Weather and Building Closure Emergency Procedures

How do I find out if there is a 2-Hour Delay or if the buildings are closed?

  • ParentSquare – FTCSC uses ParentSquare as its primary communication tool. You can receive these messages in the ParentSquare app, text, and email.
  • FTCSC Website – At the top of our FTCSC website, the button next to our Enroll Now button will change to show if the school is open, on a two-hour delay, or closed.
  • Social Media – Follow the FTCSC Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Local TV and Radio Stations

Plan, please make sure:

  • FTCSC will only have a No-School day as a very last resort. If FTCSC closes its school buildings, FTCSC will still hold school as a Virtual Learning Day.
  • You have, and your child knows, your plan for when there is a delayed start, an early release, or a virtual learning day. Working parents should make the necessary arrangements for the welfare of their children if any of these scenarios occur. 
  • In the event of an early school closure, please ensure your child’s Emergency Release Form is updated. 

 Academics during a 2-Hour Delay Inclement Weather or Unplanned School Cancellation Day:

  • Virtual Learning Day:
  • 2-Hour Delay:
    • Buses during morning pick-up will arrive at the bus stop two hours after their normal scheduled time.
    • School buildings will operate on a 2-Hour Delay Schedule.
    • The school day will end at the normal time.
    • Central 9 Students:
      • If FCHS is in session but C9 is not:
        • C9 Two-Hour Delay – C9 students will report to FCHS at their normal time (10:55 M/T/W and 10:30 Th/F). There is no C9 bus transportation provided.
        • C9 building is closed – C9 students will report to FCHS at their normal time (10:55 M/T/W and 10:35 Th/F). There is no C9 bus transportation provided.
      • If C9 is in session but FCHS is not:
        • FCHS Two-Hour Delay – C9 students report to FCHS at 11:33 (M/T/W) and 11:05 (Th/F). Attendance at C9 is optional. There is no C9 bus transportation provided.
        • FCHS building is closed – C9 students will not attend C9 and follow the FCHS Synchronous Virtual Learning Day schedule

Athletics and other after school activities during an Inclement Weather or Unplanned School Cancellation Day:

  • Due to weather conditions ever-changing and based on the progress of snow removal, a school building could be closed in the morning and then opened in the afternoon/evening for activities. 
  • Coaches or Activity sponsors will send a ParentSquare message to their students regarding the cancellation of afternoon/evening activities.  

Wanamaker Early Learning Center:

  • All closures or delays involving Wanamaker Early Learning Center (WELC) will be sent on ParentSquare directly to WELC families.  

Dressing for the weather:

  • Outdoor Education, Physical Education, and Recess are integral to our students’ day. Students may go outside for a variety of activities. Your child should appropriately dress for cold weather. Appropriate weather items include gloves, a hat, and a winter coat. 
  • Decisions to be outside may change throughout the school day. The decision to go out will include the following factors: temperature, wind chill, age of the students, length of time outdoors, and outside conditions, including equipment conditions. 
  • Please refer to your child’s school’s Student Handbook for outside guidelines. All K-12 Student Handbooks are found HERE.