FTCSC School Board Policies

The role of the FTCSC School Board is to establish policy; the role of the FTCSC Administration is to implement the policy.  The policies set by the FTCSC School Board are shown below. 

Policies are usually broad enough to account for a number of different issues and are set by the FTCSC School Board will begin with a letter that aligns with the Section it corresponds with. For example, H200 Relations with Special Interest Groups is located in Section H: Community Relations.

Administrative Guidelines are the FTCSC Administration’s implementation of the FTCSC School Board policy and will end with an -R to signify this is an Administrative Guideline to align with said policy.  For example, H200-R Relations with Special Interest Groups is the Administrative Guideline for FTCSC School Board Policy H200.  

Forms are also used to implement FTCSC School Board Policy.  For example, C600-E1 is an Exit Interview Form that aligns with FTCSC School Board policy C600 Withdrawal from School.

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