulating the food service programs are administered by the United States Department of Agriculture through the regional office and implemented by the Indiana Department of Education. Star Express is financially self-supporting.

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Child Nutrition Department School Contacts

Chrissy Herrod
FT Freshman Academy
Melanie Kerr
Bunker Hill Elementary
Christina McDonald
Franklin Central High School
Elaine McKinney
Thompson Crossing Elementary
Kim Mobley
Acton Elementary
Marilyn Nuttall
Edgewood Intermediate
Angie Price
South Creek Elementary
Julia Rush
Arlington Elementary
Sylvia Schuttler
Adams Elementary
Diane Shirley
Kitley Intermediate
Tina Stanley
FC Junior High