Health Services

What We Do:

At FTCSC we recognize that good health is essential for effective learning. Each of our schools are staffed by a licensed nurse to meet the healthcare needs of our students during the school day.
Nurses do not make medical diagnoses, but are skilled in assessment, data collection, wellness promotion, health education, emergency care, referral, and communicable disease surveillance. The School Nurse will assess a student and request for the child to be picked up when it is deemed necessary. Please have a plan in place to have your child picked up within one hour of the nurse’s call. Our School Nurse program is staffed by Community Health Network and will provide limited services to all students, including but not limited to – screening for signs of illness, first aid/emergency care, referral to health providers in the community, nutrition services, health education, health screenings and immunization information. If you wish for your child not to be seen in the clinic please provide a written notice to the School Nurse.
This is a school clinic and all records are maintained by the school. There is no charge to you for the services received. If your child needs prescription or over the counter medicine, management of chronic health conditions or any health needs that require a physician order while in school, forms will need to be completed with your written permission in advance each year.

Health Services Department Staff

Cathi Horning, RN
Supervisor of Health Services 862-2411
Heather Anderson, RN
Adams Elementary 860-4289
Andrea Barner, MA
Franklin Township Learning Center/District Float 803-5424
Amity Boyd, RN
Thompson Crossing Elementary 860-4608
Nikki Curlin, MA
Edgewood Intermediate 803-8205
Desiree English, RN
Franklin Township Learning Center/District Float 803-5424
Krista Holmes, RN
Franklin Central Junior High 803-8161
Amanda Keene, RN
Kitley Intermediate 803-5977
Amy Kitley, RN
Franklin Central Junior High 803-8185
Marcy Kleiman, RN
Edgewood Intermediate 803-8207
Tracy Knox, RN
Bunker Hill Elementary 860-3448
Holly Langston, RN
FC Junior High & FCHS
Kristen Maxey, LPN
Wanamaker Early Learning Center 860-4507
Faith Muston, RN
Franklin Central High School 803-5573
Sonya Rutledge, RN
Arlington Elementary 803-5235
RaShell Scott, RN
Franklin Central High School 803-5570
Denise Stanger, RN
Acton Elementary 803-5104
Emily Swonder, MA
Kitley Intermediate 803-5977
Jennifer Thacker, RN
Franklin Central High School 803-8305
Erica Wood, RN
South Creek Elementary 860-4709