We are excited to launch the Skyward Family Access Portal for parents and guardians. The Family Access portal allows you to view your student’s grades, schedule, pay book rental fees, verify and update contact information, and more!

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Skyward Attendance

Parent(s)/Guardians can delete a guardian-entered absence request if building staff has not processed the request. For example, if your student’s appointment was canceled/changed, you can now delete the request instead of calling the school for staff to remove the absence request.  
Once building staff processes a guardian-entered request, parents/guardians can see the history of each guardian-entered request under ‘ABSENCE REQUESTS’ with any comment that the staff has included during processing. For the record below, the staff wanted to inform the parent that the medical/dental attendance record will be updated from an unexcused absence to an excused absence once a medical/dental note has been received. The attendance record under the ‘ABSENCE REQUESTS’ tab will not reflect any updates to attendance made later by a staff member.   
To see attendance details that have been updated, please click on the ‘ATTENDANCE DETAILS’ tab. Please note below that the 9/27 unexcused/medical record has now been updated to an excused/medical record.  

Skyward Family Access allows families to add absence requests or to indicate a day or range of days a student will not be in school. This feature allows families to add an absence request without being required to call the school!FTCSC will begin the transition to online-only absence requests in August of 2022. During the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year, school offices will accept EITHER a phone call or an online absence request when a student misses school. Beginning in January of 2023, school offices will ONLY accept online absence requests when a student misses school. The front office receptionist will still be available for emergency needs; however, absence requests will only be accepted via Skyward Family Access.

**A video description of how to enter absences in Skyward Family Access can be found HERE. Written directions are provided below.

Adding Absence Requests in Family Access

  1. Sign in to Skyward Family Access. Forgot your password? Click HERE.
  2. Select the Attendance tile. 
  3. Select the Absence Requests tab near the top left of the screen.
  4. Under the Year to Date Absence Requests heading, click Add Absence Request near the right of the screen.
  5. Complete the appropriate fields.
    • Verify the Start Date or enter the correct date if necessary.
    • Verify the End Date or enter the correct date if necessary.
    • Uncheck the box for All Day if appropriate (if you uncheck this box, you will need to enter start and end times. The front office WILL NOT call your student down until you present a valid ID. Start and end times only indicate when you anticipate your child will be out of school, not when you want them in the front office ready for pickup)
    • Enter an Attendance Reason.
    • Enter a Comment to describe the reason for the absence further.
    • Check the Copy Absence Request box for each child who should have the absence request added.
  6. Click Save near the top left of the screen to save your work.